Looking for Vamaship Competitors and Alternatives?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top 5 best alternatives and competitors to Vamaship. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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an unbiased Comparison of Vamaship with its Alternatives





Vamship Pickrr Shyplite Shipkaro

No. of Courier Partners



10+ 20+ 30+ 10+

COD Services



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page



Basic Basic Intermediate N/A

Returns Management



Intermediate  N/A Basic N/A

Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules

Rules +AI

N/A Rules +AI Rules +AI Fixed Rules

NDR Management



Advanced Basic Basic N/A

Provides shipping rates



Yes Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 



No No Yes No

Dashboard For Analytics 



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Delay Detection



No Yes No No



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why companies shift from Vamaship to clickpost

Better Customer Experience

ClickPost lets you have direct carrier relationships to enable faster resolution of customer queries.

Faster Tracking

ClickPost uses both Push and Pull API integrations to make order tracking faster and efficient.

Shipping Exceptions Management

ClickPost empowers you to identify and address stuck shipments, delays and other delivery exceptions.

AI-Enabled NDR Management

ClickPost uses AI to identify NDR causes and communicate with customers to complete delivery.

Greater Number of Carriers

While ShipRocket is partnered with only 20 carriers, ClickPost is integrated with 150+ carriers.

Enterprise-Grade Product

While Shiprocket is suitable for SMBs, companies with >2k orders a month need glitch-free product like ClickPost

Top 5 Best Vamaship Competitors and Alternatives in 2021


1. ClickPost

ClickPost is one of India’s largest shipping management platforms. ClickPost offers a multitude of different shipping features that culminate in an end-to-end logistics system enabling efficient carrier management, order tracking and shipping exceptions management.


  • Integrations with 120+ courier partners in addition to multiple selling channels like Shopify and WooCommerce

  • Entire order manifestation automation, including order creation, AWB generation, shipping label printing, packaging and delivery assignment

  • Order tracking using push and pull API integrations that automatically send updates to customers via email, SMS and WhatsApp, in addition to a branded tracking page for customers to view delivery milestones

  • An automated NDR management system for eCommerce that categorises and sends issue-specific queries to customers to reduce NDRs

  • A dashboard to track and manage all orders across multiple carriers from a single platform and receive regular analytics reports

Pros: ClickPost offers a user-friendly system that is easy to implement and capable of handling high volumes of orders.

Cons: ClickPost system is most suited for medium and large businesses that need to optimise their shipping operations.


2. Vamaship

Vamaship is a logistics and shipping aggregator that services ecommerce companies in India and over 200+ other countries. It has become popular for its provision of a single platform for managing shipping partners and certain shipping tools.


  • Integrations with 10+ shipping partners, various selling channels, like Shopify and Magento as well as online marketplaces like Amazon

  • A single platform for viewing all orders across integrated carriers and receiving detailed tracking reports for all orders

  • A facility to view and compare rates for orders instantly, enabling you to book shipments at the lowest available rate

  • Integrate all shipping-related documents in a document management system to search through past data easily

Pros: Vamaship provides quick and easy integration with leading courier partners and an efficient order tracking mechanism.

Cons: Vamaship is most suited to handle only small businesses with lower order volumes.


3. Pickrr

Pickrr was founded in India in 2015 as a logistics aggregator and provides end-to-end logistics solutions for numerous global brands in 200+ nations. The aim of Pickrr is to reduce the effort and resources expended in shipping operations.


  • Integrations with 20+ courier partners, online selling channels like WooCommerce and Magento, and virtual marketplaces like Amazon
  • Multiple flexible pickup and shipping options, enabling you to select the size of the shipment and the mode of delivery
  • Receive real-time tracking updates for your orders via email and SMS notifications, including delivery exception notifications
  • Use of AI and ML for weight reconciliation, which enables the exact weight of shipments to be measured and shipping charges calculated accordingly

Pros: Pickrr provides easy resolution when it comes to issues related to invoicing, order manifestation and COD services. 

Cons: Onboarding, implementation and integration of Pickrr’s system can be a prolonged process, particularly with large enterprises.


4. ShypLite

Shyplite is a 2016-founded SaaS company that operates as a shipping gateway. Shyplite uses its network of courier resources to provide shipping services to eCommerce businesses across India and 220+ countries globally. 


  • Integrations with 30+ courier partners that can be easily allocated for different orders using an AI-enabled shipping process
  • Gain access to pre-negotiated shipping rates and courier services, following a pay-per-order model
  • Receive order tracking notifications via email and SMS in addition to a branded tracking page for customers
  • Make use of shipping services like early COD remittance, NDR tracking, and multi-location pickups

Pros: Shyplite is known for providing effective customer support at good rates, and regular order updates. 

Cons: Use of the pay-per-order model can slow down the remittance of COD funds.


5. ShipKaro

ShipKaro was founded in 2017 as a shipping aggregation platform designed specifically for ecommerce businesses to manage orders more efficiently. This platform works to automate and customize base shipping functions.


  • Integration with 14+ courier partners that operate both domestically and internationally, as well as selling channels and marketplaces like Flipkart and eBay
  • Avail lower costs for shipping using a range of discounts provided, and compare the prices offered by different eCommerce shipping companies & partners prior to selecting one for a shipment
  • Sync orders between your various management tools to enable easier order processing and schedule pickups
  • Track orders via regularly provided updates on the status and location of your order as well as the delivery route being used

Pros: ShipKaro is well-liked for offering reasonable rates for shipping services, especially for bulk order moving.

Cons: This system is best equipped to help small to medium businesses with monthly order volumes below 10,000.



FAQs on Vamaship AND ITS Competitors & Alternatives


1: Which is the best Vamaship alternative?

Answer: There are five major players in the ecommerce market that currently provide similar services to Vamaship. They are: ClickPost, ShipRocket, Pickrr, Shyplite and ShipKaro. Once you have strategised the shipping priorities of your business, you can start to select an alternative.


2: What are the criteria for selecting the best Vamaship alternative?

Answer: Choosing an alternative to Vamaship is not an easy process and needs careful consideration of the following:  

Serviceability: This requires you to look at the carriers you will have access to, the range of pincodes they can serve and how many orders you will be able to ship per month. 

Shipping services: You have to get a clear idea of the services you need to understand whether the services offered will be right for you. For example, if your priority is faster COD reconciliation, that would help you narrow down the right aggregator alternative.

Visibility: This is all about the effectiveness of the tracking system and the speed at which updates are provided. This is highly dependent on the tech capabilities of the aggregator. As you can guess, a system making use of more advanced tech would provide the greatest visibility. 

Cost: Costs have to be calculated on the basis of overall profitability. Essentially, you would have to weigh the price of the shipment management solution against the potential it offers to boost your sales or optimise fulfillment. This will help you understand what cost is most viable for you.


3: How many carriers are integrated with Vamaship?

Answer: Vamaship is currently integrated with 10 top courier partners in India. 


4: Why do people shift from Vamaship to other alternatives?

Answer: There is a level of growth at which your focus will shift to improving overall shipping operations. To make real improvements to delivery experiences for customers, you require a direct relationship with carriers. This is extremely difficult with courier aggregators like Vamaship and therefore require more advanced order management solutions.


5: When should I start looking for vamaship alternatives?

Answer: After order volumes per month cross 3000, growth can only continue if you begin to look for Vamaship alternatives. A more streamlined solution will enable you to focus on expanding the business while simultaneously enhancing your shipping operations and customer experience. 

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