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Table Of Contents

ShipHero Services

Shipping services  

  • E-commerce Fulfillment services

  • Section 321 Shipment

  • B2B Wholesale Shipping

Special services

  • Inventory Management

  • Rate-shopping feature

  • Optimized Order Pick and Pack

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking services

  • Warehouse Management Software

  • Reporting and Analytical dashboard

About ShipHero


ShipHero is an e-commerce fulfillment and warehouse management system provider for e-commerce and retail businesses. The company enables one-click integration for your store so that you can ship with reduced costs and improved fulfillment speed. You get to move away from hidden and fluctuating shipping costs and move towards a more transparent, flat-rate billing model. 

Founder Aaron Robin established the ShipHero WMS in 2013 after he felt that running a warehouse in that day and age was more complex than it needed to be. Thus began the journey of building a WMS that would enable e-commerce businesses to improve their order fulfillment process. Building on its experience in developing a warehouse management system, ShipHero Fulfillment was started in 2019 to enable a more holistic solution for its customers.

With 30 percent improvements in shipping speed and 99 percent accuracy, ShipHero e-commerce fulfillment is a one-stop solution for merchants and marketplaces. The standout feature of the e-commerce fulfillment service is the visibility enablement offered by the software. You can track the parcel and gather in-package snapshots using the ParcelView technology.

Additionally, ShipHero also offers Section 321 shipping service, which allows you to send your shipments to Canada without much hassle. Under this service, your duty fees will be reimbursed while the shipping times remain unaffected. The B2B wholesale shipping is a great add-on for a business to establish its B2C and B2B shipping process.

While fulfillment is one leg of ShipHero’s offering, a warehouse management system is the other one. The WMS comes with an inventory management and updation system that allows you to have a real-time track of your inventory levels. The WMS generates reports based on the flow of inventory, which can be insightful during the expansion as well as the inventory procurement process. 

The 3PL service of ShipHero is offered through an open API which enables much easier access to the suite of services offered by the carrier. The pickers from the carriers will be sent to you with mobile technology so that your orders can be packed on the go. With features like optimized and guided pick routes and rate shopping features, the software really supports the merchant’s needs to optimize its fulfillment process for costs and efficiency.

The PostHero service allows you to accurately predict delivery times and generate performance reports for multiple carriers. You can even track the parcels in-real time and forward the updates on a branded tracking page. ClickPost has a shipping and tracking API integration with ShipHero to enable seamless Warehouse and Multi-carrier integration

FAQs about ShipHero

1) Does ShipHero own and operate its own warehouse?

Yes, ShipHero does own and operate its own warehouses. Along with this, they also offer a warehouse management system so that you can implement the same efficient workflow in your own warehouses as well. Alternatively, you can request warehousing services from the shipping software.

2) Can ShipHero process returns?

ShipHero has integrations with returns management platforms like Loop Returns and Returnly. With the help of these platforms, you can choose to offer a hassle-free returns experience on your e-commerce website. However, you will need to subscribe to these platforms separately, as they are not a part of the ShipHero service suite.

List of ShipHero APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Generate a shipping label to manifest an order with the carrier

Track Shipment API: Track the shipment to enable customers to get a live status of the order
Cancellation API Cancel the order to return the package the customers
EDD API: Estimate the delivery date to enable peace of mind to the customer
NDR Action update: Initiate NDR actions to enable merchants to reduce the RTO percentage
Return Web-hooks: Return the parcel to the nearest warehouse to process the return request




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