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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the best alternatives and competitors to Orderhive. From their features to their benefits and other insightful information about the best ecommerce shipping solutions available.


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Top Orderhive Alternatives and Competitors


1. Introduction

One of the most daunting tasks of running an ecommerce business is figuring out how to handle shipping. 

Well, that was too simplistic. When we say shipping, we really mean everything that happens after an order is placed to when it reaches the customer. Order processing, shipping label generation, packaging, transportation, tracking, last-mile delivery, and many other things fall under ecommerce after-sales. 

Managing all of these complex processes on your own is challenging, to say the least. To perform to the best of their ability, ecommerce companies need a team of professionals to help sort their shipping needs. 

This is why we are here to discuss some of the best Orderhive competitors on the market today. Some of you may be familiar with what Orderhive does. For others, let’s take a quick look at Orderhive’s features!


2. What is Orderhive?

Orderhive is an order management platform that simplifies shipping, warehousing, integration, and B2B sales through ecommerce automation. 

  • Provides omnichannel shipping management to provide the best ROI on multiple selling channels.

  • Connect with over 300 shipping carriers. Orderhive offers up to 50% discount on US-only orders with USPS.

  • Fully customize the packaging with printable templates, shipping labels, and kitting.

  • Orderhive offers dropshipping and Amazon FBA management services.


3. Top 10 Orderhive Competitors and Alternatives

Now that you’ve skimmed through some of Orderhive’s features let’s check out the best Orderhive competitors and how they fare. This list includes both paid and free trial period options. It also has software with similar offerings like Orderhive and others that go above and beyond those services. Stay tuned!


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a popular name in the world of ecommerce shipping, and for good reason. It virtually covers everything an online business can require to improve its post-purchase customer experience. 

This multicarrier shipping management software can integrate your store with 250+ pre-integrated carriers. It can even connect with other carriers at the client’s request within 24 hours. 

Two of ClickPost’s premium features include NDR management and returns management. NDR Management helps businesses quickly identify delayed or failed deliveries without manual intervention and communicate with customers for faster rescheduling. 

In returns management, ClickPost offers a self-serve returns portal that customers can use to place return requests while also citing the reason for return. It also provides real-time return tracking features.

ClickPost is one of the best Orderhive competitors for maintaining SLAs, timely deliveries and reverse logistics. 


3.2) AfterShip

AfterShip is best known in the ecommerce world for providing remarkable shipment tracking facilities. However, if you want an Orderhive alternative that helps with pre-purchase services like warehousing, packaging, inventory management, etc., then AfterShip may not be for you. AfterShip’s services entirely fall under the post-purchase category. 

It provides 24/7 order visibility with branded shipment tracking notifications sent on customers’ emails and phones. Online companies can also opt for its branded tracking page with featured panels to generate additional sales. 


3.3) MetaPack

MetaPack is a UK-based ecommerce delivery management software. It provides comprehensive shipping solutions from fulfillment to last-mile delivery. 

With MetaPack, ecommerce businesses can reach 220+ countries with over 350 shipping companies. Integrate your store easily with warehouse management systems, and sell on the most popular channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. 

MetaPack automatically selects the right carrier for your shipment based on size, weight, destination, and carrier performance.


3.4) ShippyPro

ShippyPro offers ecommerce order management and fulfillment services to its customers. It comes pre-integrated with 75 sales channels like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. 

It provides 3 different services - order manifestation or label creation, live track and trace, and automated returns.

With ShippyPro, brands can create picking lists, generate shipping/return labels, and print invoices from a single dashboard. It’s one of the fewer Orderhive alternatives to provide Cash on Delivery (COD) services.


3.5) ShipBob

ShipBob is an ecommerce omnichannel fulfillment platform loved by many D2C brands worldwide. Its 2-day shipping option helps online businesses convert more customers by displaying the feature on pre-checkout windows. 

Brands can create immersive experiences for customers with custom packaging and kitting. 

ShipBob provides in-house fulfillment services, which can come in handy for fast-growing companies. ShipBob users can leverage its omnichannel capabilities to fulfill orders across channels.


3.6) Shippingeasy

ShippingEasy offers an intuitive platform for ecommerce sellers worldwide. The only catch, it can ship with just two carriers, USPS and UPS. If you want other shipping carriers, this Orderhive competitor will not be the right choice.

Shippingeasy offers 3 sets of amenities - ecommerce shipping, customer marketing, and Shopify seller tools.

These include shipping workflow management, online order tracking and updates, automated shipping based on preset shipping rules, performance monitoring, and more. It can even increase customer engagement through email marketing and abandoned cart emails.


3.7) Easyship

Easyship is perhaps the cheapest Orderhive competitor on our list, but in no way does it skimp on the features. Generate pick lists, print packing slips on thermal/laser printers, or use the InstantLabel feature to print labels for faster shipping automatically.

Choose shipping carriers based on customer preferences and avail shipping insurance on every outgoing batch. Provide shipping and return tracking updates to customers on every milestone. 

Easyship also offers excellent customer service through live chat and phone support.


3.8) ShipMonk

ShipMonk is a cloud-based inventory and shipment management platform primarily operational in the United States. It has several warehouses located across the US cities through which it provides Same Day and Next Day deliveries. 

Ecommerce companies can relegate Pick and Pack, warehousing, shipping, and tracking to this powerful software. Each entrepreneur also gets a Happiness Expert who provides tailor-made shipping solutions for a better post-purchase customer experience.

ShipMonk is one of our favorite Orderhive competitors for its ease of access and customization options.


3.9) Ordoro

Ordoro offers a plethora of shipping and fulfillment solutions for the growing ecommerce business. It allows you to monitor shipping carriers, inventory management systems, and 3PLs from a unified dashboard.

It uses Push-and-Pull APIs to relay real-time order tracking updates to you and your customers. Orders from various marketplaces and selling channels can be imported in CSV files.

Ordoro helps you sell more by automatically creating product bundles of items frequently bought together. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) generation is simple and trackable. What’s more, it also restocks inventory upon receiving returned/exchanged items. 


3.10) Skubana

Skubana is a simple and effective order management tool for ecommerce businesses across the globe. It streamlines shipping in 3 significant ways. These include unified monitoring from a single dashboard, live track and trace, and actionable insights.

Seamlessly integrate all your websites, selling channels, etc., with Skubana for easy order management. View, merge, delete, and cancel orders across platforms with a single click. 

This Orderhive competitor is one of the best in inventory management. Skubana’s AI anticipates overselling and restocks accordingly to stay ahead of the curve.

Skubana uses powerful forecasting tools to use shipping data to maximize shipping potential. 


4. How to Choose the Best Orderhive Competitors and Alternatives


4.1) Consider the price of the software

Any Orderhive competitor you choose should provide more benefits than your current provider. However, doing so should not burn a hole in your pockets. To avoid such a scenario, we recommend listing your business requirements and selecting a shipping software that can do that within your budget.


4.2) Live order tracking

Real-time order tracking is non-negotiable in ecommerce shipping. Customers need to be in the know of where their order is from the moment of order confirmation. Doing this boosts trust and provides an excellent post-purchase experience to customers. You can also opt for branded tracking notifications for more brand awareness and added sales.


4.3) In-house fulfillment

Fulfillment or warehousing is not a must-have feature, but you’ll realize its importance once your business grows. Orderhive alternatives that provide fulfillment amenities can help you save money on hiring a bigger workforce when monthly orders triple or quadruple. Most shipping software that offers warehousing also provides packaging options. Selecting such a solution can help you save time, money, and effort.


4.4) Discounted shipping rates

SaaS solutions like Easyship and Shippingeasy provide super cheap shipping rates when using certain carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. This feature can prove highly beneficial when shipping in bulk or fulfilling huge order volumes.


4.5) Reverse logistics

Efficient returns management is key to keeping existing customers and reducing customer acquisition costs. Using logistics intelligence platforms like ClickPost can eliminate the need for manual intervention and provide customers with an excellent returns experience. It also helps ecommerce companies improve their services and products by providing valuable customer feedback.


5. Conclusion

Shipping software is not an absolute necessity for doing business. However, it is often too costly and cumbersome for ecommerce companies to manage shipping on their own. Not to mention the huge room for error left behind by manual work. 

A shipping solution not only provides a software with features but also offers a team of logistics experts always available to answer your queries and help find the best way to cater to customers. We hope this article helps you find the best Orderhive alternative for your business. Good luck!


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