Looking for Shyplite Competitors and Alternatives?

Shyplite is just one out of many ecommerce logistics solutions available in India. In fact, we can think of 5 alternatives to Shyplite that will serve you equally well, if not better. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these Shyplite alternatives and everything they have to offer you.


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an unbiased Comparison of Shyplite with its Alternatives





Vamship Pickrr Shyplite Shipkaro

No. of Courier Partners



10+ 20+ 30+ 10+

COD Services



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page



Basic Basic Intermediate N/A

Returns Management



Intermediate  N/A Basic N/A

Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules

Rules +AI

N/A Rules +AI Rules +AI Fixed Rules

NDR Management



Advanced Basic Basic N/A

Provides shipping rates



Yes Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 



No No Yes No

Dashboard For Analytics 



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Delay Detection



No Yes No No



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why companies shift from Shyplite to clickpost


To determine the right time to use various logistics solutions, look at the two major phases of eCommerce growth:

  • The volume of orders per month <3000: You need an option that enables fast integration with multiple carriers easily, like Shyplite.
  • The volume of orders per month >3000: You need to maintain direct relationships with all your carriers and access to specialized shipping services like those offered by ClickPost.

Optimal Delivery Experience

Improve every customers’ delivery experience using ClickPost’s communication and monitoring tools.

Track Orders Faster

Using both pull and push APIs, ClickPost makes sure tracking statuses reach you as soon as their updated.

Shipping Exception Detection

Detect shipping/delivery errors quickly and rectify them with insightful data provided by ClickPost.

Successfully Convert NDRs

ClickPost uses an AI-driven system for NDR Management to send issue-specific queries to customers.

Business-Specific Carrier Choice

Configure your business needs to ClickPost’s AI-driven recommendation engine to select the best carrier.

Choose From More Carriers

ClickPost is integrated with 130+ courier partners which is 100 more than Shyplite offers access to.

Top 5 Best Shyplite Competitors and Alternatives in 2021


1. ClickPost

ClickPost has made a name as one of India’s largest platforms for shipping and delivery management. ClickPost provides a wide range of logistics solutions that automate shipping operations for numerous eCommerce businesses. Using technology, these operations work strategically to improve the overall delivery experience for customers.


  • There are over 120 shipping companies that can be integrated with through ClickPost, in addition to multiple major sales channels like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

  • Order creation and order manifestation is made easier through a single API integration. This integration handles a variety of tasks in one step, including generating the AWB and shipping label, and then preparing it for pick up.

  • Orders are tracked in real-time with the help of push API integrations and pull API integrations. You are automatically updated when the courier partner is. Customers receive immediate notifications on email, WhatsApp, SMS and a branded tracking page on your eCommerce platform.

  • All orders are tracked and managed from a user-friendly dashboard, and regular customizable analytics reports are sent to the enterprise.

  • An automated system for NDR management identifies the cause of failed deliveries and automatically sends cause-specific queries to customers.

Pros: ClickPost is ideal for growing eCommerce ventures with higher volumes of orders as it is easy to both use and implements.

Cons: ClickPost is more suitable for larger businesses than for SMBs or companies with low order volumes.


2. Vamaship

As a courier aggregator that provides its services across 200+ countries, Vamaship is a well-known logistics tool for e-commerce companies in India. It is a leading shipping partner management service provider that works to connect enterprises to courier companies.


  • There are 10+ best logistics companies that can be integrated with through Vamaship, in addition to leading storefronts and online marketplaces like eBay.

  • The status of all orders with various integrated courier partners can be viewed and tracked from a single platform.

  • View shipping rates offered by various shipping partners and compare them to find the lowest prior to selecting a shipping partner.

  • A document management system is available that integrates with all existing shipping-related records so they can be browsed through easily.

Pros: Integrating with multiple courier partners and tracking orders is a smooth process with Vamaship.

Cons: Tracking updates may be slower for eCommerce companies with large order volumes.


3. Shiprocket

Numerous eCommerce companies in India are familiar with the courier aggregator ShipRocket. This eCommerce logistics tool enables quick integration with multiple shipping companies and delivery across 220+ countries. It provides a variety of other logistics services as well.


  • With ShipRocket, you are offered integrations with nearly 20 carriers, sales channels like Shopify and marketplaces like Flipkart or Amazon.
  • You can track orders uniformly from one platform that receives all order tracking updates and provides analytic reports regularly.
  • Multiple payment options are available with shipping charges pre-negotiated with partnered courier companies at flat monthly rates.
  • Shipments can be insured with respective courier partners to cut losses.

Pros: Most of the major shipping companies in India are partnered with ShipRocket and therefore easy to integrate with. 

Cons: ShipRocket does not allow you to maintain direct contact with courier partners and negotiate business-specific terms.


4. Pickrr

Pickrr has become the most popular shipping aggregator in India since its inception in 2015. It provides shipping services that reach global brands spread across more than 200 other countries as well. Pickrr is known for minimizing the effort expended in shipping operations and supply chain management.


  • Pickrr is tied up with 20+ courier partners that can be integrated in addition to, virtual storefronts like Magento and Shopify, and online markets like Flipkart.
  • You can offer customers a greater variety of choices in delivery options and prices, as Pickrr allows you to select flexible modes of transportation for various sized shipments.
  • Both email and SMS-based notifications are sent to you as well as your customers with real-time order tracking statuses. You will also receive NDR notifications through these modes of communication.
  • Reconciliation of weight discrepancies for shipments uses AI and ML engines which help ensure that shipping charges are correctly calculated and prices are kept reasonable.

Pros: Invoicing-related issues, as well as COD discrepancies and difficulties with order processing, are easily resolved with Pickrr.

Cons: For larger enterprises with greater order volumes, installation and integration with Pickrr is slower and results in technical glitches.


5. ShipKaro

ShipKaro has gained a reputation for effective shipping aggregation services as one of the leading courier aggregators in India. This platform enables easy integration of carriers with eCommerce enterprises. Orders can be managed and process automated and customized through this platform.


  • There are more than 14 carriers integrated with ShipKaro that provide shipping services both within India and abroad. Further integrations are available with leading selling channels and marketplaces.
  • Through ShipKaro’s platform, you can compare shipping rates offered by different carriers at the time when an order is placed, and accordingly select the best price for shipping the order.
  • Orders can be synced up across multiple platforms that host your ecommerce business, thereby making them easier to track.
  • Tracking updates are sent on a regular frequent basis with information on the exact current location of your shipment and the delivery routes used.

Pros: ShipKaro is known for providing specialized services at cheap rates, the most popular being bulk shipments.

Cons: ShipKaro is best suited for SMBs and enterprises that deal in fewer than 10000 orders per month.



FAQs on Shyplite AND ITS Competitors & Alternatives


1. What is Shyplite?

Answer: Shyplite is a courier aggregation tool that enables eCommerce companies, big and small, to quickly integrate with carriers and manage orders. Shyplite offers integration with 30+ shipping companies and allows you to track orders with logistics partners from a single platform.


2. Which is the best Shyplite alternative?

Answer: If you’re looking for alternatives to Shyplite, then you need to look no further than the following names: ClickPost, Vamaship, ShipRocket, Pickrr and ShipKaro. These names represent the top players in the logistics industry that provide similar shipping management services.


3. What are the criteria for selecting the best Shyplite alternative?

Answer: The criteria required for selecting the best Shyplite alternative can clearly be understood from these 4 perspectives.

The serviceability of the logistics tool tells you a lot about the system, like how many carriers you will have access to, how many orders you can ship per month and how wide a pin code reach you will get.

The shipping services offered by each shipping management system can differ greatly and focus on various aspects of your supply chain operations. You can decide the most effective Shyplite alternative based on your business priorities.

Each of these systems makes use of technology to provide its services. So one that makes use of more advanced or innovative technology would be more effective to your business at certain stages of growth.

Finally, the prices and shipping rates raised by each of these systems can help you understand what range of services falls within your budget and maximizes profitability as well as fulfillment.


4. How many carriers are integrated with Shyplite?

Answer: Shyplite provides you access to integrations with 30+ carriers.


5. Why do people shift from Shyplite to other alternatives?

Answer: Shyplite is extremely effective when it comes to the immediate upscaling of businesses that have to suddenly make use of multiple carriers. Most businesses end up looking for alternatives when they reach a level of growth that requires greater communication and access to carriers.


6. When should I start looking for Shyplite alternatives?

Answer: When your company begins to regularly ship more than 3000 orders per month, your goal shifts from bringing in and managing orders to ensure maximum fulfillment. This is likely when you will need a Shyplite alternative as your overall shipping operations will require more hands-on monitoring.

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