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Table Of Contents

Stellar Services

Shipping services  

  • Temp-controlled Delivery

  • LTL/ FTL Transportation

  • Time-definite Services

Special services

  • Warehousing Management

  • Monitoring and Notifications

  • Safety and Loss Prevention

Technology services

  • Real-time tracking

  • IoT-enabled supply chain

  • AI/ML-enabled routing

About Stellar


Stellar Logistics is a warehousing and transportation service provider. The courier focuses on providing value transformation through the digitization of the fulfillment process. The carrier tends to cater to businesses from every category and uses cloud-based technology solutions to allow for more centralized control over the supply chain.

Stellar Value Chain Solutions was founded in Mumbai in the year 2016. The carrier has 14 million square feet of warehousing footprint and 150 hubs across India. With over 3000 dedicated trucks plying the packages daily, the carrier is able to deliver up to 12000 pin codes. 

The courier company has acquired three different companies from the logistics sector to expand its service suite and supply chain. This expanded version of Stellar mainly focuses on two key components - delivery and warehousing. The delivery services from the carrier include temperature-controlled delivery services to enable brands from the FMCG sector. 

Along with this, the carrier also offers LTL and FTL services to enable a B2B supply chain. Stellar also allows you to offer time-definite delivery services to enable customized delivery options. This time-definite delivery service is facilitated through a real-time monitoring team that manages every shipping step of your package and updates you through notifications. 

The software of Stellar uses AL/ML algorithms to figure out optimal routes for delivery. The entire supply chain of the carrier makes use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to synchronize various moving parts. This allows clients to maintain all the data in real-time and avoid fulfillment errors. 

The safety and loss prevention mechanism also allows you to ensure maximum security and allow you to insure your shipments at minimal costs. ClickPost has a logistics API integration with Stellar that allows you to start within 24 hours. 

FAQs about Stellar


1) What are the recent acquisitions of Stellar?

Stellar acquired a total of three companies in an effort to expand its network and offerings. This includes Kelvin Cold Chain Logistics, Innovative Logistics, and Patel Roadways. 


2) Does Stellar offer 3PL services?

Stellar Logistics is a value chain service provider. As a result, the carrier offers holistic fulfillment services. Although it does specifically brand itself as a 3PL, you can avail of all the services required. 

List of Stellar APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Generate the shipping label for the order to enable the shipping process

Track Shipment API: Track the shipment to collect the real-time status of the order
Cancellation API Cancel the order for a better order cancellation process
EDD API: Estimate the delivery date for the pincode
NDR Action update: Take actions to complete the deliveries marked as failed
Return Web-hooks: Return the package to enable faster returns and exchange process




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