ShipRocket Vs Shyplite

Here's an unbiased comparison of Shiprocket v/s Shyplite across 10 objective parameters


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An Unbiased Comparison Of ShipRocket With ShypLite & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners




COD Services




Order Tracking Page




Returns Management




Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules

Rules +AI

Rules +AI

NDR Management




Provides shipping rates




Hyperlocal Delivery 




Dashboard For Analytics 




Order Delay Detection






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why companies shift from shipRocket and ShypLite to clickPost

Best Customer Experience

Manage and monitor carrier performances through ClickPost while maintaining direct relationships with your carriers.

Fastest Tracking Updates

Both Push and Pull API integrations are at work through ClickPost to send you and your customers real-time tracking updates.

Returns Management

A fully exhaustive returns portal is provided by ClickPost to enable better management of returns and pickup exceptions.

AI-Enabled NDR Management

Resolve failed deliveries and other shipping exceptions with an automated workflow supported by ClickPost’s AI Engine.

Greater Number of Carriers

Most aggregators like Shyplite offer integrations with 20+ carriers, while ClickPost offers more than 130 carriers to integrate with.

Enterprise-Grade Product

Aggregators like Shyplite and Shiprocket are effective for SMBs while ClickPost is more suited for large enterprises with high order volumes.

ShipRocket Vs. ShypLite


1) Introduction

Are you trying to decide between ShipRocket and Shyplite for managing your e-commerce shipping? If so, then this is the blog post for you! Both ShipRocket and Shyplite are great options when it comes to shipping management and automation, but there are some subtle differences that can make a big impact on which one might be right for you.

In this article, we’ll compare these two services side by side and discuss their strengths and weaknesses in depth—weighing up costs, customer service support, different features available on each platform, reliability of each provider, delivery times & performance metrics. So grab yourself a cup of tea (or coffee!) because today we're diving into the world of logistics - let's go!


2) About ShipRocket

ShipRocket began its journey as a courier aggregator in 2011 and currently acts as one of the most popular platforms for shipping aggregation. The services offered by this platform vary from order management to discounted shipping rates, and it reaches over 220 different countries. With ShipRocket users can ship with more than 17 courier companies with prices as low as Rs. 19 per 500 gm. It has a shipping calculator on its website that e-commerce companies can use to get a decent understanding of what their shipping rates will be.

Some of the other benefits of using ShipRocket are its shipping insurance coverage and low subscription costs. ShipRocket does not charge e-commerce companies for the setup, instead, it works on a pay-as-you-go model. This means retailers don't have to pay anything during the off-season. It provides insurance on all orders up to a maximum of Rs. 5000. 

This shipping aggregator is a top choice for many small businesses. It caters to over 100k businesses and ships 200k orders daily across the globe. It's great for online businesses dealing with many COD (Cash on Delivery) returns or exchanges. It is known to be proactive with COD reconciliation with short billing cycles.


Features of ShipRocket

  • ShipRocket provides integrations with over 17 different courier partners, thereby enabling you to connect and manage orders with them easily.

  • ShipRocket offers the use of a shipping rate calculator which makes calculations on the most cost-effective carrier based on order details like dimensions, origin, and delivery location.

  • ShipRocket gives access to a unified platform for monitoring, managing, and tracking orders with integrated carriers.

  • ShipRocket also enables you to print shipping labels and purchase insurance for shipments. 


Pros: ShipRocket is known for giving small ecommerce businesses an easy way to integrate and ship with multiple carriers at discounted rates.

Cons: ShipRocket has received numerous complaints regarding weight discrepancies during the calculation of final shipping costs. 

Price: ShipRocket offers a standard rate that starts at Rs.19/500 gms as well as plans that start at Rs.29/500 gms, for domestic shipping.  


2) About ShypLite

ShypLite is a young courier aggregator that was founded in 2016 and provides a wide range of end-to-end logistics and shipping solutions to ecommerce businesses across India. The services provided by ShypLite focus on order management, fulfillment maximization, and ease of operations. 

It is an innovative logistics solution that harnesses the latest technology to enable cost-effective transportation of goods. What sets Shyplite apart is that it provides end-to-end solutions for customers, removing the hassle of managing multiple vendors for shipment. From real-time tracking to customized packages delivered right to their door, it is undeniable that Shyplite has done a lot to revolutionize the logistics industry.

Its ability to provide seamless international shipping makes it all the more attractive, allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to transport goods simply and efficiently. With its no-fuss platform, reliable services, and excellent customer support, there's no doubt why it's one of the go-to solutions for logistics today.

Features of Shyplite

  • ShypLite is integrated with 30+ carriers as well as other ecommerce partners and has a reach of 26000+ pin codes

  • ShypLite enables you to process orders and print shipping labels in batches more accurately.

  • ShypLite allows you to customize the entire shipping experience through branded shipping labels, invoices, and tracking pages. 

  • ShypLite ensures you can efficiently send orders from multiple locations with minimum hassle.

  • ShypLite collects data based on carrier performance and sends regular analytics reports. 


Pros: ShypLite is known for providing extremely fast services as well as for its easy-to-navigate dashboard 

Cons: ShypLite can often be slow in terms of carrier communications leading to delays with minimal support services. 

Price: ShypLite allows multiple payment options using a pay-as-you-go system for its baseline, with rates starting at Rs.21/500 gms.  




1. What Is ShipRocket?

Answer: ShipRocket is a shipping aggregator for ecommerce businesses that enables them to integrate with 17+ top-rated courier companies. Using ShipRocket, you can manage and track orders from a single location as well as get access to discounted rates and other value-added shipping services.


2. What Is ShypLite?

Answer: ShypLite is a courier aggregator that helps your ecommerce business integrate with 20+ carriers and other ecommerce partners with absolute ease. ShypLite provides a dashboard for the management and tracking of orders as well as enables smooth returns management and basic NDR resolution. 


3. Which Is The Best Option Between ClickPost, ShipRocket Vs ShypLite?

Answer: To determine which is the best option to choose from between ClickPost, ShipRocket, and ShypLite, you need to understand your business priorities. ShipRocket and ShypLite both provide discounted shipping rates, as well as basic shipping services like NDR tracking and reverse logistics. An added benefit of ShipRocket is that you can further minimize costs, while the bonus of ShypLite comes in the form of branding. This is excellent for SMBs with order volumes between 1000 and 7000.

However, once order volumes go beyond 7000 per month, your priorities will change from fulfillment to revenue building and improvement of post-purchase customer experience. Once you reach this point, ClickPost provides a wide range of end-to-end shipping solutions and logistics solutions that ensure the entirety of the delivery process is automated and well managed in a holistic fashion. It provides an exhaustive range of exception management services for both returns and forward logistics, as well as 24/7 tech support.