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Top 10 TrueCommerce Competitors and Alternatives 


1) Introduction

eCommerce retailers must juggle multiple software, marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping carrier dashboards, and more. What if there is software that incorporates all these solutions into a wholesome package? Won’t your tension and stress reduce overnight?

TrueCommerce is one solution that enables you to have inventory and order fulfillment services with a robust EDI platform at your fingertip. This software primarily connects retailers, suppliers, distributors, and dropshippers to interact and manage sales across different channels. 

In this article, we introduce you to ten TrueCommerce alternatives that, in varying degrees, have similar functionalities and unique specializations. Businesses can choose which services best suit their purpose and budget. 


2) What is TrueCommerce?

TrueCommerce is a software solution that offers EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services, inventory management, and order fulfillment.  It enables eCommerce retailers to connect with multiple suppliers with its integrated EDI platform. 

TrueCommerce offers a wide range of electronic communications modes, and enables suppliers to create ASNs, receive orders, and submit invoices.  The EDI platform connects businesses with over 160,000 retailers, shipping carriers, 3PLs, ERPs, suppliers, and distributors. 

Dropshippers can manage multiple aspects of their business, starting with order creation and monitoring. Checking Shipment status, tracking shipments, and managing inventory data are added advantages. TrueCommerce also empowers retailers to automate transaction exchanges, share inventory documents, and connect with leading retailers. 

Their order management system includes functionalities like real-time shipping updates and integration with multiple vendors and 3PLs. It also enables printing packing slips and shipping labels and tracking key performance indicators. 


3) Top 10 TrueCommerce Alternatives and Competitors [2023 Updated List]

It can be said that TrueCommerce is a comprehensive solution for most eCommerce business needs. However, what happens when you want more specialized shipping or order fulfillment functions with EDI tools? In such cases, you can take a look at the top TrueCommerce competitors:


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a leading SaaS solution for eCommerce ventures to manage their shipping and logistics needs from a single platform. ClickPost provides a specialized alternative to TrueCommerce’s shipping services, with parts of order management features. It has pre-integrations with over 250 global shipping carriers, storefronts, marketplaces, and WMS. 

You can pair with Shopify, Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Oracle, etc. Moreover, ClickPost is flexible to business needs and can integrate with any carrier if you need it. Its fast integration capacity makes ClickPost a practical TrueCommerce alternative.



  • Their AI engine automates carrier allocation by configuring business preferences so that only the optimal carrier is chosen for each shipment.

  • Offers real-time data on carrier serviceability to display accurate information to customers during checkout.

  • Has an integrated portal to track shipments across carriers, multiple channels to notify customers, and branded tracking page for cross-selling.

  • Immediately alerts businesses of failed deliveries, categorizes NDR causes, automatically seeks customer responses, and solves the cause without manual intervention.

  • Enables returns with customized returns portal, automates order processing and courier allocation, and manages pickup exceptions via NPR management portal.

Pros: Real-time order tracking and customizable returns portal.

Cons: Best suited for medium and large scale businesses.


3.2) Cin7

Cin7 is an inventory and order management software that connects with sales channels and warehouses and automates order fulfillment. It has over 700 integrations with eCommerce marketplaces, 3PLs, shipping carriers, accounting software, and EDIs. 

With Cin7, you can display your product availability accurately, streamline purchase orders with EDI, and automate warehouse operations. Its EDI services make Cin7 a feasible TrueCommerce competitor. 


  • Built-in EDI integrates with product distributors and 3PLs, and automates order processing and invoicing workflows.

  • Manages orders by routing orders to stock locations, sending EDI documents to 3PLs, and sending PO to suppliers.

  • Manage customer credit card information with Payment Portal and handle mail-order/telephone orders.

  • Trigger batch inventory and quick invoice payment options to customers over emails.

Pros: Integrations with multiple eCommerce tools 

Cons: It does not support barcode scanning for order fulfillment.


3.3) Sellercloud

Sellercloud is an omnichannel fulfillment software solution that offers inventory management, product cataloging, and order fulfillment services. It integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms and tools to catalog your products in numerous channels and synchronize inventory data.


  • Import and manage sales from one dashboard, automatically update inventory, and manage customer refund requests.

  • Manage warehouse by triggering purchase orders when inventory is low, streamline picking and order assembly, and tracking inventory

  • Process RMAs, have multi-currency and language support and integrate with Fulfillment by Amazon.

  • Handle product catalogs from all vendors, centralized database for product images, and create kits and product variations in one listing.

Pros: Amenable to customizations for individual businesses.

Cons: Requires an upgraded user interface.


3.4) Veeqo

Veeqo is an inventory and order fulfillment solution for eCommerce merchants to streamline their inventory workflow. Veeqo comes with order management tools like multi-sales channel integrations, built-in returns management, facilities to print shipping labels, and tracking inventory.


  • Inventory tracking within a warehouse, inventory forecasting, and automated workflow with triggers based on product value and weight.

  • Integrates with domestic and international carriers, prints commercial invoices and shipping labels, and tracks parcels in real-time.

  • Optimizes order picking, completes audit trials, monitors stock levels, and generates reports on sales.

Pros: Easy synchronization with online stores

Cons: Requires a better inventory count system.


3.5) eHub

eHub is a shipping software solution that extends to some regions of order management and fulfillment. eHub helps businesses to save on shipping costs by providing discounted rates on shipping carriers. It also tracks parcels and integrates with different shopping carts. 

eHub is a TrueCommerce alternative that leverages order volumes, handles returns, and provides analytics on KPIs.


  • Builds the optimal shipping strategy for businesses by analyzing past package level details to provide the best rates for multiple carriers. 

  • It has a built-in USPS shipping calculator for businesses to access commercial plus pricing rates and discounts in the U.S.

  • Their API tool connects with shopping carts, web stores, and carriers to offer rate shopping and label generation. 

  • Has advanced reporting and order tracking features to keep track of shipments.

Pros: Easily generate shipping labels.

Cons: Only admins can access downloads. 


3.6) 4Psite

4Psite is a cloud-based order management software with EDI capabilities. 4Psite is a direct TrueCommerce competitor that enables businesses to integrate with 40 shopping carts and eCommerce platforms. It also supports real-time shipping with carriers like USPS and FedEx. 

4psite has a built-in CRM, centralized inventory management portal, and automatic payment processing feature. 


  • Tracks incoming and outgoing inventory, updates on out-of-stock items, and automates backorders for them.

  • Tracks costs, auto-feeds inventory levels to all sales channels, automates order re-route and order tracking.

  • Supports third-party dropshipping fulfillment, built-in fraud alert detection for suspicious orders, and handles segmented orders. 

  • Built-in CRM to effectively communicate with customers, record payment history, and automates email notifications.

Pros: Excellent support for Amazon FBA

Cons: Needs interface upgradation.


3.7) Infoplus

Infoplus is a cloud-based warehouse management software that assists eCommerce companies, and 3PLs automate their warehouse functions. Infoplus is a TrueCommerce alternative for order fulfillment and inventory management. 

InfoPlus offers comprehensive warehouse management solutions with real-time inventory tracking and low stock alerts for up-to-date inventory. 


  • Manage inbound and outbound inventory, get customs reporting on shipping carriers, and minimize backorder.

  • Optimize picking lists according to metrics like products, carriers, and orders, and set order picking and packing rules.

  • Manage a kit, and create production rules based on business needs like on-demand or advanced manufacturing.

  • Pre-built EDI system connects with retailers and distributors, route orders, sets barcode standards, and generate report sales.

Pros: Smooth picking flow.

Cons: Hard to use UI.


3.8) Oracle SCM

Oracle SM is a comprehensive cloud-based supply chain management solution. Oracle is a worthwhile TrueCommerce competitor for supply chain planning, order and product life cycle management, and blockchain. 


  • Determines the optimal inventory level, plans replenishment policy for each SKU, and calculates costs for an accurate valuation.

  • Anticipates demand patterns, connects with stakeholders, and automates decision-making.

  • Streamlines order processing by validating orders,  sets triggers for inventory restocking and offers multiple fulfillment options.

  • Oracle assists in product development, minimizing design costs, and reducing market risks with data-driven insights.

Pros: Excellent in managing product catalogs.

Cons: UI is difficult for non-technical users.


3.9) SKU Labs

SKULabs is an order management solution that assists businesses in multi-channel sales. Its features include discounted shipping labels, a barcode verification system, and picking and packing accuracy. 

With SKULabs, you can integrate with shopping carts, POS software, and shipping carriers for U.S., Europe, Asian and European markets. 


  • Tracks SKUs in all storage facilities and distribution centers and counts inventory across all sales channels.

  • Sets alerts for low stocks, syncs quantity changes, and fulfills orders with pick lists.

  • Ensures accuracy in order fulfillment with barcode scanning, reduces picking errors, and creates packing slips with barcode stripes. 

  • Send purchase orders (PO), scan items received against PO lists, open orders for multiple suppliers, and ship inventory in batches.

Pros: Cost-effective for ERP integrations.

Cons: May not be optimal for small businesses.


3.10) IMB Sterling SCBN

IMB is a comprehensive software solution for supply chain management with EDI integrations and APIs. Its cloud-based system manages shipping and logistics workloads, making it a useful TrueCommerce alternative. IBM SCBN is ideal for B2B businesses.

IMB’s API infrastructure connects with business websites to automate workflows and eliminate paper-based processes with its EDI network. 


  • Have end-to-end shipment visibility across all order channels and real-time inventory count. 

  • Order aggregation from multiple sales channels to utilize store capacity and fulfill delivery expectations.

  • Provides up-sell and cross-sell chances, monitors picking and packing process, supports fast mobile checkout and manages returns.

  • Creates a customized blockchain system for transaction ledger and improves inventory forecasting. 

Pros: Great as risk management.

Cons: It may be expensive for some. 


4) How to Select the Best Alternatives and Competitors of TrueCommerce?

TrueCommerce comes with a package full of multiple capacities, from EDI solutions to inventory management. To find a suitable TrueCommerce competitor, take a deeper look into your business needs and consider the following points: 


4.1) Integration Capacity

TrueCommerce has a massive integration list with various eCommerce solutions. Prebuilt integrations help businesses save time and execute business operations faster. In the absence of integration capacity, merchants are forced to integrate separately with different SaaS providers, which can sometimes take upto three months. 

Software solutions like ClickPost, Cin7, and Oracle come with an extensive network of logistics integration to jumpstart your business in hours.


4.2) Inventory Management

A core task of TrueCommerce is to streamline the inventory workflow. It handles preliminary inventory tasks like creating orders online, forecasting and tracking inventory, and invoicing. 

TrueCommerce alternatives like 4Psite, Sellercloud, and IBM Sterling incorporates inventory and order fulfillment software with standard EDI capacities.


4.3) Shipping and Logistics

Just as TrueCommerce has shipping solutions and its inventory management tools, the same is expected of TrueCommerce alternatives. Sometimes, businesses require specialized shipping functions like handling large volumes and pairing businesses with efficient shipping carriers. 

Softwares like ClickPost, and Veeqo are adept at solving delivery and pick-up issues and optimizing returns. 


4.4) Reporting and Analytics

TrueCommerce has sound analytics and reporting system that captures inventory stock levels, demand forecasting, and carrier performance data. You can pick TrueCommerce alternatives like Oracle SCM and IBM Sterling for their comprehensive reporting and predictive analytics. 


4.5) Customer Reviews

An optimal way to find the ideal TrueCommerce alternative is to evaluate customer reviews from leading websites. Real-life business owners put down their valuable insights in comparing the pros and cons of TrueCommerce competitors. 

Sometimes they recommend alternatives that can resonate with your niche business and give you the information you need to make your selection. 


5) Final Words

TrueCommerce has the robust infrastructure to support business owners in managing their logistical needs as order fulfillment and EDI solution. However, many TrueCommerce alternatives have specialized capabilities to handle specific business requirements.

Some offer multi-carrier shipping and warehouse management, while others have discounted shipping rates and CRM facilities. Some TrueCommerce competitors offer comprehensive supply chain management. 

Therefore, as your business scales and demands similar functions as TrueCommerce, we hope our list will help you select the ideal TrueCommerce alternative. 


FAQs on TrueCommerce and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Is ClickPost better than TrueCommerce?

In terms of shipping, yes. ClickPost specializes in the shipping needs of businesses and comprehensively covers every critical aspect of shipping. With ClickPost, you get multi-carrier integrations, NDR and NPR management, and AI-recommended carrier allocation.

ClickPost specializes in order returns management for eCommerce and Shopify returns and COD reconciliation services. Since TrueCommerce caters to multiple areas, ClickPost fills the gap in a business’s shipping and logistics needs. 


6.2) Why do people shift from TrueCommerce to other alternatives?

TrueCommerce is well known for its EDI capacities, making receiving and transferring files, invoices, and purchase orders a feasible task. However, the platform lacks concerted efforts from the support team. Integrating with marketplaces and retailers is not well-coordinated and is a time-consuming process. eCommerce retailers have to delay their business operations when support is missing. 

Similarly, TrueCommerce is not the best solution when it comes to shipping. For businesses looking to integrate with multiple carriers and streamline their shipping processes can find better alternatives.

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