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Table Of Contents

Time Express Services

Shipping services  

  • Global shipping to 220 countries 

  • Express 2-5 days delivery 

  • Free doorstep pickups

Special services

  • Ships homemade edibles

  • Ships medicines 

  • Excess baggage relocation

Technology services

  • Shipment tracking 

  • Real-time rate display

About Time Express


Based in Bangalore, Time Express specializes in international courier and parcel delivery services. It has a wide coverage area encompassing 220 countries. It has expertise in shipping to the USA, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia as well as Europe. 

Time Express has experience in express shipping of commercial and non-commercial shipments. It can transport sample eCommerce orders and official documents, especially applications for international universities. It strives to deliver important paperwork in global locations on time. 

Time Express’s cross-border shipping services aren’t limited to documents and online orders. Rather, it can handle a variety of shipments. The items included are household objects and personal items like garments, books, toys, footwear, and kitchenware. It has a special capacity for shipping edibles like homemade food, cereals, spices, and dry fruits.

At the same time, Time Express extends its services for delivering medicines having the right documentation. The requirements include original bills of medicines and doctors’ prescriptions. It also puts a weight limit of 1 kg containing three months' worth of medicines.

Time Express strives to provide hassle-free and express shipping facilities. This is why it extends economical shipping rates allowing businesses to deliver their orders anywhere in the world within a time span of 2-5 days. Additionally, it has strategic partnerships with FedEx, DHL, and USPS to facilitate cross-border trade with the U.S. 

The carrier also has technological capabilities. It offers its clients access to real-time price information, order tracking data, and customer notifications. Using its in-house booking system, retailers can get carrier quotes, shipping schedules and book both inbound and outbound shipments. Its rates are 30% less than a global carrier. 

In order to promote a seamless shipping experience, Time Express provides free pickup and door-step delivery services as well as free packaging materials. Alongside these, it offers a relocation service for excess baggage transportation. It picks up the luggage from the customer’s doorstep, packs it, and delivers it to the destination at a lower service cost than an airline. 

Businesses interested in working with Time Express can directly integrate via ClickPost APIs, eradicating any technical inconveniences.

FAQs about Time Express


1) What are the different shipping services offered by Time Express?

Time Express offers an international delivery service carrying parcels and documents to 220 global destinations. It offers economical shipping rates and fast and standard delivery options. It can handle a wide variety of products, including homemade items, documents, medicines, and excess baggage.


2) What are the benefits of shipping with Time Express?

Time Express offers free doorstep pickup and doorstep delivery services. The carrier extends its offerings across the world in 220 countries. It also provides a booking system for scheduling shipments with 3 popular international carriers. It has an economical shipping rate that’s 30% less than its competitors, along with express delivery options. 

List of Time Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest orders with the carrier and generate multiple shipping labels.

Track Shipment API:

Keep track of shipment locations at all times with highly reliable push and pull APIs.

Cancellation API Cancel any order even after its manifestation without a hassle.
EDD API: Get accurate estimated delivery rates for customer satisfaction.
NDR Action update: Trigger NDR protocol to communicate with customers in case of failed deliveries.
Return Web-hooks: Create return pickup requests with a carrier with webhooks calling.




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