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Table Of Contents

Deliverist Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day/Half-day delivery

  • Scheduled Deliveries

Special services

  • Delivery Monitoring

  • COD & Pickup Services

Technology services

  • Text Notifications

  • Shipment Tracking API Integration

About Deliverist


Deliverist is a last-mile delivery company based out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The carrier specializes in same-day delivery services across the country. This specialty service enables e-commerce businesses based in the region to set up a fulfillment setup for same-day delivery with this delivery service. 

Founded in 2019, the company was started as a smart logistics company with an aim to improve the last-mile delivery experience in the market. Under the ultra-fast delivery service of Deliverist, you can deliver the shipment within one to four hours on the same day. This makes it one of the fastest delivery service providers across Saudi Arabia. 

For a more affordable same-day delivery service, you can use the Half-day delivery service. If the shipment is dispatched with the carrier by 11 am in the morning, the customer will receive the package on the same day. This is more affordable than the ultra-fast service, yet allows you to provide services like same-day and next-day delivery for your customers. 

For a more relaxed delivery model, the Deliverist has a No-rush delivery service. Under this service, the delivery will be completed within three working days. All the delivery services are monitored and tracked by the operations teams to ensure quick resolutions of shipping exceptions and delays.

You can have access to pickup services for a more convenient fulfillment workflow along with delivery notifications. This entire workflow can be integrated with the backend of your e-commerce platform by a few simple APIs.

The Deliverist API will also allow you access to features like COD enable, Shipment tracking, and Customer support over multiple communication channels. ClickPost has a shipping and tracking API integration with Deliverist so that you can provide same-day deliveries across Saudi Arabia. 

FAQs about Deliverist


1) Where to register for a shipment with Deliverist?

If you go to the homepage of Deliverist, you will see a section titled ‘Trader’s Registration’ in the top menu bar. You can register your company and shipment in this section, and the carrier will get back to you for confirmation and dispatch. 

2) How long does it take to deliver a shipment with the No-rush delivery service?

Typically, the no-rush service is able to deliver a domestic shipment within three business days. The customer will be notified open the day of delivery over SMS to reduce the number of failed deliveries.

List of Deliverist APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Generate an order request with the carrier to create a shipping label
Track Shipment API:
Locate a shipment in the transit supply chain to enable better order management
Cancellation API
Request a cancellation in the shipping request due to an order cancellation request by the customer
Estimate the delivery date for a pin code and display it on the product listing page for improved conversions
NDR Action update:
Generate non-delivery updates to enable better tracking of failed deliveries
Return Web-hooks:
Return the parcel to the merchant/warehouse for quality checks and refund processing




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