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Top Sendcloud Alternatives and Competitors



How do you recall when you shipped your first order? Was it a smooth-sailing process? Or did you face any hiccups? If you did, you might want to use shipping software. Shipping software like Sendcloud or Sendcloud competitors eases the shipping process by automating the daily shipping workflow. 

This article compares Sendcloud with the top Sendcloud alternatives and discusses their shipping features comprehensively. We hope that after reading this, you will have the information to choose your ideal shipping software. 


What is Sendcloud?

Sendcloud started in the Netherlands in 2012 to optimize shipping in Europe and later internationally. Sendcloud enables eCommerce retailers to automate shipping rules so that their workflow runs on autopilot. Tasks like generating and printing custom documents are done in under three minutes.  

Sendcloud has integrations with shipping companies specializing in European geographies and global shipping. For shipping to the UK, Austria, France, and Germany, you can integrate with DPD, Colis Privé, Budbee, and Fairsender. eCommerce retailers can use their pre-negotiated shipping rates or submit their shipping contracts to send shipments. 

Sendcloud offers over 50 plug-and-play integration options for creating shipments, downloading shipping labels, connecting with active carriers, and tracking GPS. Sendcloud optimizes checkout and automates the returns process with a customized return portal. It also allows you to offer paid return services to customers in partnership with Mollie.


Top 10 Sendcloud Alternatives and Competitors

While Sendcloud has these impressive features, they are not the only ones stirring a storm in the shipping software industry. If you are on the lookout for Sendcloud’s competitors, take a look below: 


1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a global SaaS-based shipping solution that boosts the last-mile delivery experience for major eCommerce businesses. ClickPost has two-fold specialties: multi-carrier shipping and advanced returns management. 

Like Sendcloud, ClickPost is integrated with over 200 leading global carriers. It enables carrier integrations within 24 hours and manages hundreds of shipments from the ClickPost dashboard. It also simplifies order management by generating shipping labels, order manifests, returns labels, airway bills, etc. 

ClickPost has a comprehensive Push and Pull API infrastructure that empowers merchants to get real-time order tracking updates. Companies get quick SLA breach alerts and resolve stuck inventory or customer calls about delayed shipments with ClickPost’s NDR management system.

Another highlight is its customizable and branded returns tracking page and automated returns, such as AI-recommended carrier allocation. It offers COD reconciliation and a dedicated returns app for Shopify merchants, Return Plus. ClickPost’s manifold shipping features make it a competent Sendcloud alternative for global shipping. 


2) ShipStation

ShipStation is an eCommerce fulfillment software with inventory management services. However, it also offers convenient shipping options and discounted rates for leading carriers like DHL and UPS. ShipStation is a Sendcloud alternative that combines order fulfillment with shipping features.

With ShipStation, you can generate at least 500 shipping labels in one go and ship faster with their quick packing slip scan.  The best part of their shipping amenities includes branded shipping. You can print your logo on shipping labels and packing slips with a ‘thank you’ side note. 

ShipStation handles an essential part of shipping- order tracking. Starting with inventory levels, you can monitor the outbound and inbound shipment flow and track shipments en route. You can create a branded order tracking page for customers with customization to link your social media accounts and personalized emails. 


3) ShippingEasy 

ShippingEasy is another Sendcloud alternative that offers shipping services to eCommerce merchants, especially if you are looking for discounted USPS and UPS rates. It has an intuitive user interface and easily integrates with your websites or marketplace. 

The highlight of ShippingEasy is offering retailers negotiated USPS Commercial Rates, UPS Daily Rates, savings on insurance, and rate discounts. It also automates shipping workflows and helps you manage store orders. You can download orders in real-time, filter them and split or combine orders accordingly. 

With ShippingEasy, you can print shipping labels, picklists, and packing slips using a laser or thermal printer. It enables eCommerce merchants to effectively map carriers according to delivery preferences and set order management and packaging rules. 


4) Easyship

If you are looking for another shipping solution that offers discounted shipping rates like Sendcloud, then Easyship is a good option. It is a cloud-based shipping software that aims to offer a high discount rate of about 91% with 250 courier companies. 

With Easyship, you can deliver to approximately 35 countries, including Australia, France, and Taiwan. Their shipping services include calculating taxes and duties and preparing customs paperwork for smooth customs clearance. Along with handling international shipping, Easyship helps you automate several daily operations. 

You can create shipments from their dashboard, set carrier shipping rules, generate shipping documentation, and print labels. Easyship has a robust shipment tracking system and a dedicated tracking page for customer inquiries. 


5) 2Ship

2Ship is a multi-carrier shipping software that handles shipment transport and logistics for small and large enterprises. Like other Sendcloud competitors in this list, 2Ship’s core features include real-time shipping rate comparisons and real-time tracking. 

It offers a thorough rate comparison, including tariff, list rate, and delivery times for each carrier. Likewise, it offers the tracking history of each parcel, its current status, and NDAs for detailed shipment monitoring. 

2Ship’s additional features include extensive and customized reports for all shipping variables, such as spending by service, projects, the delivery performance of couriers, etc. It also offers a synchronizable address book to store your billing accounts, brokers' contact, and more.

With 2Ship, you can manage how you want to ship your parcels be it Full Truck Load (FTL) or air freight. You can use intermodal shipping, including cross-border consolidation. eCommerce retailers can schedule pickups and let 2Ship calculate pickup charges.


6) Shippo

Shippo is a global multi-carrier shipping software with a long list of shipping services. With Shippo, eCommerce store owners can compare the best carrier rates and get discounted offers. Shippo can get retailers a potential 90% off on shipping labels and integrations with 85+ carriers and eCommerce platforms. 

A highlight of Shippo’s shipping is parcel tracking. You can get real-time updates and branded tracking pages even for packages outside of Shippo. Along with tracking, you can avail of discounted return labels, where you pay only if the labels are scanned. 


7) ShippyPro

ShippyPro is a shipping software that offers order fulfillment services and eCommerce returns. ShippyPro, a SendCloud alternative, has many use cases, from helping online retailers and 3PLs to omnichannel brands. 

ShippyPro enables retailers to fulfill and ship orders expeditiously. This involves fast picking, getting a quick carrier rate, and setting shipping rules. Once your orders are imported, ShippyPro’s AI calculates tariffs and shipping rates for effective carrier allocation. You can then generate shipping labels in bulk in any format, including PDF and ZPL files.

ShippyPro also comes with route optimization such that every order intended for the same recipient is automatically grouped. It also provides cash-on-delivery monitoring. Merchants can also print carrier invoices, create order lists, and send orders in bulk by changing the sender address as required. All with one click!


8) ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a scalable shipping software that optimizes the delivery experience for eCommerce stores. They aim to create a better customer experience with high-end logistics, order tracking, extensive integrations, delivery notifications, and data analysis reports. 

The highlight of ParcelPerform is its tracking feature. ParcelPerfrom gives retailers access to 900 carriers, enabling you to create an exhaustive data pipeline of tracking information. It normalizes data to granular mapping involving transit times, delivery attempts, time zones, etc. 

Like tracking with ParcelPerform, eCommerce companies can improve conversion rates with accurate delivery dates and constantly updated customer notifications. Their Machine Learning endowed tools identify parcel delays and reduce failed delivery rates.

Another feature that sets ParcelPerform as a Sendcloud competitor is the optimized returns solution. With end-to-end return shipment visibility and a returns portal aligned to enterprise rules, retailers can give customers a seamless return request avenue. 

Customers can create paperless return labels on demand. Retailers can also have the tracking embedded in their branded tracking page for 30+ languages. 


9) Orderhive

Orderhive primarily works as an inventory management software but also extends shipping and order management services. Orderhive comes with handy eCommerce automation tools such as built-in triggers for automating warehouse stock visibility and assigning picking to staff. 

It has an extensive trigger system that is customizable for every step in the shipping and fulfillment processes. In its shipping features, Orderhive enables retailers to import orders from their sales channels and create shingle and bulk orders. 

Orderhive compares shipping rates for multiple metrics based on price, discount, place of delivery, and delivery times. Store owners can buy shipping labels from over 300 carriers with a 50% discount for US retailers. Orderhive makes printing picklists, order manifests, and shipping labels easy. 

Other shipping features by Oderhive include automated shipping options like assigning due dates to shipping orders, barcode parcel scanning, and generating order labels in batches. It also customizes shipment packages, shipping labels, and packing slip templates. 

Along with shipping services, Orderhive facilitates custom product listings and enables multi-currency, real-time inventory, and price synchronization.  Its overarching utilities make it a well-suited Sendcloud competitor. 


10) SKULabs

SKULabs is another order and warehouse management software that helps eCommerce businesses to fulfill orders and ship faster. SKULabs integrates with all sales channels, including retail websites, marketplace accounts, and brick-and-mortar stores. Their primary aim is to optimize and streamline warehouse management. 


How to Select the Best Alternative and Competitor for Sendcloud shipping software

While most of the Sendcloud competitors we have listed here align with the shipping functions that Sendcloud has, they also come with their specializations. An eCommerce company has to look at several factors before finalizing intelligent software. To reduce your research time, we have found five things you can look out for in the ideal Sendcloud alternative:


1) Serviceability

Sendcloud has global operations with warehouses in multiple countries. Therefore, partnering with Sendcloud opens business opportunities on a global scale, especially for the European market. This makes serviceability a crucial factor to consider for Sendcloud alternatives. 

In our list, Easyship, Shippo, 2Ship, and ParcelPerform offer global shipping and customs clearance solutions.


2) Integration Capacity

Most eCommerce companies look for software with high integration capabilities with shipping carriers, ERPs, 3PLs, eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, accounting software, and more. Integrations with all your partners from one platform ease business operations and costs.

There is no harm in integrating with multiple platforms from a single source to manage. This is why Sendcloud competitors like ClickPost, Shippo, ShipStation, 2Ship, and ParcelPerform are excellent options.


3) Order Tracking

No eCommerce venture is complete without order tracking features, especially when it comes to post-purchase customer satisfaction. A robust order tracking and parcel monitoring system will reduce customer inquiries about parcels and enhance customer support. 

Sendcloud competitors like ClickPost, ShippingEasy, ShipStation, and ShippyPro had advanced order tracking features, including NDR alerts, branded tracking portals, and cross-selling features.


4) Order Fulfillment 

Like tracking, order fulfillment is the primary tenet for all eCommerce companies. Many business owners seek an all-inclusive solution involving inventory/warehouse management and shipping. In such a case, Orderhive is a strong Sendcloud competitor in our list. Similarly, ShipStation and SkuLabs are well endowed with shipping and inventory management.


5) Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is another competent eCommerce retailer that has to consider carefully before investing in any Sendcloud alternative. There should be parity between your price and profit from partnering with shipping software. 

We have listed out software that assists in business growth. They offer negotiated shipping rates, reductions in package wastage, discounted shipping labels, and business intelligence features. 


Final Words

Sendcloud is a popular shipping software that has left a firm impression on eCommerce companies, mainly operating in Europe. They have an extensive network of warehouses and shipping features. 

However, in this article, we have attempted to present ten Sendcloud alternatives based on their practical shipping functionalities and other unique selling points. Some are excellent in tracking and returns, while others are pro at fulfilling orders for faster shipping.

We hope that after reading this article, you get a fair idea of these Sendcloud competitors to make an informed decision if you decide to invest in any of them.



1) Is ClickPost better than Sendcloud?

While many shipping features overlap between Sendcloud and ClickPost, sometimes, ClickPost offers better shipping solutions. It is well-furnished with NDR management that handles any exceptions arising during in-transit or door-to-door deliveries. It communicates swiftly with customers to reduce the possibility of parcels being returned to their origin. 


2) Why do people shift from Sendcloud to other alternatives?

Businesses shift from Sendcloud for various reasons. Sometimes businesses don’t find the carrier they are looking for in the integration list. This compels them to seek out other software that offers multi-carrier shipping for countries other than the EU. Some business owners have also found issues with the platform's usage, label charges, and customs handling faults.


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