Amaze Solutions API Integration and Tracking


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Table Of Contents

Amaze Solutions Services

Shipping services  

  • Middle-mile delivery 

  • Reverse logistics

  • Doorstep pickup

Special services

  • Environmentally responsible client services

  • Specialization in road freight

  • Cargo loading and unloading services

Technology services

  • Vehicle punctuality tracking

  • Customized reporting

  • API integration

About Amaze Solutions


Amaze Solutions is a Delhi-based courier company that specializes in road-based freight transport. They support intercity, intracity, long haul, and last-mile deliveries.

Amaze Solution has developed robust technological tools to take care of customer needs like freight tracking, freight security, and punctuality. They also offer customized reporting and time alert features if needed. 

They have a physical presence in over 50 locations in India. You can also automate your dispatches with their API integration features. This will enable you to integrate and automate your shipments with Amaze solution from whatever logistics management platform you might be using. 

You can also opt for doorstep pickup if you are using their services. You can also opt for middle-mile delivery where you get dedicated delivery professionals along with a delivery vehicle to load, deliver, and unload your cargo.

Amaze Solutions also offers reverse logistics and last-mile delivery services. They claim that their personnel are specially trained in soft skills and package handling.

In addition to these, Amaze Solutions also offer warehousing services. They have the facility of distribution as well as sorting centers. They also have 500 plus company vehicles and 11 international clients.

FAQs about Amaze Solutions


1) How can you track packages sent via Amaze Solutions?

You can use the 'Track Order' page on Amaze Solutions' website to see the tracking details of packages sent through Amaze Solutions. You will need the Waybill number to retrieve tracking details.

You can also use their API to get the same information. 

2) Does Amaze Solutions have a pan-India presence?

Amaze Solutions has a pan-India presence with offices in over 50 locations in India. In addition to this, they have 7 zonal offices with leadership teams in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

List of Amaze Solutions APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Used to create orders. Shipping intelligence platforms use this API to manifest the order.

Track Shipment API:

Returns the current tracking details of the order. This API takes the shipment or AWB number as the parameter

Cancellation API

This is used to cancel an order and initiate return to origin.


This API returns the estimated delivery date of the order.

NDR Action update:

Used to take action against NDR reports.

Return Web-hooks:

Handles the returns workflow according to set parameters.



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