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Top Refund Retriever Alternatives and Competitors



Perhaps the most common link amongst all eCommerce companies globally is the cumulated headache with shipping costs. From moving products from a shelf in the warehouse to paying for that Priority Mail, almost every stage mandates silver coins and green bills. 

So, what happens when you find a software solution that helps businesses claim redressals for lost or late shipments, invoice auditing, and reductions in operating costs? 

This article is about Refund Retriever, well-known for saving shipping costs with cost monitoring. We also acquaint you with ten other Refund Retriever alternatives that work in multiple areas to reduce shipping and logistics costs.


What is a Refund Retriever?

Refund Retriever is a cost-optimizing shipping solution that assists eCommerce merchants with UPS and FedEx invoicing and claims redressal. Its primary task includes monitoring and auditing USPS and FedEx packages to uncover service failures. 

Their detailed reporting and warning system instantly catches instances of disputes. It monitors gross overcharging for shipments, late deliveries liable for guaranteed payback, lost shipments, theft, and undelivered packages. Refund Retriever not only automatically identifies issues but also applies to refunds. The amount is directly credited to the business’ carrier account.

Another highlight of their service is contract negotiation, in which retailers can save around 20% on UPS and FedEx contracts. Refund Retriever simplifies the agreement process and removes carrier jargon and price tier confusion. Small and medium-sized businesses can significantly benefit from Refund Retriever’s negotiation expertise.


Top 10 Refund Retriever Competitors and Alternatives

Undoubtedly, Refund Retriever does an excellent job of eliminating issues causing brands to lose money. However, we have curated a list of ten Refund Retriever alternatives that save shipping costs and monitor shipments. 


1) ClickPost 

ClickPost is primarily a multi-carrier shipping optimization software. It handles effective carrier allocation, returns management, COD reconciliation services, and branded tracking. Though ClickPost does not provide refund services, it does a similar job of warning businesses about contract breaches with carriers. 

ClickPost’s SLA management holds carriers accountable for providing services within the agreed requirements. It tracks carrier performance with critical insights and analyzes SLA breaches like unattempted deliveries or stuck shipments. This way, businesses can claim redressal. 

ClickPost automates cash-on-delivery remittances so that retailers can track remittances in real-time and have a steady cash flow. Its NDR management portal offers pre-emptive measures to deter unsuccessful delivery attempts and shipping exceptions. 

ClickPost tackles the cause of failed deliveries in real-time, be it the wrong address or customer unavailability. It communicates with customers and reschedules deliveries accordingly. This drastically reduces RTO rates and helps businesses save on restocking and logistical costs.



2) Refund Geeks Suite

Refund Geeks is a cost-optimizing Saas-based solution that connects with your FedEx and UPS accounts to provide insightful details and reports on lowering shipping costs by an estimated 30%. 

It primarily monitors and syncs all shipment data from both accounts and presents analytical and exhaustive reports and notifications to know every aspect of order delivery and spending.  

You get notified whenever there is a billing error, late deliveries, DIM weight problems, and canceled shipments. Moreover, it also alerts when carriers take invalid actions on certain shipments, such as address correction fees, unwarranted residential surcharges, etc. Refund Geeks’ automated auditing tool automatically files for refunds with the carriers.


3) Freight POP

FreightPOP is a supply chain management software for manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, and eCommerce retailers. It is a cloud-based platform with a flexible UI structure enabling one-click integrations with carriers, ERPs, accounting software, and more. 

FreightPOP assists in reducing manual data entry and maintaining data quality. It has auditing, analytical and cost-saving services. This makes it a viable Refund Retriever alternative. 

Moreover, it comes with automated EDI invoicing from a single dashboard feature and GL accounting. It also has an audit tracking system to ensure that carriers use the lowest rates and meet the brand’s shipping rules.


4) Process Shipper

Process Shipper is a shipping management software that deals with small parcels, LTL shipments, and company vehicles. It has integrations with a string of carriers and their web services, such as DHL and UPS. 

Process Shipper allows automated freight and parcel shipping. It reduces various pain points in the bill-to-cycle and ship-to-cycle phases. Its comprehensive shipping workflows management suite optimizes organizational planning, shipping automation, and communication.  

Like Refund Retriever, it strives to reduce costs and increase logistics efficiency by reducing customer calls about shipments and providing businesses with low freight rates. 

As a Refund Retriever alternative, it works by integrating with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Process Shipper primarily provides several packing and printing options. Its MIS (Management Information Systems) solutions determine the best rate for parcels and automatically print address information to shipping labels and packing slips.


5) Shipwell

Shipwell is a shipping software combining features of transport management, tracking, and managed solutions for 3PLs and 4PLs. Shipwell’s advanced shipping automation reduces operating costs and lowers labor charges. As a Refund Retriever competitor, Shipwell’s robust analytics detects areas where freight costs are unduly high.  

It tones down transport expenses by giving retailers access to proprietary pricing information and market rate predictions. Moreover, Shipwell helps businesses manage their financial accounts by providing support for NetSuite, TriumphPay, and QuickBooks. Shipwell also guides business owners in supervising their finance and accessorial charges to ensure accuracy in calculation. 

Apart from this, Shipwell offers high visibility for freight and parcel shipments with ELD (Electronic Logging Device) tracking of every moving vehicle. Its responsive over-the-map estimated arrival time takes traffic and weather conditions into account for route optimization. This ensures that businesses don’t suffer from lost packages or late deliveries. 


6) ShipHawk

ShipHawk is a shipping automation SaaS service that optimizes order fulfillment and the checkout experience. ShipHawk’s primary service relies on scaling the warehouse operations and providing eCommerce retailers with tools to lower shipping costs.

Configuring business rules automates warehouse operations, reduces the need to engage warehouse personnel, and reduces operational costs. Moreover, it is configured with business shipping rules for proprietary packing and automated order fulfillment.

With the suitable carrier chosen, the right DIM weight measured, and optimal packaging, there are fewer chances of a business incurring a loss from products returned.

ShipHawk’s other price-saving features include low-cost order routing, negotiated carrier rates, and access to multiple 3PLs. It also has a smart packing service that efficiently calculates parcel dimensions for accurate shipping rates. You can also optimize orders with automated ratings based on cost, time, and carrier type.


7) Calcurates

Calcurates is a multi-carrier shipping solution that provides cost-effective, customized shipping options. The primary task of Calcurates is to create a cost-effective, flexible shipping workflow for businesses. 

Businesses get geo flexibility by assigning carriers and rates ideal for specific shipping zones and location-based restrictions. This makes it a practical Refund Retriever alternative for assessing costs in various shipping factors. Moreover, it lets businesses implement their algorithms with customized Flat Rates, Table Rates, and Free Shipping rates. 

After you connect accounts with Calcurates, it facilitates label printing, shipment tracking, and configurations for shipping rules based on any conditions. It also makes intentional delivery methods and carrier rates available at checkout. 


8) Freightos

Freightos is a web-based freight shipping and marketplace management software that offers global freight rate comparisons and booking convenience. Freightos offers quotes for all freight modes (air, ocean, and land) from 75 freight forwarders and carriers so that you can achieve an optimal price. 

Freightos logistical management features like tracking on-demand, real-time freight status updates, and proactive resolutions. It also has an FBA shipment management guide and forwarded selection toolkit to help businesses choose the most cost-effective freight forwarding services. It also has a calculator for freight weight. 

The constant focus on freight cost optimization makes it a good choice for the Refund Retriever alternative focusing on freight management. 


9) Easyship

Easyship is a multi-carrier shipping software adept at managing logistics and international shipping for over 35 countries. Easyship’s primary focus is shipping rate optimization, as it offers 91% off for many carrier companies like DHL and USPS.

It has a global network of warehouses and international shipping experience in clearing customs and calculating import duties and taxes. It also provides checkout optimization services like appropriate shipping rates for customers, including taxes at checkout. 

It also offers full-cost visibility to reduce cart abandonment. For businesses considering global shipping with cost effectiveness, Easyship can be a good Refund Retriever competitor. 


10) Shipfusion

Shipfusion is an eCommerce fulfillment software that helps businesses scale their operations while sustaining savings on the way. It provides fully supervised warehouse and inventory management that reduces warehouse operational costs. 

With Shipfusion, businesses can accurately fulfill orders based on volume growth and have competitive shipping rates and intensive notifications. Its robust technological tools provide visibility into all stages of order fulfillment and track inventory across multiple warehouses. 

Its other features include picking accuracy, automated rate filing, and integrations with eCommerce tools. Businesses looking for cost-optimizing warehouse management software can consider Shipfusion as a practical Refund Retriever alternative. 


How to Select the Best Alternative and Competitor for Refund Retriever?

There are multiple Refund Retriever competitors, each having its strong points in reducing costs in various shipping and order fulfillment areas. So, how do you choose an ideal Refund Retriever alternative for your business? You can consider the following factors:

1) Cost Management

Any Refund Retriever you choose must be excellent in managing or reducing shipping costs. For example, ClickPost’s automation reduces operational costs, while Easyship’s hugely negotiated shipping rates save on shipping expenditures. 

Similarly, Calcurates is a feasible option for creating your algorithms to have the best table and flat rates.  


2) Shipping Supervision

Shipping supervision not only covers monitoring and tracking order status but should ideally include an extensive report on carrier delivery performance. It should also involve cost and spending analysis, price control features, and auditing services. 

In our list, multiple Refund Retriever competitors like Refund Geeks, FreightPOP, Shipwell, and ShipHawk fulfill these criteria. 


3) Cost Calculator

A cost calculator effectively showcases a breakdown of the pricing structure and predicts future costs. Choosing a Refund Retriever alternative with a robust cost calculator or some price-checking mechanism is best.  


4) Refund and Auditing Efficiency 

Auditing and refunding are the strong suits of Refund Retriever. Here, direct Refund Retriever competitors like Refund Geeks and FreightPOP might be the best solution for managing refund claims. Businesses looking for contract negotiations can also consider them.


5) Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are the best way to identify the stronghold and weak points of each of these Refund Retriever alternatives. You can read and analyze the accurate business fit to understand how well any of this software will perform for your business. Collecting information from trusted software review sources and social media is best.


Final Words

Refund Retriever is an excellent software solution for refund redressals and monitoring shipment disputes. Many companies lose money in shipping unknowingly without the proper tools and software. This is why we have tried to curate a list of ten Refund Retriever alternatives and competitors that can bring you sustainable cost effective shipping.



1) Can Refund Retriever offer a refund for late package deliveries by UPS?

Refund Retriever specifically monitors UPS audits and invoices to pick on any unwarranted actions including late deliveries. Once a merchant connects their UPS account with Refund Retriever, it finds late delivery instances and settles disputes with carriers for a smooth refund process.

2) Does Refund Retriever offer Amazon refunds?

Refund Retriever does offer Amazon refunds. To set up the process, Amazon vendors must sync their Amazon Seller or Vendor account with Refund Retriever. Thereafter, it will begin to monitor your inventory lifecycle, including damaged or lost return packages or mishandling returns. It raises claims with the Fulfillment by Amazon hub and settles refunds. 


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