Looking for Infoplus Competitors and Alternatives?

We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the best alternatives and competitors to Infoplus. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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Are you an e-commerce business owner who finds difficulty in managing the shipment process? Then, the solution to your problem is shipping software. A shipping software assists online retailers in handling and streamlining shipping operations. It integrates with your business platform to offer various shipping services such as order fulfilment, shipment tracking, returns and warehouse management, etc. One such shipping partner is Infoplus. It is an inventory management software that provides complete visibility to your inventory.

In this article, we're going to discuss some shipping functionalities of Infoplus and its competitors. This will help online sellers to find the right shipping software for their businesses. 


What is Infoplus?

Infoplus is a web-based warehouse and inventory management system designed for third-party logistics and e-commerce businesses. Using this platform, online merchants can control their data, warehouses and inventory. The company's experts provide end-to-end logistics solutions to make e-commerce businesses more successful. Infoplus aims to develop an inclusive and welcoming working environment so online retailers can carry out the shipment process smoothly.

Some of Infoplus's top features include:

  • Infoplus WMS is built for D2C, B2C and B2B businesses in third-party logistics, e-commerce and wholesale.

  • It has multiple shopping carts and carrier integrations that enable e-commerce retailers to ship parcels timely, fastly and affordably.

  • The company offers various effective tools for handling orders, shipping, vendors, stock, customers and more. 

  • Infoplus also allows online sellers to track their inventory in real time with low and high stock levels.

  • Its customisable templates help to generate warehouse documents such as shipping labels, packing slips and pick lists.

  • The company schedules order fulfilment processes that operate 24/7 based on the delivery method.


Top 10 Infoplus competitors and alternatives

Infoplus's top-notch services fulfil online sellers' and customers' needs. But there are some areas where e-commerce businesses look for other alternatives that can upgrade their shipping operations. Below are some Infoplus competitors and alternatives you should consider as your shipping partner.

1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a perfect Infoplus competitor. It is the world's leading SaaS-based shipping platform that automates e-commerce companies' supply chains. The platform offers integration with 200+ carriers, WMS, storefronts, etc., within a day. ClickPost's API enables e-commerce stores to generate shipping labels and create orders. The software's energetic employees deliver 10 million+ parcels every month. 

It has a returns management system that resolves return requests, automates pickups and manages refunds. Using ClickPost's customised tracking page, customers and e-commerce retailers can track their shipments. The page also sends real-time tracking notifications via WhatsApp, email or SMS. Its NDR management portal manages delivery exceptions. ClickPost's other services are Shopify returns, free trials, customer care services and COD reconciliation. This multi-carrier shipping software simplifies complex shipping operations and enhances the post-purchase experience.



2) Aftership

Aftership is a web-based shipping software located in Hong Kong. This startup company is well-known for its parcel-tracking service. It integrates with 900+ courier partners to save online sellers' time and money. The company's expert team processes 6+ billion shipments annually. Aftership offers a wide range of shipping tools, such as shipping label generators and a branded tracking page. This page provides all the tracking information regarding the shipments. 

Aftership's analytics feature provides complete insights into the business's performance and generates reports accordingly. These reports assist online merchants in making effective business decisions. The company also displays estimated delivery dates so customers can know when their parcels will arrive. The platform is user-friendly and trusted by thousands of customers.


3) ShipRush

ShipRush is a cloud-based shipping management software designed for small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises. The platform has expertise in LTL, parcel and freight shipping. It connects online sellers to 90+ sales channels, such as Shopify and Amazon, to ship internationally at reasonable rates. ShipRush has an advanced label printing technology that prints parcel and LTL labels. Its automation rules boost productivity and are used for service selection, rate shop, measuring shipment weight, choosing the delivery mode, etc. The platform's other best-in-class features include tracking management, customer support, discounted shipping rates and more. These features make ShipRush an ideal Infoplus alternative.


4) SendCloud

SendCloud is a shipping platform that uses ML and AI to power automated shipping and help ecommerce companies solve their shipping issues. It comes pre-integrated with more than 50 shipping carriers. Although the carrier list is not large and varied, it may still prove flexible enough for small and medium businesses in and around Europe.

This shipping platform has 6 main products. These include shipping automation which enables automatic shipping label printing and AWB generation. Next come services around the checkout process which include on-demand delivery, next day or same-day delivery and slot-based delivery. 

SendCloud is equipped to take care of returning orders and exchanges. However, they don’t do international returns yet. For that, you will have to pick some other software off this list.


5) Narvar 

Who doesn’t know about Narvar? It is one of the longest standing online shipping platforms and therefore, easily among the best Infoplus alternatives. Narvar is trusted by some of the world's biggest retailer clients. It has an extensive carrier portfolio and has a huge presence in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. 

Narvar offers almost everything that an ecommerce business owner might need - packaging, warehousing, shipping, tracking, reverse logistics. It falls short in only one area - real-time order tracking.

Yes, Narvar does offer order tracking updates to customers but they are not in real-time. Order statuses have an update lag of about 24 hours which makes it hard for customers to know exactly when they might receive their package. 

If you can make do with this shortcoming, Narvar can be a great shipping partner to have in your repertoire.


6) Convey

Convey (now Project44) is a fairly new entry to the ecommerce shipping industry. It started in 2014, to force change into the supply chain market. Project44’s services begin during the customer pre-purchase journey with predictive order delivery dates. 

Then it moves on to shipping automation and shipping carrier selection from an easily navigable dashboard. It provides detailed performance reports to increase last mile delivery efficiency and cut down logistics costs. 

One great feature is delivery issue prediction where the AI-driven system tries to figure the chances of a package reaching on time. By anticipating delivery challenges, Project44 actually reduces such occurrences. And we think it's a nifty feature to have.


7) ShipStation

ShipStation is an end-to-end supply chain management platform that offers logistics solutions to e-commerce companies. It supports online sellers and customers throughout the shipment process. The software integrates with 70+ selling channels and shipping carriers. Its personalised tracking page shows real-time delivery statuses. ShipStation's other logistics services are returns management, label creation, inventory management, data analytics and product reports.


8) Cin7

Cin7 is a logistics software that specialises in inventory and order management. It offers various shipping tools that uphold the sales flow. The platform makes delivery a systematic process by connecting your channels, accounting and inventory. It provides integrations with more than 700 TMS, warehouses, payment gateways, ERPs, supply chain management companies and courier partners. Online retailers must consider Cin7 as an Infoplus alternative to avail of the best shipping services.


9) Orderhive

Orderhive is a SaaS-based order fulfilment and management solution. It provides comprehensive shipping solutions, from automating workflows to managing inventory. The platform offers seamless integration with sales channels such as Amazon, Magento, eBay, etc. Using Orderhive, e-commerce enterprises can accept payments, get sales orders and convey order updates. It enables them to use printed templates and shipping labels for international and domestic shipments. The platform also specializes in drop shipping, and returns management, providing 50% discount on orders to US customers and FBA management.


10) Ecomdash

Ecomdash is a web-based shipping management platform developed for growing e-commerce businesses. The platform assists online sellers in managing sales and multichannel inventory. This easy-to-use shipping software syncs information and data to warehouses, vendors, fulfillment centres, sales channels and suppliers. Ecomdash's primary functions are inventory management and developing web stores for e-commerce brands. With the help of its website builder tools, e-commerce retailers can make websites for their businesses. Also, this software takes care of product listing, monitors SKUs and makes sale multipacks. 


How to choose the best Infoplus competitors and alternatives?

Though Infoplus provides various delivery solutions, it may not be the best-suited shipping partner for all e-commerce companies. However, in this section, we'll have compiled a list of factors that will guide online merchants to find cooperative shipping software for their e-commerce platforms.


1) Order tracking system

The selected shipping software must have a tracking management system. This system guarantees the safety of the orders and gives real-time tracking updates on the shipments' movements. Also, this tracking software guides e-commerce stores to make shipping decisions based on delivery status to avoid delays. Hence, an Infoplus alternative should have tracking management software to fix errors in the shipment process.

2) Cost of the software

Cost is the most vital factor that should be considered during shipping software selection. Online retailers should look for those options that are affordable. Their chosen shipping platform must meet their budget and needs. They can compare the rates of the software or go for a free trial to get thorough with the features and affordability of the software. 

3) Customer support

Customers are a crucial aspect of online sellers' companies. They aid them to grow their businesses globally. Thus, online retailers should provide 24/7 customer support to their customers. This includes responding to their shipping issues, hassle-free returns process, providing real-time tracking notifications, etc. Providing end-to-end customer care services can boost e-commerce businesses' sales and reputation.

4) Service area network

A shipping platform with a promising serviceability feature benefits e-commerce businesses a lot. It permits you to deliver parcels anywhere you want. Your selected shipping partner must have an extensive service area network. This feature also assists you in handling orders in bulk. Before choosing your software, assure that it delivers parcels to all your selected destinations.

5) Security

E-commerce firms dealing with fragile items should provide security or insurance on them. They should follow certain quality maintenance protocols to retain the worth of the products if they get lost or damaged. Therefore, an Infoplus competitor with security or shipment insurance features delivers an excellent customer experience.



Infoplus is an efficient shipping partner that helps online merchants to manage inventory and boost the personalized post-purchase experience. The platform's effective delivery solutions provide a hassle-free shipping journey to customers. However, it may not help all e-commerce companies to uplift their shipping goals. Thus, this article shares a list of top Infoplus competitors and alternatives so that you can choose a solid shipping partner for your business.


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