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Table Of Contents

TNT-Click Italy Services

Shipping services  

  • Air and road freight shipping

  • 1-2 day delivery

Special services

  • Floor delivery

  • TNT On Board Courier Service

Technology services

  • Shipping time and Cost calculator

  • MyTNT

About TNT-Click Italy


FedEx acquired TNT with an aim to provide best-in-class courier services across the world. Since then, this joint venture has extended its reach across 245 countries globally. TNT-Click Italy is a division of this huge group that provides excellent domestic and international shipping services in Italy. 

Its air freight and road freight solutions will provide you with some premium services so you can deliver without any hassles. For example, its air freight solution has door-to-door and door-to-airport options. You can easily ship deliveries above  100 kg/1m3. In fact, they will take care of all customs paperwork to make the process smooth. 

Moreover, in its road freight solution, you’ll benefit from groupage or dedicated vehicle services. Plus, if you’re planning to deliver large and bulky shipments, its cargo shipping option will be a perfect fit for you. This cargo shipping option becomes more convenient when you’re dealing with B2B shipments. 

To satisfy your critical shipping needs, TNT-Click Italy has come up with a bunch of special services. These include personalizing the last-mile delivery, special pick-up delivery, desk-to-desk service, and more. Its floor delivery solution is a great addition to make each delivery a success. In this service, the delivery agent will directly ship the products to your customers without disturbing them. 

Some deliveries, like important documents shipping, need extra care and the constant presence of a person. To meet this requirement, TNT-Click Italy offers TNT On Board Courier Service. Via TNT-Click Italy services, you can ship products up to 70 Kg. It has also provided shipping services for almost every vertical - from automotive and high-tech healthcare to fashion & textile. 

Especially for eCommerce shipments, TNT-Click Italy has introduced special express delivery services, return management services, a pre-delivery message option, and more. Furthermore, you can also provide your customers with some ancillary services like cash on delivery, delivery by appointment, SMS alerts, Proof of Delivery, and so on. 

TNT-Click Italy takes almost 1-2 business days for all national deliveries. So, it’s a great opportunity to meet your customers’ priority shipping. Moreover, it offers different types of packaging services, like boxes and pallets, to help you ship products without in-transit damage. 

TNT-Click Italy has also nailed its technology services. It has adopted multiple tools. For example, it’ll give you a self-serve portal where you can calculate the shipping dates and costs. Also, you’ll get access to MyTNT - a shipping management website. With it, no matter where you are, you can instantly manage all your shipments and handle all the administrative tasks on the go. ClickPost offers a seamless integration with TNT-Click Italy. You can go for this integration to manage all your shipments in just one single platform. 

FAQs about TNT-Click Italy


1) How to contact TNT-Click Italy customer service? 

TNT-Click Italy offers two ways to contact the customer service team. One, you can directly call them via the number provided on their website. Or, you can fill out the form given by them with your specific concern.

2) Does TNT-Click Italy offer shipping insurance?

Yes! TNT-CLick Italy compensates for the entire value of your shipments. So, you can easily rely on TNT-Click for safe shipping. 


List of TNT-Click Italy APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest hassle-free shipping by creating AWB no. and shipping labels.

Track Shipment API: Track every step of your shipping journey on a single portal
Cancellation API Cancel the order after getting the customer’s request
EDD API: Provide almost accurate delivery dates to your customer
NDR Action update: Work on failed deliveries and reduce RTO %
Return Web-hooks: Offer streamlined return logistics and build a loyal customer base.




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