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Kargokart Services

Shipping services  

  • Air, sea, rail and road freight availability

  • Point-to-Point and local delivery

Special services

  • Same-day, overnight and priority delivery

  • Offers FTL direct-to-customer delivery

Technology services

  • API and EDI Integrations for visibility

  • In-house inventory management system

About Kargokart

KargoKart is a parcel services provider company that focuses on providing true craftsmanship in the ecommerce logistics industry. It offers Ecommerce businesses services to ship orders by air, sea, road and rail. KargoKart exercises an immense amount of control over their services to ensure the highest quality and quantity of services are made available. It uses the latest in information technology to consistently upgrade its roster of partners as well as improve customer service. It is constantly improving the ISO certification score of its quality management system as well as it's ecological management system using a series of frequent internal and external audits. 

This company has a great focus on development, choosing to continually expand their operations across new branches and new offices, keeping in mind the latest news in the cargo transportation market and selecting areas for expansion accordingly. When it comes to delivery services, KargoKart likes to emphasise the concept of "No Limits'', essentially ensuring absolute flexibility to provide the best delivery services. With KargoKart, a wide range of products can be parcelled, including fragile, high value, packed and unpacked items. In terms of delivery services, air freight enables a wide variety of overnight and priority delivery services to be offered. 

In addition to that,  same day and local delivery are also available. Local delivery is made faster with the help of point-to-point delivery. However, for the most cost-effective options, KargoKart offers delivery via road services. An Ecommerce-specific solution offered by KargoKart is their nationwide Full Truckload (FTL) service. This service enables entire truckloads of items or equipment to be transported efficiently, reducing transit times and the need for multiple incidents of freight handling. 

The overall quality of this transportation service is thereby enhanced. This freight works for multiple modes of transport, including rail, sea, road and air. With this FTL service, products can be directly delivered to customers in addition to being transported to the respective Ecommerce warehouses. Speaking of warehouses, another major service provided by KargoKart is an in-house warehousing solution and inventory management system. 

These make use of analysts and software that allow your business to continually improve through strategic inventory-based actions. You can find the most cost-effective solutions for end-to-end supply chain management. These warehouses are located all across the country, providing your ecommerce business the scope for providing customers a seamless delivery experience no matter where they are using this vast nationwide distribution network. Clickpost has courier API integration with KargoKart and thereby allows eCommerce companies to go-live with KargoKart in just 1 day.


FAQs about Kargokart


1) How do I track a Kargokart parcel?

Any parcel with Kargokart can be tracked using the tracking page on the carrier’s website. Only the tracking number is needed for this. In case you have multiple orders to track, using the Kargokart API integration with a multicarrier shipping software enables automated tracking.

2) Where is Kargokart Headquarters?

KargoKart headquarters are based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra, a city in India.

List of Kargokart APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Get your order ready for pickup by Kargokart by making sure the AWB and the Shipping label are prepared

Track Shipment API: Tracking shipments in real time with Kargokart API integration is an easy and automated process
Cancellation API Cancellations by customers are communicated immediately to the carrier for quick returns
EDD API: Displaying the estimated delivery date (EDD) on your website is an absolute must for customer satisfaction
NDR Action update: With Kargokart, you can ensure regular and immediate updates for all post-NDR actions
Return Web-hooks: Keep returns moving quickly and safely with the help of tech-supported real-time tracking updates




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