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Table Of Contents

TNT UK Services

Shipping services  

  • Global shipping

  • Domestic shipping

  • Freight shipping


Special services

  • Urgent shipping

  • Secure and cost-effective shipping

  • Bulky shipping

  • Redelivery


Technology services

  • Tracking management system

  • Electronic administration system


About TNT UK

TNT UK is a logistics company that delivers millions of documents, parcels and freight consignments with safety across the world. The company's door-to-door network keeps the customers and e-commerce businesses connected throughout the shipment process. It provides various courier services such as express delivery, international shipping, tracking shipments, etc. TNT UK aims to maintain the relationship between e-commerce companies and consumers and help online sellers grow their businesses. 

TNT UK was established in 1978. Its parent organizations are TNT Express and FedEx Express UK Holdings Limited. The company's headquarters is located in Atherstone, UK. Its extensive and fast road network across Europe offers various shipping services to meet customers' requirements. TNT UK successfully completes 55,000+ trips by road each week. Through its air and road hubs, it provides international shipping services to 200+ countries. The company help e-commerce businesses to expand globally and become cost-efficient and agile. 

TNT UK provides the best post-purchase customer experience services. Its tracking management system allows users and customers to track their orders. Using the company's branded tracking page, they can get updates regarding their delivery status. They can even download TNT UK's Track and Trace app to get tracking notifications. The company also enable consumers to book a package and parcel redelivery online. TNT UK's redelivery service ensures that customers get their parcels positively after the first failed delivery attempt. 

With TNT UK's electronic administration system, E-commerce businesses can administer their accounts, including payments, credits, statements and invoices. The online billing system of TNT UK easily processes invoices and reconciling statements. Its other services include international shipping, printing shipping labels, calculating the size and weight of parcels and packages using converters and calculators and providing boxes and other materials for packaging. 

TNT UK is well-known for its special delivery services. The company's urgent shipment services include; same-day, Next Flight Out New and time-critical services. It also promises secure delivery of parcels by onboard couriers and shipments through dedicated vehicles. E-commerce companies can ship bulky packages globally with TNT UK's bulky shipment services. These services involve air freight, air charter and exclusive transportation system. ClickPost has a shipping API integration with TNT UK that helps e-commerce retailers to streamline their shipping operations. This integration allows customers to use various services such as returns management, COD reconciliation, tracking management, etc. 

FAQs about TNT UK


1) How much time does TNT UK take to deliver orders?

The delivery time varies according to the destinations where the shipments have to be delivered. On average, TNT UK takes 3 to 5 days to ship parcels throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Its integrated network delivers orders across 200+ countries in less time. 

2) What items can't be sent through TNT?

TNT offers B2B package delivery services for parcels, documents and business mail. However, dangerous items can't be sent through TNT. These items include lithium batteries, perfumes, fertilizers, fireworks, etc. But these items can be shipped under appropriate conditions.

List of TNT UK APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

Track Shipment API: Track your TNT UK shipment using AWB and Courier Partner
Cancellation API Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns
EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page
NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database
Return Web-hooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using web-hooks




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