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Here's an unbiased comparison of Shiprocket v/s Vamaship across 10 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of shipRocket with VamaShip & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners




COD Services




Order Tracking Page




Returns Management




Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules

Rules +AI

Fixed Rules

NDR Management




Provides shipping rates




Hyperlocal Delivery 




Dashboard For Analytics 




Order Delay Detection





why companies shift from shipRocket and VamaShip to clickPost

Better Carrier Performance

ClickPost lets you maintain independent relationships with your carriers while monitoring them through a dashboard.

Speediest Tracking Updates

ClickPost uses Dual APIs, i.e., push and pull integrations to get tracking updates from carriers in real-time to send to customers.

Manage Returns Completely

Using ClickPost’s returns portal, you can use an exhaustive set of metrics to manage returns, including pickup exceptions and exchanges.

Manage Shipping Exceptions

From delayed deliveries to failed deliveries, ClickPost provides you with an automated workflow to resolve shipping exceptions.

Greater Number of Carriers

ClickPost greatly surpasses the average aggregator in terms of integrations by offering access to over 150+ different carriers.

Enterprise-Grade Product

Shipping aggregators like ShipRocket are great for SMBs while ClickPost is most effective when used by companies with large order volumes.

ShipRocket Vs. VamaShip


1) Introduction

Is your shipping process a mess? Are you struggling to keep track of all your packages and shipments? Are you wasting time and money on shipping costs? If so, it's time to consider investing in shipping management software like ShipRocket or VamaShip. Shipping management software can make your shipping process more efficient and cost-effective, allowing you to save time and money.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of ShipRocket and Vamaship and compare the two thoroughly to help you understand which is better for your business. So if you're ready to take your shipping process to the next level, keep reading!


2) About ShipRocket

ShipRocket is a courier aggregator that offers businesses of all sizes access to reliable courier services across India. It came into being in 2011 and has since become one of the most well-known shipping solutions for ecommerce businesses. The platform provided by ShipRocket enables carrier integration and order management from a single location with ease.

Its unique service allows merchants to consolidate orders from multiple online sales channels and across multiple courier services all in one place, so they can spend more time focusing on growing their business. With tools to compare courier quotes, create manifests, track shipments, generate bills of lading, and more, ShipRocket makes order fulfillment simpler and less costly. No need to juggle multiple courier accounts; use ShipRocket as your all-in-one courier solution!


Features of ShipRocket

  • ShipRocket manages the entire shipping process from one unifying interface - from order picking, packing, and label printing to delivery tracking and shipment reconciliation.

  • ShipRocket enables integrations with 17+ highly rated courier partners and allows you to track orders.

  • ShipRocket offers the use of a rate calculator which determines the most cost-effective shipping rates for various carriers based on order details and dimensions. 

  • ShipRocket provides a unified dashboard for monitoring and managing all orders across all integrated carrier platforms.

  • ShipRocket enables shipping labels to be printed automatically on carrier allocation and provides insurance services. 

  • With its centralized freight management system, business owners can gain valuable insights into their shipping performance data and use the analytics to identify areas of improvement.

  • ShipRocket sends automated email notifications so users can stay updated on order status changes. With these features, ShipRocket helps users create a seamless shipping experience while growing their businesses.


Pros: ShipRocket is highly effective for SMBs as it gives them quick access to carriers for integration and offers discounted shipping rates. 

Cons: Customers have flagged ShipRocket for numerous weight discrepancies during the billing process and low support services.

Price: ShipRocket provides shipping at a flat rate of Rs.19/500 gms and offers multiple plans starting at Rs.29/500 gms.


3) About VamaShip

VamaShip is a logistics service provider and shipping solution founded in 2015 that provides ecommerce businesses with a platform to connect with new carriers and integrate with them. From this platform, orders across multiple carriers can be tracked and managed. It is the perfect courier aggregator for companies looking to manage their shipping needs. This full-service platform allows users to easily compare courier rates, track costs, and have visibility into their deliveries in real-time.

With Vamaship’s intuitive dashboard and mobile app, users can effortlessly stay up-to-date on shipment information while saving money with its discounted courier rates. Customers can trust the reliability and excellent customer service offered by Vamaship. Thanks to the company’s robust courier network and state-of-the-art technology, Vamaship has become the go-to shipping solution for businesses of all sizes.


Features of VamaShip

  • VamaShip enables integrations with 12+ carriers as well as ecommerce storefronts to enable quick and easy management of orders across carriers. 

  • VamaShip lets you instantaneously get shipping quotes from various carriers and compare rates before booking a shipment.

  • VamaShip provides a single dashboard for you to receive tracking updates and notify your customers. 

  • VamaShip provides a tool for document management, enabling all logistics documentation to be stored and searched for in one location.

  • VamaShip also provides regular analytics pre-integrated into your dashboard.

  • VamaShip also provides insights about future trends and automatically optimizes route planning for each shipment, thus providing an efficient system for managing logistics and reducing costs.

  • The 24/7 customer support ensures that inquiries or complaints are addressed promptly and satisfactorily.


Pros: VamaShip provides fast onboarding services, a user-friendly platform, and excellent COD coverage.  

Cons: VamaShip has been known to struggle with communications between carriers and ecommerce businesses, leading to delays. 

Price: VamaShip only charges shipping costs and does not charge for using the platform. 


4) What are the Benefits of Using Courier Aggregation Platforms like ShipRocket or VamaShip?

A courier aggregator is a platform that provides online retailers with enhanced shipping solutions. It acts as an intermediary between multiple courier companies, streamlining courier selections and curating a range of options for businesses to choose from based on their unique requirements.

It provides an all-in-one platform that integrates various courier services, making it more straightforward for online retailers to access quality shipping solutions without comparing prices and services across multiple courier companies.

Courier aggregators have many benefits for ecommerce companies – they can reduce administrative costs, automate order tracking across different courier carriers, provide time and cost savings due to competitive rates, expand reach by enabling cross-border deliveries, and ensure higher customer satisfaction through better order visibility.

Ultimately, courier aggregators make the shipping process more efficient and can be a significant asset in taking online stores to the next level.


5) Is Shipping Software Better Than Courier Aggregators like VamaShip or ShipRocket?

As e-commerce becomes more competitive and data-driven, having access to detailed reports and information about the speed of delivery is paramount for any business' success. Courier aggregators like VamaShip or ShipRocket are useful, but the two vary significantly in their technical and personalization capabilities. Courier aggregators like ShipRocket and VamaShip are excellent options for small businesses with monthly order volumes within 3000. But as you begin to scale up rapidly, you should look for better shipping alternatives for reliable and automated workflows.

ClickPost is a great shipping alternative for medium and enterprise-level businesses. This multicarrier logistics management platform helps businesses scale up while staying lean. It offers easy integrations with 300+ shipping carriers, popular selling channels like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, etc., and numerous WMS and ERPs. ClickPost is available to e-commerce sellers and Shopify merchants in over 220 countries with impressive features like a single unified dashboard for easy order management, accurate delivery date estimation (EDD), automatic carrier allocation, and returns management.

Ecommerce companies can increase their sales by opting for ClickPost's branded tracking features which include fully customizable branded tracking pages with panels for cross-selling and upselling and white-labeled order tracking messages for enhanced customer experience. It's robust NDR management system ensures packages are delivered safely and on time.


6) Conclusion

When it comes to shipping solutions, there are numerous services that entrepreneurs can choose from. Two of the most popular options on the market are ShipRocket and VamaShip. Shiprocket makes it easy and fast to ship goods internationally - you can track shipments in real-time, automate labeling & invoicing, and get integrated eCommerce solutions.

VamaShip offers a wide range of features, such as route optimization solutions that guarantee excellent delivery times with competitive prices and access to 200+ logistic partners for domestic and international deliveries. With these two brilliant providers at your disposal, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to reach your business goals through shipping smoothly! However if you're looking for something better, then go for shipping management software.




1. What Is ShipRocket?

Answer: ShipRocket is one of the most popular ecommerce shipping aggregators, that has gained much aplomb as it offers integrations with 17+ verified courier companies. ShipRocket lets you track and manage orders with ease from a single dashboard and provides discounted shipping rates.


2. What Is VamaShip?

Answer: VamaShip is a leading ecommerce courier aggregator that has 12+ courier partners to integrate with and provides a wide range of shipping services. It provides order tracking services as well as document management services to enable greater logistics functionality and operational efficiency. 


3. Which Is The Best Option Between ClickPost, ShipRocket Vs VamaShip?

Answer: When determining the best option between ClickPost, ShipRocket and VamaShip, the first thing that needs to be understood is what your current business priorities are. These needs may change from time to time and you would want a shipping solution and multicarrier integration platform that can adapt with your changing needs. ShipRocket and VamaShip both offer discounted shipping rates and COD services. ShipRocket also provides basic NDR management solutions while VamaShip provides document management solutions to fortify logistics operations. However, both of these courier aggregators are suited for small and medium businesses.

These are companies with monthly order volumes below 7000. At this stage, the main priority is to ensure fulfillment is maximised. Once this volume of orders is crossed, the key priorities shift more towards operational efficiency, reduced logistics costs and improved customer post-purchase experience. This phase of growth is more about establishing your brand and gaining brand loyalty from your customers while actively internally boosting your profitability through reduced costs and added revenue.

At a time like this, a solution like ClickPost is the best option as it provides a branded tracking page to push cross-sales, fast tracking updates to reduce WISMO calls, and an automated protocol for resolving NDRs, thereby reducing RTO%. In fact, ClickPost is a platform that seeks to automate most parts of shipping operations to enable greater use of resources and more cost-effective logistics solutions. 


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