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ClickPost Multi-carrier integration platform lets you integrate with 150+ carriers including Swift using a single API

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Table Of Contents

Swift Services

Shipping services  

  • 20+ carrier integrations

  • Access to 29000+ pin codes 

  • Shipping notifications

Special services

  • Standard shipping rates

  • Address validation

  • Early cash settlements

Technology services

  • Automated order management

  • AI-based courier selection

  • Multiple payments methods support

About Swift


With the motto of creating a full-stack eCommerce enablement platform, Swift offers shipping solutions for D2C retailers and dropshippers. It comes integrated with 20+ carriers and has an expansive area coverage containing 29000+ pin codes. With its carrier network, brands can offer the much-expected same-day/next-day deliveries for D2C shipping. 

Swift’s core area of expertise is its technological endowments, particularly in order management, checkout optimization, and shipping. Its automated order processing system receives orders from multiple sales channels, eliminating manual entry. Its smart carrier selection algorithm automatically assigns carriers based on business needs. 

At the same time, it pays attention to detecting fraud in cash-on-delivery orders with a robust system analyzing 65 million addresses and customer data points. It also focuses on managing undelivered orders with a unified dashboard view of all failed deliveries and triggering actions to reach out to the customers. 

To boost sales and improve cash flow, Swift activates same-day cash settlements and generates detailed analytical reports examining several variables of orders, shipments, and failed deliveries. 

Swift pays special attention to optimizing the checkout process for businesses with its conversion-boosting tools. These include features like cart recovery, auto-filling address, and data visualization in a single dashboard. At the same time, it creates a seamless channel of notifications updating customers on order status through multiple channels.

Alongside elevating the checkout experience, Swift enables businesses to customize their tracking pages and incorporate brand elements. This allows for a branded tracking experience and raises brand awareness.

Apart from the core features of augmenting shipping and pre-purchase customer experience, Swift offers various value-added services. They address several issues that can lead to RTOs. The services include verifying cash-on-delivery orders, notifying customers via IVR and WhatsApp, detecting incomplete/incorrect addresses, and custom tracking links. 

Swift API integrations with ClickPost: Swift, Swift Reverse.

FAQs about Swift


1) What is the cost of shipping with Swift?

Swift has a single rate card for all its integrated carrier partners resulting in a uniform shipping rate. However, retailers shipping more than 5000 orders per month are eligible for a freight discount.


2) What are the different carriers integrated with Swift?

Swift has a total of 20 carriers integrated with it. They include on-demand local delivery carriers like Dunzo and eCommerce specialists like Ekart, Gati, and Amazon ATS. Included in the list are cross-border logistics carriers like DTDC, BlueDart, etc. 

List of Swift APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Automatically manifest orders with carriers and generate shipping labels.
Track Shipment API:
Get accurate real-time order tracking with push and pull APIs.
Cancellation API
Cancel any order anytime with only a few inputs. 
Predict accurate EDD dates enabling an optimized checkout experience. 
NDR Action update:
Set a communication protocol that leaps into action to tackle failed deliveries and reduce RTOs.
Return Web-hooks:
Seamlessly create return pickups with any carrier with return webhooks.




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