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Table Of Contents

(FedEx) TNT Express Services

Shipping services  

  • Next flight out shipping service

  • Freight Services

  • Special Express Services

Special services

  • Packaging Services

  • Customs Clearance

  • Global Returns Service

Technology services

  • myTNT2 platform

  • Track and Trace Service

  • Online Billing Platform

About (FedEx) TNT Express


TNT Express is one of the most prominent on-road carriers in the European region. With a huge network and delivery fleet, the carrier is known for reliable yet quick services in Europe. Focused on providing commercial logistics services to businesses from various sectors, the recent merger with FedEx has extended its delivery network to the entire globe. 

The original TNT Express was founded in May 2011 to cater to express delivery customers in The European Market. In 2016, FedEx acquired TNT Express for 4.4 Billion Euros. This acquisition was part of the expansion plan of the FedEx company and an effort to strengthen the road delivery network in the European region. 

The primary express service of the TNT includes the next-flight out service. This method allows you to enable expedited shipping through reliable carrier services. The freight services of the carrier paired with FedEx’s last-mile delivery service make up for an impeccable delivery service offering. Other than that, the businesses can also ship through special express services for faster deliveries.

Alongside shipping services, you can also avail of packaging services from TNT Express. This allows you to ensure the safety of your packages and reduce the instances of damaged shipments. The Customs Clearance Service allows you to truly have a global presence without hampering customer experience. Paired with the Global Return Service offered in partnership with FedEx will enable an international reach in a true sense. 

TNT Express provides a myTNT2 platform. This platform acts as a shipping management solution for all its customers. The platform allows you to import and export shipments from the application portal. This portal can be accessed from multiple devices and enable a smoother shipping management workflow. 

The Track and Trace service provided by TNT Express allows you to track the shipments in real time. These tracking updates can then be shared with the customers over various notification mediums. The carrier also allows you to manage and pay your shipping bills through an online portal for convenience. ClickPost has a shipping and tracking API integration with TNT Express to enable a flawless road delivery network across Europe. 

FAQs about (FedEx) TNT Express


1) Is TNT Express and FedEx the same?

TNT Express was an independent courier company until 2016. In 2016, FedEx acquired the carrier for 4.4 billion euros. The carrier still operates in Europe, you can also access FedEx’s courier services through the same platform. 


2) What are the size and weight limitations of FedEx Express?

For a standard express service parcel, the dimensions limitations are 200x200x200. The weight of the parcel also has to be under 30 kg, and any one of the dimensions cannot exceed the above limit. If the limits are exceeded, it may lead to oversize charges. 

List of (FedEx) TNT Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest an order with the carrier according to the details received by the customer to generate a shipping label

Track Shipment API:

Fetch the current status of the order from the order tracking page 

Cancellation API

Trigger a cancellation to return the order to the merchant


Estimate the delivery date to enable customers an estimate 

NDR Action update:

Trigger automated notifications to resolve the failed delivery status of the order. 

Return Web-hooks:

Return the parcel as per the customer request to enable a self service return portal on your website




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