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FedEx Logo

FedEx is one of the biggest logistics and shipping company that works with innumerable eCommerce businesses all across the globe. FedEx services over 6200 pin codes in India and has an international courier facility. ClickPost gives you easy access to the FedEx API integration so you can go-live with this carrier in a single day.

Fedex API Integration in Detail

Delhivery Logo

Delhivery is one of India’s top logistics companies, offering the best courier services for online businesses. They offer pickup, delivery, and order fulfillment across the country, servicing 13,000+ pin codes in 175 cities. The Delhivery Tracking API enables you to send real-time tracking updates to customers via SMS, email and other communication channels. 

Details on Delhivery API Integration

Shadowfax Logo-1

Another top courier partner in India is Shadowfax. They offer logistics services like same-day delivery, order pickups and one-day intercity guaranteed deliveries. Shadowfax services over 1200 pin codes across India and provides quick return order pick-up and delivery facilities to their customers.  You can track orders easily through ClickPost with the Shadowfax API.

Shadowfax API Integration in Detail

bluedart logo

One of the best courier services for eCommerce, Blue Dart offers express air delivery and integrated transportation services. They offer forward and reverse logistics services in 35000+ locations across India. ClickPost integrates you seamlessly with the Blue Dart Tracking API to enable you to send proactive order status updates to customers via email and SMS.

Blue Dart API Integration in Detail

DHL Logo

Another one of the top logistics companies in India for eCommerce businesses is DHL. This eCommerce courier services provider has over 50 years of experience in the shipping industry and offers global shipping services. With ClickPost, you can send order updates of shipments carried by DHL to customers via email and SMS, keeping them up-to-date at all times

DHL API Integration in Detail

eCom Express Logo

Ecom Express is one of the e-commerce courier services in India that is known for its focus on speed, safety and reliability in nation-wide order fulfillment. They cover 27,000+ pin codes across 2650 cities, offering express delivery and reverse shipment pick-ups. Using ClickPost's courier API integration, order tracking is also made an easy and fast task. 

Details on Ecom Express API Integration

Dunzo Logo

Another top logistics company in India that makes it to our list is slightly newer to the industry but popular for its hyperlocal delivery services. Dunzo offers same-day delivery for items such as groceries, medicines, pet supplies and more, enabled by ClickPost and the Dunzo Tracking API. It is one of the most commonly chosen courier partners for eCommerce businesses serving the millennial target audience.

Dunzo API Integration in Detail

Dotzot Logo

DotZot is a dedicated courier partner for eCommerce businesses launched by DTDC. They are considered to be one of the top logistics companies and are known for a number of services they offer such as the pay-on-delivery model, express delivery and one day/ next day delivery. They also offer a wide variety of payment options depending on order dimensions. They serve to over 9900 pin codes across India.

DotZot API Integration in Detail

Gati Logo

Another logistics partner that makes it to our courier services in India list is Gati. Servicing over 5000 pin codes across India, this logistics service provider has an experienced fleet of professionals to manage pick-up and delivery of your shipments in no time. They also offer 24/7 customer support to help you address customer queries regarding their orders or find details on delays in shipments.

GATI API Integration in Detail

Aramex Logo

Aramex is a leading partner in courier and logistics services. They operate nationally and internationally, catering to nearly 200 countries worldwide. Their fulfillment operations offer efficient options for warehouse and inventory management including access to advanced logistics centers that cater to a wide variety of E-commerce business needs.

Aramex API Integration in Detail

Safexpress Logo

One of the oldest and the most reliable courier partner for eCommerce in India is Safexpress. This logistics provider offers value-added services for 9 different verticals ranging from fashion and apparel to healthcare, FMCG eCommerce and many more. Safexpress has 52 state-of-the-art warehouses that enable them to deliver across India efficiently.

Details on Safexpress API Integration

eKart Logo

Another eCommerce shipping partner that is considered one of the top logistics firms is Ekart Logistics. They deliver to 8000+ pin codes across India. They also offer COD and express delivery services. With ClickPost, you can track orders easily using the Ekart API integration and send order status updates to customers for Ekart shipments via email and SMS.

Ekart API Integration in Detail

Indiapost Logo

A government-operated portal system, India Post is known for its reliability. Generally referred to as the ‘post office’ in India, it’s one of the most commonly-used courier partners for eCommerce, delivering to the remotest areas. By integrating with the India Post API through ClickPost, you can proactively communicate with customers throughout the post-purchase journey with order updates on email and SMS.

India Post API Integration in Detail

WOW Express Logo

One more in our list of top logistics companies in India is Wow Express. It was named keeping in mind its mission to deliver a ‘wow’ customer experience till the last mile of delivery. This courier partner for eCommerce has 70+ distribution centres across India. On integrating the Wow Express courier tracking API with ClickPost, you can also proactively send order status updates to customers via email and SMS.

Wow Express Courier API Integration in Detail


DTDC is one of the preferred courier partners for eCommerce in India. They offer both domestic and international delivery, with 220+ serviceable destinations. The eCommerce logistics provider has over 12,000+ offices and handles millions of shipments per month. Their API integrates in a streamlined manner with ClickPost to enable quick and efficient order status updates.

Details on DTDC API Integration

Rivigo Logo

Also making it to our list of go-to courier services in India for efficient order fulfilment is Rivigo. This courier partner for eCommerce serves over 29000 pin codes across 4000+ cities, with a well-maintained tech-enabled fleet of trucks making it possible. The Rivigo API integrates seamlessly with ClickPost to add on top of their efficient logistics platform to enable order status updates.

Rivigo API Integration in Detail

XPressbees Logo

For services like same-day and next-day delivery for your customers, XpressBees is one of the top e-commerce logistics companies in India. With a reach of 6500+ pin codes, they offer cash on delivery, reverse pickups and return shipments. With ClickPost and XpressBees API integration,  you can track and send order status updates to customers on email and SMS for shipments sent via XpressBees.

XpressBees API Integration in Detail

Fetchr Logo

Fetchr is one of the top logistics companies, specializing in helping businesses reach millions of new customers across the Middle East and beyond. They operate in over 250 cities across the region working with 1500+ delivery experts. They use artificial intelligence and smart logistics technology to make order fulfilment, courier pickup, and delivery efficient internationally.

Fetchr API Integration in Detail

Skyking Logo

With nearly 1200 different booking and delivery centres spread out across the country, SkyKing Courier (formerly known as Shree Shyam Courier) is a highly versatile logistics service provider that offers end-to-end fulfilment services for pre-paid and Cash on Delivery orders. They also provide door-to-door pickup and delivery of high value goods. 

SkyKing Courier API Integration in Detail

Posta Kenya Logo

Posta Kenya is an endeavour created by the Postal Corporation of Kenya and is one of the leading logistics providers all across Kenya. They specialize in courier and finance services for businesses in 10 different regions in Kenya. Posta Kenya specializes inefficient delivery and logistics at affordable prices and enables easy tracking. 

Details on Posta Kenya API Integration

Australia Post Logo

Another logistics partner is Australia Post, catering to over 12.3 million delivery points across the continent. They offer a range of delivery options, convenient pre-paid packaging at low rates and easy online freight management on E-parcel deliveries. They work hand in hand with numerous local charities and also offer opportunities to increase your savings on each order. 

Australia Post API Integration in Detail

Innovex Logo

Innovex leads the charge in express distribution and logistics services. They offer a series of warehouse and distribution services for both domestic and international companies. They cover 17,000+ pin codes across the country, via road, air, and train and even provide road haulage solutions.

Innovex API Integration in Detail

OM logistics Logo

Om Logistics handles distribution, cargo and supply chain management as well as logistics and reverse logistics for e-commerce businesses in India and across the globe. They make use of the latest technology to provide streamlined, cost-effective and highly efficient logistics and courier services. 

Om Logistics API Integration in Detail

Bikxie Logo

Bikxie is another courier partner that specialises in infusing technology with efficient logistics and delivery. They use of an AI driven platform to improve and enhance the mobility of ground deliveries and to provide an efficient system for transportation intelligence to businesses within the country. 

Bikxie API Integration in Detail

Accutime Logo

Accutime uses a wide range of technologies coupled with a web-based management system to provide door-to-door delivery services for large and small shipments. They help reduce multiple handling of shipments using transportation services with fully equipped storage facilities and warehouse management.

Accutime API Integration in Detail

Dropr Logo

An on-demand logistics service provider, Dropr combines flexibility, security and convenience. Deliveries and pickups can be scheduled in advance as per customer needs. Dropr specializes in safety packaging solutions and customers are permitted to select their preferred mode of transport for deliveries.  

Details on Dropr API Integration

Boomypacket Logo

Leading third party logistics aggregator bookMyPacket specializes in providing express deliveries via air and road. They further streamline the process with a well-connected network of fulfillment centres and warehouses to ensure each shipment is completed efficiently and economically.

bookMyPacket API Integration in Detail

Pickrr Logo

Pickrr is a leading partner in technology-enabled logistics services and serves over 26,000 different pin codes in India as well as more than 200 countries across the globe. Order details can be uploaded via APIs, and then tracked in real-time using the Pickrr Tracking API. They also provide options for efficient COD and overall delivery growth.

Pickrr API Integration in Detail

Smartship Logo

SmartShip is one of the leading logistics providers in India, delivering couriers to over 31,000 area codes, making it one of the largest delivery network in the world. Carrier partners are selected by SmartShip on the basis of numerous metrics like SLA requirements, NDR’s, and delivery speed.

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Sendfast Logo

With SendFast, you can schedule deliveries at your convenience. Making use of their in-built optimization engine, you can determine the most efficient routes for any order. They have a fleet of 2000+ ground agents carrying out deliveries to 8000+ pin codes spread across 9 metro cities and nearly 260 tier II and tier III cities.

Details on SendFast API Integration

Rapid Delivery Logo

Rapid Delivery is among the leading logistics and shipping partners. Working alongside over 250 supply chain and e-commerce specialists, this courier partner dedicatedly serves over 18,000 pin codes to deliver high-volume shipments. They successfully handle over 120,000 shipments every month. Integrating with the Rapid Delivery API lets you track orders with ease.

Rapid Delivery API Integration in Detail

Spoton Logo

Though Spoton may be based out of Bangalore, they serve over 22,000 pin codes through a carefully crafted network of 13 depots and 25 major transit hubs. With over 300 locations covered by their team of 1600+ employees, Spoton has helped e-commerce businesses in a variety of different industries to streamline shipments, using the Spoton API integration through ClickPost.

Details on Spoton API Integration


CriticaLog Logo

CriticaLog is the ultimate courier and critical logistics partner for shipping and tracking services across 5 different continents with the aid of 120 partnered airlines. In-house experts are assigned to deal with high-value and temperature-sensitive goods. They provide options for express delivery and reverse logistics in addition to customization of orders, which enables the best customer experience.

CriticaLog API Integration in Detail

BulkVan Logo

Bulkvan is a carrier partner that makes use of everything from IoT and blockchain services to create a single system that connects the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the final consumer. Their focus lies on ensuring optimum asset utilization to promote efficiency and greater savings with teamwork and technology.

Bulkvan API Integration in Detail

FSC Logo

As one of the country’s largest supply chain and logistics solutions companies, FSC India caters to contract logistics, express deliveries and temperature-sensitive long haul shipments. They currently operate through 80 distribution centres that effectively cover deliveries across 11,000+ pin codes. 

FSC India API Integration in Detail

Loadshare Logo

Loadshare Networks caters to Small and Medium Enterprises, covering 4000+ pin codes and specialising in deliveries to the most remote and non-urban parts of the country. With the help of over 100 partners operating out of 650 distribution centres, this logistics provider handles over 2 million shipments every month.

Loadshare Networks API Integration in Detail

Sequel Logo

Sequel is a global supply chain management company that specialises in providing comprehensive and customisable solutions for handling critical and time-sensitive logistics. They are well-equipped with trained professionals that handle everything from high value consignments like jewellery to healthcare product shipments.

Details on Sequel API Integration


Sicepat Logo

SiCepat Express is an Indonesian-based e-commerce logistics company that provides their services all across the world, catering mostly to Small and Medium Enterprises. They provide end-to-end fulfillment services to internet-based merchants and businesses which includes warehousing, cargo consignment and timely delivery.

Sequel API Integration in Detail

AUM Logo

After 2 decades of providing shipping services to e-commerce businesses across the planet, AUM Logistics stands as one of the world’s largest freight forwarding companies. They are experts in sea and air transportation of cargo, highly equipped to handle customs clearance requirements, and provide consolidated fulfilment services.

AUM Logistics API Integration in Detail More

Atlantic Logo

Atlantic Logistics is a Third Party Logistics company based out of America that operates in numerous nations across the Atlantic ocean. They are highly regarded for the wide variety of shipping and freight services they offer to online merchants, including logistics for truckload, flatbed, temperature-sensitive and even government cargo.

Atlantic Logistics API Integration in Detail

Delygo Logo

DelyGo is a logistics company that focuses their resources on providing e-commerce industries an opportunity to embrace a “Direct-to-Customers” approach by ensuring extra fast and same-day deliveries. Their well-connected network assures customers the ultimate retail experience through on-demand fulfillment of orders.

Details on DelyGo API Integration

UPS Logo

UPS (United Parcel Services) is a leading global partner in logistics and courier fulfillment services, that operates in over 220 countries. They provide freight services to e-commerce traders via road, rail, air, and ocean for cargo of varying sizes, powered by a team 500,000 thousand strong and spread out across the world.

UPS (United Parcel Services) API Integration in Detail

TTL Logo

Trust Logistics works to live up to its name when providing ecommerce fulfilment and transportation services. They specialise in the transportation of both wet and dry cargo, and certify the efficiency and safety of shipments by carrying out vehicular inspections, pressure tests for larger tankers, and training for drivers.

TTL Trust Logistics API Integration in Detail

Skynet Logo

Skynet Worldwide Express, one of the oldest courier companies in the world, is a worldwide network that provides safe and secure express delivery in nearly every single country around the globe. They offer airfreight, import, and door-to-door distribution services, with an emphasis on the fulfillment of express shipments.

Skynet Worldwide Express API Integration in Detail

Yakit Logo

Silicon Valley-based logistics company Yakit uses a data-driven, API and UI-driven platform to revolutionize international, cross-border, and domestic shipping. Beyond easy tracking and quick order fulfillment, they also help e-commerce traders overcome obstacles related to routes, pricing, and duty or tax collection.

Details on Yakit API Integration


ClickPost is the only platform that comes pre-integrated with Amazon Transportation Services, which means you can go live in a day instead of weeks. The API integration process also takes time and requires multiple approvals and testing; ClickPost offers an easy way to save your company from all this hassle by integrating directly into ATS so there's no need for months of work before going public.

Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) Tracking API Integration

ShipRocket Latest Logo

ShipRocket is a one-stop-shop for all your shipping needs. Now, you can go live with ClickPost’s ShipRocket Express Shipping and Tracking API integration in a single day. We can now offer our customers an even more streamlined experience than ever before – so don't wait another minute to start exploring these new features today by choosing our API integration services.

ShipRocket Shipping and Tracking API Integration

Pickrr Logo

Pickrr is a top India-based logistics platform that provides online businesses with an easy, fast shipping experience. For eCommerce companies of all sizes looking to streamline their customer order full-fillment process and quickly scale up orders, Pickrr offers the opportunity for rapid go live in just 1 day with ClickPost courier API integration and tracking services.


1-day go-live with a new shipping provider

With courier partner APIs pre-integrated with ClickPost, all you need to do is enter your credentials.

Courier integrations-min



Every courier partner has a long list of APIs that need to be integrated before you start sending shipments by them:

  1. Manifestation and shipping label generation API (also known as order creation API)

  2. Tracking API

  3. Order Cancellation API

  4. EDD (Estimated Delivery Date) API

  5. NDR API



For any e-Commerce company, the biggest challenge in integrating with multiple shipping partners is API integrations. It takes a lot of time to integrate with each shipping partner leading to slow operations and high technical cost. To solve this, Clickpost has integrated with all courier partners at the backend and provides you a single API to get access to all couriers.

Here are the APIs offered by ClickPost

  1. Manifestation and shipping label generation API

    Also called as Order creation API, this API creates helps you generate waybill and shipping labels across all couriers

  2. Tracking API

    This universal API provides real-time tracking details across all couriers. You just need to pass AWB and Courier Partner, and ClickPost will send tracking details

  3. Cancellation API

    This API cancels the shipment manifested on the Courier company

  4. EDD (Estimated Delivery Date) API

    The EDD API shows the estimated delivery date for shipments and can be used on the product page to increase purchase conversion percentage

  5. NDR Action Update

    This API updates instructions on the courier partner database after NDR (no delivery reports)

  6. Return Webhooks

    This API helps track return shipments using AWB and Courier company with the help of webhooks



  1. Full control over the contracts with the shipping partners - no need for shipping aggregators.

  2. Go-live with a new courier in just 1 day.

  3. No investment in API integrations or maintaining APIs.

  4. Immediate access to all new APIs offered by courier partners (QC returns, hyperlocal deliveries, etc.).

  5. No middleman or platform- hence the quick resolution of all the eCommerce shipping queries.

  6. Multiple advanced features to reduce shipping cost, lower RTO, and improve the shipping experience for customers.


e-Commerce Shipping Guide

Read our shipping guide to understand best-practices around e-commerce logistics and deciding a suitable shipping partner for your business.


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