Looking for Cin7 Competitors and Alternatives?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the best alternatives and competitors to Cin7. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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Top Cin7 Alternatives and Competitors


1. Introduction

What do ecommerce businesses need to offer their customers the best shipping and after-sales service? An excellent shipping software

Cin7 is one such software, but the market is flooded with more such logistics solution providers. And if you are out shopping for the best Cin7 competitors, then we have the perfect list. 

Let’s delve deeper into Cin7’s features before testing them with our top picks. Stay tuned!


2. What is Cin7?

Cin7 is an all-in-one inventory and order management platform that gives ecommerce businesses the tools they need for transparent shipping operations.

  • It offers over 700 integrations with shipping carriers, warehouses, supply chain management firms, ERPs, TMS, and payment channels. 

  • With Cin7, brands get end-to-end shipment management and fulfillment. 

  • What’s more? It has preset features for businesses of all sizes, even Amazon vendors and dropshippers.


3. Top 10 Cin7 Competitors and Alternatives

Now that you’ve learned about Cin7, it’s time to check out the best Cin7 alternatives for your online store. We hope you find your perfect shipping software from the list below.


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost aims to improve shipping performance and provide the best post-purchase experience for customers. This SaaS-based platform enables ecommerce companies to integrate with 250+ shipping partners, storefronts, sales channels, and WMS.

Its intelligent dashboard pulls in order data from all your stores and platforms for easy management. ClickPost proactively maintains SLAs for quick turnarounds and timely delivery.

Robust returns management and real-time forward and reverse logistics tracking makes it one of the best Cin7 competitors on our list. Its NDR (Non-Delivery Report) Management program can identify and solve deep-rooted issues around delivery exceptions. It can also send customers branded emails, SMS, and Whatsapp order status notifications for greater brand engagement.




3.2) EasyShip

EasyShip is a fulfillment provider that can reduce the need for manual intervention in several shipping processes. But the reason for its crazy popularity among ecommerce stores is its cheap UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping rates (up to 91%).

Generate AWBs, set shipping preferences for automated shipping, and use 250+ pre-integrated carriers to reach your customers worldwide. Easyship can help store owners stay lean even as they scale up with global fulfillment services. For cheaper shipping rates, EasyShip is perhaps the biggest Cin7 competitor.


3.3) MetaPack

This UK-based shipping and delivery management software uses a multi-pronged approach to tackle ecommerce business needs. MetaPack offers intelligent carrier allocation for efficient deliveries and scheduled pick and drop for greater customer satisfaction. 

It offers 350+ carrier integrations and several thousand stores and sales channels to tie up with. MetaPack can provide an end-to-end fulfillment, warehouse shipping, and last-mile delivery services. 

MetaPack offers sustainable packaging, conscious carriers, and optimized final mile delivery logistics for retailers with a green thumb.


3.4) ShipBob

ShipBob is another order fulfillment software for ecommerce enterprises with many devoted customers. It has 30+ fulfillment centers US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the EU. If you have an online store in any of these places, ShipBob can be an excellent Cin7 alternative for you. 

ShipBob offers 2-day shipping with popular carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. It uses advanced inventory management systems to display, edit and replenish inventory in real-time. With ShipBob, businesses notice a marked reduction in shipping costs and improved delivery times. 


3.5) ShippyPro

ShippyPro is a multi-carrier shipping platform that connects online stores to numerous shopping carts, POS, WMS, and over 150 shipping carriers. ShippyPro’s powerful API makes integrations super fast and cost-effective. 

Export data from ShippyPro’s dashboard for instantaneous shipping label generation, saving your logistics team a lot of time. Designate pick lists, and print packing slips in bulk with this Cin7 alternative in no time.


3.6) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a workflow management software with excellent shipping, customer marketing, and Shopify Seller tools.  ShippingEasy is one of the best Cin7 competitors on the list to provide heavily discounted shipping rates. The downside is that businesses can only use USPS and UPS to ship their goods.

It can help businesses get detailed performance reports on sales and shipping and provide real-time tracking updates to customers on time. 


3.7) Skubana

Skubana provides first-class order and inventory management for ecommerce sellers worldwide. With its unified multichannel integration platform, Skubana makes it super convenient for online sellers to view and manage all their shipments. Shipment tracking, stocking, label printing, etc., can all be managed from the dashboard.

It also offers Orderbots that can automate and speed up many shipping processes at sellers’ behest. Lastly, there’s always room to grow with Skubana’s detailed performance reports for identifying bottlenecks and further streamlining the shipping process.


3.8) SendCloud

SendCloud is a shipping automation system that provides ecommerce businesses with the ability to scale their shipping operations quickly. With support for over 50 global shipping carriers and tons of software integrations, SendCloud makes it easy for businesses to get their orders out the door quickly and smoothly. 

It also offers businesses tailored workflows to fit their specific needs and the ability to track order status in real-time and manage foolproof returns. This makes SendCloud an ideal Cin7 competitor for businesses that want to grow their ecommerce operation while leaving the shipping to professionals.


3.9) ShipTime

ShipTime is an excellent Cin7 alternative for businesses looking for more straightforward shipping options. ShipTime’s ecommerce solution connects brands to all major selling platforms like eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify, etc. 

Registering on ShipTime (for free) allows businesses to display ShipTime’s shipping quotes for different carriers on their website. The best thing about this shipping platform is that it has no hidden charges or add-on costs. It’s one of the more cost-effective options on our list.


3.10) Ordoro

Ordoro is a comprehensive shipping and fulfillment software that integrates with ecommerce businesses to streamline the entire process from order creation to delivery. 

With features like order manifestation, warehousing and inventory management, and reverse logistics, Ordoro can handle everything your business needs to smoothly ship orders. Additionally, you can set automation rules and shipping presets to speed up the process further. 

Plus, take advantage of shipping insurance on all orders for extra peace of mind.



4. How to Select the Best ShipTime Competitors and Alternatives?


4.1) Price

You may have already selected a Cin7 alternative for your business, but you should consider the price first. This new software should give you better ROI while simplifying ecommerce shipping and delivery. We suggest looking out for shipping software that offers a free trial period. Always talk to your provider beforehand about hidden charges, extra fees, etc., that suddenly pop up later.


4.2) Interaction with existing systems

A lot is happening behind the scenes in ecommerce shipping. A successful business is built on several different WMS, ERPs, payment gateways, shipping carriers, etc., working together. Therefore, your chosen Cin7 competitor must integrate effortlessly with these systems. 


4.3) Customer Support

Customer experience is paramount in ecommerce. We hope your shipping management platform never gives your customers a reason to call. However, if a customer has a query that can’t be addressed via emails/messages, you need someone they can talk to. Customer care is essential for building loyalty and trust among ecommerce customers. 


4.4) Real-time Order Tracking

The ability to track orders in real-time is one of the premier features of any good Cin7 alternative. It’s one of the best ways to abate customer anxiety and turn it into a positive experience. If your business wants to provide the best post-purchase experience to customers, then real-time tracking is a must.


4.5) Returns management

All e-commerce companies face returns. How you handle returns can significantly impact customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Why? Because customers want their returns journey to be as uncomplicated as their delivery experience. A returns management software like ClickPost can reduce return rates through proactive communication.


5. Final Conclusion

Ecommerce logistics can be challenging for even the most seasoned sellers. However, robust shipping management systems like ClickPost, MetaPack, EasyShip, etc., can make a marked difference in your output. From cheap shipping rates to end-to-end fulfillment, these Cin7 competitors have got your ecommerce needs covered. We hope this post helps you pick the best shipping solution for your store.


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