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Table Of Contents

Ceva Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Serves 170+ countries

  • 2-4 days maximum delivery time

  • Customized Vehicle transportation

Special services

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Project Logistics 

  • Fiscal representation


Technology services

  • Shipment tracking tools

  • HAWB-based tracking

  • Automation supporting

About Ceva Logistics

“Excellence, Exemplarity, Imagination, and Boldness” - based on these four core values, Ceva Logistics is leading the supply chain industry. With over 400+ offices and  1300 facilities in 170+ countries, it offers a variety of end-to-end services. These are freight forwarding (air, ocean, ground), contract logistics, project logistics, customized vehicle logistics, and more. 

In the region of North America and Europe, Ceva has a good reach. In fact, it's slowly but gradually trying to build a great network in other countries, like Asia, China, and America.  Moreover, they are looking to expand their branch in Africa with the support of CMA CGM Group. 

From eCommerce, healthcare, automotive, and energy to retail, industrial, events & exhibitions - it serves several industries globally. Just to provide better shipping solutions to a specific industry, it constantly hires experts specialized in that sector. 

Ceva considers itself a recognized 4PL  logistics expert - for a good reason. No matter where your customers are in the world, it can maintain your supply chain in any situation. At the same time, if you are worried about shipping huge, bulky items, you can rely on it. They have every type of project logistics asset and expert to make the process seamless. Even they also offer Ceva home delivery service.

Though Ceva Logistics caters to multiple sectors, eCommerce companies can benefit most from its services. It delegates tasks to facilitate eCommerce brands at every step of the supply chain. As a result, it can easily maintain supplier management, warehousing, last-mile deliveries, reverse logistics, and more. 

Ceva Logistics delivers within 48-96 hours after order placement, regardless of the location. It also offers a standard delivery service that takes only 4 hrs. If the location is outside of major cities, delivery can take 8-12 hours. Plus, Ceva lets your customers select the delivery slot as per their timing.

To help you track your delivery, Ceva Logistics has introduced several online tools to businesses. For instance, CEVA Trak (it’s a shipment tracking tool) helps you monitor the orders. Plus, it’ll provide you with a House Waybill (HAWB) for air freight.  For further queries regarding this, you can call them directly at the given number on their website. 

Another interesting service offered by Ceva Logistics is fiscal representation. If you’re looking for commercial growth in European countries, it’ll support you as a fiscal representative. Meaning, it’ll manage your administrative and tax-related formalities. 

For all the above-mentioned services, almost 8 out of 10 of the world’s leading home and personal care brands trust Ceva Logistics for operations. What’s more, it’s also ranked as a leader in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant evaluation for 3PLs across the globe. 

In spite of having such great services, they’re still improving themselves. They’re looking forward to leaving a legacy in the logistics industry by providing eco-friendly top-notch services. So, if you want to benefit from a premium supply chain logistics service, consider giving a try to ClickPost’s Courier API Integration with Ceva Logistics.  

Ceva Logistics Integrations with ClickPost: Ceva, Ceva MPS

FAQs about Ceva Logistics


1) How long does Ceva Logistics take to deliver?

Mainly, Ceva logistics takes 2-4 days for delivery. Alongside this, it offers a standard delivery service. So, if you opt for this hyperlocal delivery solution, it’d take only 4 hours. But if the delivery destination is outside of major metropolitan cities, the delivery time might take longer (8-12 hours).

2) What is Ceva Home Delivery? 

Ceva Home Delivery is a special service offered by Ceva Logistics. If you want to deliver bulky and huge packages to the end customers’ residences, you can opt for Ceva’s home delivery service.

List of Ceva Logistics APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Place orders, generate AWB, and manifest your shipment

Track Shipment API: Keep an eye on all your orders and their delivery status with real-time tracking service
Cancellation API Cancel orders immediately when requested by customers
EDD API: Provide the most accurate estimated delivery date for a better customer experience
NDR Action update: Turn the failed deliveries into successful ones by fetching customer responses.
Return Web-hooks: Provide seamless return service to improve brand loyalty


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