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Table Of Contents

Bizongo Services

Shipping services  

  • Demand Planning

  • Multi-location logistics

Special services

  • Inventory Management Solutions

  • Intelligent Warehousing Solutions

Technology services

  • Live end-to-end tracking services

  • Digital Vendor Management

About Bizongo


Bizongo is an online marketplace founded in 2015 that today stands as one of the largest B2B platforms for packaging, display and delivery of products in India. It was launched with the express purpose of bringing a clear infrastructure to the previously unorganised sector of Made-to-Order goods. Bizongo connects packaging, textile & apparel and other unsecured manufacturers with potential financial institutions to partner with. Bizongo courier company uses technology to handle a wide range of end-to-end logistics services. These services include automation of supply chain management and supply chain financing in addition to vendor management.

The Procure Live and Partner Hub are two of its online platforms that enable these streamlined supply chain management initiatives. Bizongo enables eCommerce businesses to source multiple vendors from its database of 750+ manufacturers. Relationships with vendors can thereby be built more firmly, giving you access to discounts and improved services. Orders can be cataloged online with the help of a dedicated vendor support team that manages all orders with each vendor through a single platform. Bizongo platform also enables greater order visibility and real-time tracking of orders during delivery. Bizongo’s system also enables smoother inventory management by assisting in the creation of production plans.

These production plans ensure vendors provide supply in a timely manner. Digitized product planning can also help meet varying customer demands quickly and efficiently. Bizongo intelligent warehouse management system ensures inventory and warehousing costs are minimized. Ecommerce enterprises can also receive live updates on the progress of each order delivery status through Bizongo’s platform. Bizongo supply chain management system enables easier communication with both vendors and customers of businesses. All transactions can be digitized and tracked in real-time. Bizongo order tracking system also enables your e-commerce business to regularly receive analytics reports. Go live with Bizongo in just a day using ClickPost and its courier API integration with Bizongo.

FAQs about Bizongo


1) What are the automation services available in the Bizongo Warehouses?

The Bizongo warehouses allow you to automate the creation and fulfillment of Purchase Orders. You can also automate the replenishment of inventory and packaging materials by analyzing the consumption patterns of your products.

2) What is Digital Vendor Management?

The digital vendor management feature allows you to consolidate multiple vendor accounts under one dashboard. This allows you to integrate your order management and tracking process and manage your inventory and sales for all the channels.

List of Bizongo APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Place an order creation request with the carrier to enable the creation of a shipping label

Track Shipment API: Trace your shipment through the end-to-end tracking services
Cancellation API Recall the shipment to the origin warehouse
EDD API: Estimate the delivery date through Bizongo’s services
NDR Action update: Trigger an NDR action sequence
Return Web-hooks: Reverse the logistics process for an optimized returns process




How does  API Integration work?

Once you integrate Bizongo’s services through ClickPost, you can access features like NDR actions and Carrier allocation automation


Step 1 - Select The Courier


Step 2 - Enter API Key


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