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Table Of Contents

Totalogix Services

Shipping services  

  • Multi-modal shipping

  • Same-day deliveries

  • FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL shipping


Special services

  • Temperature-controlled shipping

  • Secure warehousing and 3PL services

  • Time-bound bulk delivery

Technology services

  • SMS shipment notifications 

  • Electronic POD

  • Online software

About Totalogix

Totalogix Solutions (A.K.A. Totalogix) is an express distribution and freight forwarding company. It primarily focuses on offering last-mile logistics solutions for domestic and global shipping needs. 

Totalogix has an expansive network of air, road, and rail fleets across India. Its freight distribution and forwarding services are suitable for multi-modal and inter-modal shipping for mid-sized domestic companies. It has an established track record of attempting 96% of deliveries within 1-2 days of order dispatch. 

Totalogix’s expertise is providing a variety of cargo and courier delivery services across multiple Indian cities. It runs a time-definite same-day delivery service transporting documents in the Delhi-NCR region and Bangalore. At the same time, it ships medicines, gifts, and urgent parcels within 6 hours if orders are placed before 11 a.m. on business days.

Totalogix also offers single-piece and bulk parcel shipping between cities at economical charges. At the same time, it extends special after-hours shipping facilities on weekends and public holidays.

When it comes to cargo shipping, Totalogix has a dedicated team and distribution network alliances. Its fleet incorporates an array of vehicles, including trucks, trains, aircraft, and sea vessels. Its air logistics segment handles temperature-controlled goods and perishables. Its interconnected railway network is apt for shipping cargo across multiple regions in India.

Moreover, those looking for sea freight services will find it an excellent solution as a cost-effective mode of freight transportation. The company specializes in FCL (full-container load), LCL (less than container load), break bulk, and other cargo shipment on a global scale. It also boasts of a worldwide port-to-port connectivity. With Totalgix, companies can design multimodal shipping strategies.

Totalogix's ambit of specialization also involves third-party logistics features, especially warehousing for seamless fulfillment and shipping. It presents secure inventory storage, picking and packing as well as distribution. Its eCommerce shipping services handle both B2B and B2C shipping alongside door-to-door deliveries. Businesses wanting to partner with Totalogix and use its services with the ClickPost API within a day.

FAQs about Totalogix


1) How does Totalogix help with eCommerce deliveries?

Totalogix main offerings for eCommerce businesses include same-day parcel and document shipping services and multi-modal freight transportation facilities. It has a stronghold in the Delhi-NCR and Bangalore regions servicing the population with expedited delivery options. At the same time, it presents retailers an economic on-ground delivery method alongside providing warehousing amenities.

2) What is Totalogix’s multi-modal logistics service?

Totalogix enables businesses to combine different modes of transportation- rail, road, sea and air for shipping freight. Retailers can choose to use on-ground road transport for the first leg of the shipping and then use sea vessel for the last. Totalogix allows for any multimodal combination. This feature is available for both domestic and international shipping.

List of Totalogix APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Automated manifestation of orders and bulk generation of shipping labels. 

Track Shipment API:

Real-time order tracking details on a unified dashboard via push and pull APIs.

Cancellation API

Seamless order cancellation post manifestation. 


Accurate EDD estimation for customer delight. 

NDR Action update:

Triggers NDR workflow for handling failed deliveries. 

Return Web-hooks:

Hassle-free return order pickup requests made with webhook calling. 




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