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Table Of Contents

Loginext HLD Services

Shipping services  

  • Returns Management

  • Hyperlocal Delivery

  • Last Mile Optimisation

Special services

  • Bulk Transportation

  • White Glove Delivery

  • Strict SLA Agreements

Technology services

  • Multiple app integrations

  • Real-time ETA calculation

  • Dynamic Pricing

About Loginext HLD


Loginext is a multinational SaaS platform offering innovative automated shipping and delivery techniques for a leaner supply chain and better profits. It is the preferred choice of some of the world’s biggest brands, KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nestle, etc. It is based out of New Jersey, United States, and has offices in Mumbai, Jakarta, Dubai, and Delhi. 

Ecommerce companies need a partner that makes doing business easy and more profitable through strategic integrations. Loginext comes with hundreds of pre-integrated ERPs, CRMs, carriers, marketplaces, POS, TMS, and OMS companies. Its expertise spans across varied industries like food and beverage, consumer goods, healthcare and pharma, retail and ecommerce fulfillment, and parcel delivery. 

Loginext has 4 main offerings for the ecommerce retailer - Mile, Reverse, On-Demand, and Haul. There’s considerable overlap between the services included in each of these features. Loginext Mile is designed to reduce last-mile delivery issues with AI-assisted route planning so customers can receive their products without any delays. It provides real-time order tracking updates to customers and shows a near-accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) before the customer checks out. 

With Loginext Reverse, brands can accept or reject return and exchange requests raised by customers. It gives the shoppers the convenience of returning an order at their preferred drop-off point and tracking the live status of their returns/exchanges. Loginext can club multiple return orders if they are in the same locality and thereby make reverse shipping a lot cost efficient. It also provides detailed historical data analysis to help businesses understand potential areas of improvement. 

Loginext’s On-Demand service is for hyperlocal businesses like food and beverage or health and wellness that need on-time, slot-based, and 100% reliable delivery. This product uses dispatch scheduling software adept at handling dynamic demand and supply by constant ETA calculation, vehicle availability, and route mapping. It also includes a camera and automatic invoicing features for order delivery validation. 

Finally, Loginext Haul is a transport management offering that involves the shipping of items in bulk in a line haul vehicle. The TMS finds the cheapest fleet rates and the best routes for maximum fuel efficiency. It also appoints the best driver depending on the type of shipments being carried, i.e., fragile items, heavy objects, etc. All SLA agreements are adhered to, and live tracking updates are shared with customers and businesses. 

Loginext is an excellent shipping software with first to last-mile delivery coverage, multiple payment options, and white glove delivery options. If you want to leverage Loginext’s features to boost your business performance, you can do so with ClickPost’s Loginext Tracking API integration and go live in a day!

FAQs about Loginext HLD


1) Does Loginext offer warehousing solutions?

Yes, Loginext provides comprehensive warehousing solutions that include scanning of items as they enter and leave the warehouse, automatic carrier allocation to find the best carrier for any package, dynamic delivery date calculation, and route optimization.


2) How to collect customer feedback with Loginext’s On-Demand service?

Loginext’s hyperlocal delivery partners can collect customer feedback on their proprietary app immediately after an order has been delivered. This helps the provider to constantly improve its services. 

List of Loginext HLD APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Initiates shipment processing with Airway Bill (AWB) and shipping label generation
Track Shipment API:
Uses the tracking API number to monitor shipments across forward and reverse journeys
Cancellation API
Immediately cancels the order and initiates a refund
Displays the estimated delivery date of packages based on pin codes and zip codes
NDR Action update:
Notifies businesses of undelivered packages and triggers a response from carriers and customers 
Return Web-hooks:
Enables products to be returned by customers




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