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Table Of Contents

The Net Global Services

Shipping services  

  • Express same-day and next-day deliveries 

  • Door-to-door air freight services 

  • Multimodal shipping to 200 global countries

Special services

  • Chartered air freight services

  • Temperature controlled warehouses 

  • Cross-docking and reverse logistics

Technology services

  • Warehouse Management System

  • Inventory Management Services 

  • Payment Management Options

About The Net Global


Following the motto “One World, One Net,” The Net Global (AKA The Net) is a regional leader in logistics and distribution services in the Middle East. Centered in Karantina, Beirut, The Net is a consolidation of myriad express, freight, and other logistics services containing several subsidiaries. 

Over its 28+ years of service, it has spread across 190 countries as a prime eCommerce shipping and fulfillment solutions provider. Its main operations are express deliveries, international shipping, freight forwarding, and 3PL warehousing. 

The Net has a slew of multi-channel offerings tailored to the specific supply chain needs of B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers. Its express delivery service operates with an expansive aircraft network. This allows for efficient import and export as well as multiple fulfillment solutions. 

The Net’s domestic delivery services are attuned to customer expectations from an agile, fast-paced online fulfillment system. Thus, it supports mainstream services like same-day and next-day deliveries. Alongside these, it offers bulk delivery services with a standard shipping time and cash-on-delivery payment. It also facilitates document exchange between offices. 

One of The Net’s sole expertise lies in international shipping, creating a seamless channel for cross-border import and export services. Supporting both economical and priority shipping services within 1 to 3 days, it extends on-time door-to-door deliveries. This is coupled with real-time tracking, proof-of-delivery service, and customs clearance. 

Businesses looking for economical cross-border cargo shipping solutions in the Middle East will benefit from its door-to-door air cargo service. This feature is perfect for heavy package shipping within 14-72 hours. The carrier also offers special handling for certain dangerous goods, especially biological samples.

Another area of specialization for The Net involves multimodal freight shipping with its vast fleet of air, sea, and land vehicles. It offers specially curated, time-sensitive, yet affordable bulk shipping services across 200 countries. The Net handles temperature-sensitive shipments and has chartered services for specialized and oversized cargo.

Competing with its impressive air freight facilities are extensive Full Container Load/Less Than Container Load shipping services. It holds industry expertise in forwarding consumer goods and dangerous products. To aid in economical cross-border shipping to US and Europe, it presents shipment consolidation services to B2B and B2B brands in the Middle East. 

The Net extends notable integrated logistics solutions for eCommerce retailers ranging from supply chain planning to reverse logistics. This involves temperature-controlled warehousing, inventory management, cross-docking, and customized packaging. It has its own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and reverse logistics management suite.

The Net has invested in optimizing the last-mile logistics for eCommerce brands with its chain of pick-up and drop-off points and locker services. These self-service contactless systems grant flexibility for delivery and returns and wide coverage even in rural areas. Brands looking to onboard with The Net can seamlessly integrate with it through ClickPost APIs. 

The Net API integrations with ClickPost: The Net MPS [ME], The Net Reverse [ME].

FAQs about The Net Global


1) How does The Net help with eCommerce logistics?

The Net offers multiple special services for optimizing eCommerce last-mile deliveries both domestically in the MENAT region and internationally. This includes an extensive network of parcel locker services, multiple pick-up and drop-off points, expedited shipping, live tracking,  delivery alerts, custom clearance, and reverse logistics facilities. 

2) How does The Net help with eCommerce freight forwarding?

The Net offers reliable sea, air, and land freight methods, including the facility to combine any of these services for multimodal shipping. It strives to offer cost-effective but expedited freight shipping services. It has a global reach across 200 countries and an IATA certification guaranteeing quality air freight services.

List of The Net Global APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Create order manifestations and AWB with a single API connection.
Track Shipment API:
Track any shipment, parcel, or freight with real-time push and pull APIs.
Cancellation API
Cancel shipment seamlessly even after its manifestation.
Fetch EDDs with only pick-up and drop-off pin codes.
NDR Action update:
Initiate an NDR protocol instantly in cases of failed or unfulfilled deliveries. 
Return Web-hooks:
Trigger return pick-up as and when the customer requests. 




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