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1) Introduction

Every e-commerce business aims to provide the best shipping services, improve the post-purchase experience and scale its business globally. Online sellers require the right shipping partner to achieve these goals. Shipping software provides logistics solutions and reduces shipping costs. It's a valuable asset in the shipping process. One such software is SKULabs. 

The market is full of many shipping solutions. Online merchants can choose any of these as per their shipping needs. Let's know some shipping functionalities of SKULabs and its competitors and alternatives. Keep reading!


2) What is SKULabs?

SKULabs is an all-in-one order and inventory management solution that provides various shipping tools to e-commerce stores to deliver parcels faster. This web-based shipping software offers multiple shipping services, such as order picking, barcoding, warehouse management, multi-carrier integration, catalogue management, etc.

Here are some features of SKULabs:

  • SKULabs' easy-to-use dashboard allows e-commerce retailers to integrate with leading shopping carts, sales channels and marketplaces.

  • It helps you to manage and sync your inventory. The platform tracks the inventory performance as you submit purchase and ship orders.

  • SKULabs' catalogue management system allows online merchants to separate listings from physical items and auto-generate items from listings. 

  • With the help of this shipping software, users can generate shipping labels for USPS, FedX and more. 

  • Its analytics and reporting feature provides complete insights into shipment quantity, sales revenues and shipment costs per store and carrier.


3) Top 10 SKULabs competitors and alternatives

Though SKULabs has many remarkable shipping features, e-commerce stores may look for other shipping platforms. That's why we have made a list of top SKULabs competitors and alternatives.


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is India's most trusted courier and shipping integration platform. It provides end-to-end logistics solutions to e-commerce retailers to help them scale their businesses. The platform integrates with 200+ leading WMS, storefronts, carriers and 3PLS. ClickPost's integrated tracking system lets users and customers track their shipments. It sends tracking notifications via emails, WhatsApp and SMS. Its personalised dashboard allows you to create shipping labels, airway bills and return labels.

Using ClickPost's NDR management system, online sellers can automatically manage and resolve delivery exceptions. Customers can place returns online with its returns portal. Besides these features, the platform also offers COD reconciliation and Shopify returns services. This makes ClickPost a solid SKULabs competitor. 


3.2) ShippyPro

ShippyPro is a shipping software whose mission is to simplify the shipping process. With this platform, e-commerce stores can fulfil orders faster and deliver the best post-purchase experience. It integrates with 167 global carriers and 75 e-commerce sales channels across 38 countries. ShippyPro's branded tracking page sends real-time tracking updates to users and customers regarding their orders. It automatically creates picking lists and shipping labels for shipments. The platform's other services include returns management, cash on delivery and carrier pickups. 


3.3) SkuVault

SkuVault is a web-based inventory management software that provides online merchants with complete insight and visibility into their inventory's journey. This software assists them in managing tracking and order fulfilment aspects of the shipping process. SkuVaults' warehouse management system makes picking, packing and shipping processes easy. It integrates with multiple CRMs, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and ERPs to provide an efficient delivery experience to customers. 


3.4) EasyParcel

EasyParcel is one of Malaysia's top shipping platforms. It provides simplified logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses to fulfil their shipping needs. Users can easily book their parcel deliveries online through this platform. With EasyParcel's services, online retailers can deliver parcels within Malaysia and 195+ international destinations at affordable rates. It integrates with 60+ courier partners to provide fast delivery services. EasyParcel makes shipment a hassle-free process and delivers products to customers' doorstep. 


3.5) Narvar

Narvar is a formidable SKULabs competitor. It is an e-commerce shipping management platform that enhances the post-purchase customer experience. The platform integrates with 350+ e-commerce partners, carriers and sales channels. Narvar's analytics and reports feature help e-commerce businesses forecast their growth and boost their bottom line and margins. 

It also provides an order tracking service and sends real-time tracking notifications to customers via SMS, email or its customised tracking page. Narvar allows customers to pick up parcels from Concierge stations. It lets users generate waybills for their shipments. The platform offers returns management service that permits consumers to make online return requests.


3.6) ShipTime

ShipTime is a best-in-class shipping solutions provider helping small to medium businesses to ship and track their shipments. It saves time and money by integrating with top-notch courier partners. The platform automatically tracks orders and sends real-time delivery status to customers. Using ShipTime, users can send LTL freight, parcels and envelopes with proper documentation. It also offers BOL, customs documentation and shipping labels for domestic and global shipments. ShipTime provides 24/7 customer support via email, chat and phone.


3.7) AfterShip

AfterShip is one of the most well-renowned tracking platforms in the world. Its shipping functionalities make it a perfect SKULabs alternative. This SaaS-based platform offers various automation tools, such as tracking pages and shipping label makers. AfterShip supports 600+ shipping services worldwide to provide automated shipment tracking services to customers. 

It integrates with 900+ sales channels, carriers and marketplaces to deliver an excellent online shopping experience. AfterShip's reports and analytics feature provides complete visibility and insights into the company's performance. Using this software, online merchants can give estimated delivery dates to customers and reduce delivery exceptions. 


3.8) ShipMonk

ShipMonk is an order fulfilment software best suited for subscription box, e-commerce and D2C companies. It helps them to grow their businesses and reach more customers. The platform provides integrations with 75+ courier partners to carry out shipping operations. ShipMonk's inventory management system allows users to track their inventory, identify the best-selling SKUs, receive low-stock alerts, etc. With the platform's fulfilment centres, you can ship your products to customers in less time at affordable rates. ShipMonk provides customer support by resolving delivery issues. Its other services include FBA pre-services, seller-fulfilled prime, delivered duty paid and crowdfunding fulfilment. 


3.9) ShipRocket

ShipRocket is the world's leading shipping and logistics software that aids e-commerce ventures in providing end-to-end shipping services globally. The software aims to create a consistent logistics data platform to connect consumers, retailers and carriers across the globe. Its customised dashboard enables online sellers to integrate with 17+ courier partners. ShipRocket's branded tracking page provides all tracking updates of existing and previous orders. It offers various services such as NDR management, discounted shipping rates, RTO management, shipping label generation, warehouse management, etc. These services are available across 220 countries worldwide and 24,000+ pin codes within India. 


3.10) EasyPost

EasyPost is a fast, flexible and reliable shipping management platform that helps small to large e-commerce businesses to rate shop between multiple carriers. The software integrates with 100+ courier partners, such as DHL, UPS, FedX, USPS, etc., to make customers' shipping journey efficient. Using EasyPost, online merchants can simplify the shipment process and avail of shipping services at discounted rates. Its tracking API tracks orders and provides tracking updates to customers. The software also offers insurance on shipments and allows users to generate shipping labels. Hence, EasyPost is an appropriate SKULabs competitor. 


4) How to choose the best SKULabs competitors and alternatives?

Now that you have become well-versed with the shipping functionalities of SKULabs and its competitors, it's time to choose the prime shipping software among them. The following factors will help you to select an appropriate SKULabs alternative.


4.1) Security

Customers become happy if their products reach safely to them. It is the responsibility of e-commerce companies to provide security for each shipment. Shipping software should follow quality maintenance protocols to ensure the safety of products throughout the supply chain. Therefore, these platforms should offer insurance on products to retain their worth if damaged.


4.2) Reliability and stability

Stable and reliable shipping software helps e-commerce stores to attract more customers. The stability of this software shows how perfectly e-commerce businesses run. The instability of shipping platforms may lead to the company's downtime and a reduction in the number of loyal customers. Online sellers must check customer reviews to know the reliability and stability of the chosen shipping software. 


4.3) Serviceability

Serviceability is the most important factor to be kept in mind while choosing a SKULabs competitor. Online merchants should check whether their selected shipping software delivers in the required areas and can manage order volume. Some shipping platforms handle large order volumes, while others have weight and size restrictions on shipments. Some may not accept or deliver returns to your targeted areas. Hence, you should choose shipping software that meets your requirements and reaches your targeted audience. 


4.4) Customer reviews

Customer reviews make the shipping platform selection process easier. If e-commerce retailers are confused and unable to find a suitable shipping partner, then they must check out the customer reviews. These reviews will tell them which software provides better shipping services and improves post-purchase customer experience. Therefore, you should go for those SKULabs alternatives which have positive customer reviews. 


4.5) API integrations

An extensive integration library saves a lot of money and time. The greater the number of integrations, the more it will be profitable for e-commerce businesses. Thus, online retailers must look for those shipping solutions that provide a wide range of API integrations. These integrations will help them to connect with carriers or storefronts, track orders, manage inventory, etc.


5) Conclusion

You have now understood the importance of shipping software after reading this blog. However, each e-commerce business has its own choice and shipping needs. SKULabs and its alternatives help you to streamline the shipment process, expand your reach globally and make customers' shipping journey satisfactory. We hope this blog will assist you in finding an ultimate shipping partner that fulfils your and your customers' shipping needs. 


FAQs on SKULabs and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Why is ClickPost the best SKULabs competitor?

ClickPost is the best SKULabs competitor as it provides advanced shipping services to e-commerce companies. It offers integrations with various WMS, storefronts, marketplaces and courier partners. ClickPost's other state-of-the-art services include tracking management, Shopify returns, NDR management, COD reconciliation, returns management, etc.  

6.2) How to choose the best SKULabs alternatives?

Multiple SKULabs competitors provide best-in-class logistics solutions. There are many factors which will help -commerce stores to choose the best SKULabs alternatives. Some of these factors are serviceability, security, API integrations, customer support, reliability, stability, etc. All these factors are discussed in detail in the blog. Online sellers are advised to go through these factors and make decisions accordingly. 


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