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Table Of Contents

RedBox Services

Shipping services  

  • Bulk Cargo Delivery

  • Parcel Delivery Service

Special services

  • Shipment Clearance Support

  • Ecommerce Network Services

Technology services

  • Shipment tracking

  • Merchant’s Portal

About RedBox


RedBox is a Maldives-based courier company that focuses on enabling e-commerce businesses in the country. The diverse island topography of the country makes it difficult for courier companies to establish a seamless delivery network within the country. However, RedBox, with the help of its delivery network, has enabled businesses to leverage the e-commerce business model to their advantage.

RedBox was founded in 2015 to provide seamless logistics services across the country. With the help of 100+ delivery agents, the carrier is able to deliver to all 189 islands, including the tourist islands. Since Maldives is a tourism-focused economy, this delivery network does wonders for offbeat resorts as well as arriving tourists. 

RedBox’s primary service is the door-to-door delivery service which can be utilized to send small-sized parcels across the nation. However, gauging the need of the market, the carrier also offers e-commerce parcel delivery, mail delivery as well as bulk cargo services. The cargo services are offered for domestic shipments, enabling B2B and B2C supply chains in the Maldives. 

Usually, overwater or air shipments involve a lot of regulatory checks. As a result, RedBox has its own shipment clearance assistance service that will allow you to minimize your intervention in the process. The e-commerce network services allow businesses to offer better customer and delivery experiences in the region. 

The shipment tracking option offered by RedBox allows better visibility over the shipments. This comes in handy, as businesses and customers tend to be curious about their delivery schedule. It will help you to reduce the stress on customer support and offer better resolutions. 

The merchant portal of RedBox acts as a single-window solution to all your order management issues. You can create and manage orders through this portal and even check for order updates in the same dashboard. ClickPost has a courier API integration with RedBox to enable e-commerce businesses to start delivering in Maldives within 24 hours.

FAQs about RedBox


1) What is the payment structure for RedBox?

For the delivery services of RedBox, you can make the payment in cash or through a credit card. Alternatively, if you set up a merchant account, you can even make the payment according to the consolidated monthly invoice generated from the carrier.


2) Can RedBox shipments be tracked?

RedBox does offer shipment tracking services with all its orders. To track a parcel, you will have to go to the tracking section of the carrier's website. Here, you will need the AWB number for your shipment to fetch the current status of the shipment.

List of RedBox APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Generate a shipping label for the corresponding order 
Track Shipment API:
Use webhooks to get the current status of the order using the tracking number provided 
Cancellation API
Cancel the order shipping request generated with the carrier
Fetch the estimated delivery date with the carrier for the customer’s pin code
NDR Action update:
Take actions to resolve the failed delivery status to reduce the RTO percentage
Return Web-hooks:
Generate a reverse shipping request to enable the ecommerce returns process




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