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Table Of Contents

KerryIndev Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day Delivery

  • Next-day Delivery

  • Priority Express

Special services

  • Cash-on-Delivery services

  • Reverse Logistics Services

  • Dropshipping Services

Technology services

  • Android compatible WMS system

  • Live Order Tracking

  • API Integration and Automation

About KerryIndev


Kerry INDEV, formally known as Kerry INDEV Logistics Pvt Ltd, is one of India’s most prestigious and prodigious supply chain solutions providers. It was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Chennai. The company is renowned for its solutions-based approach and quick adoption of emerging technologies. With over 3 decades of experience, Kerry INDEV has managed to gain significant traction across all major international markets. It is also one of the biggest players in the logistics and supply chain management segment across the ASEAN nations. Kerry INDEV boasts of a robust and longstanding business presence in the Greater China region. Some of the major services it provides to clients spread internationally include customs brokerage, haulage, freight forwarding, integrated cold storage technologies and warehousing solutions. 

It has received numerous national and international awards for its cutting-edge delivery solutions. Kerry INDEV is one of the largest third-party logistics or 3PL warehousing companies in India. The company owns and operates 3 Container Freight Stations (CFS), 4 Inland Container Depots or ICDs and over 10 IFF offices spread across the country. For smoother deliveries of goods across India and its international markets, Kerry INDEV uses its network of 15 customs brokerage offices. Over the course of its journey as a leading logistics and supply chain services providers, Kerry INDEV has been at the forefront of utilising India’s Special Economic Zones or SEZs to expand and grow further. 

It currently owns more than 0.3 million square feet of India’s Free Trade and Warehousing Zones or FTWZs. Overall, the company owns upwards of 2.5 million square feet of warehousing space. These zones are strategically spread out across India’s coastal regions from where the company helms its PACC shipping partnership to expedite shipments globally. In India, Kerry INDEV owns 150+ trucks which haul goods across states and borders. In 2015, Kerry INDEV procured its own Air Freight Station or AFS to handle international exports and imports via airlines. Since then, it has entered into several partnerships with premium airlines to expand its grip over this crucial sector in logistics management. 

To serve its enterprise clients across the country, Kerry INDEV also taps into its own transportation division. Each of its ports has state-of-the-art security systems including X-rays and manual inspections of suspicious shipping containers. To complement its dominance in logistics and delivery systems over land, air and sea, Kerry INDEV operates 7 3PL facilities in 4 key cities. It has plans to increase its presence in the 3PL category in the near future. Kerry INDEV caters to hundreds of clients spread across a rainbow of industries including pharmaceuticals, telecom, FMCG and automotives. The company is ISO 9000-2015 certified for overall operational efficiency and high quality standards. You can now go live with Kerry INDEV in just a single business day. Start using ClickPost’s Kerry INDEV Express shipping and tracking API integration for superior services.

FAQs about KerryIndev


1) Can I track my parcels with KerryIndev Express?

KerryIndev Express enables all the parcels with tracking capabilities. You can track your parcels through the tracking section on the KerryIndev Express. If there is an issue in the portal or you cannot locate the tracking number, you can contact the customer support team through the website or their email.

2) What types of goods can KerryIndev Express handle under its critical services?

KerryIndev Express can handle multiple types of goods through its critical shipping services. It can handle temperature-controlled shipments and special packaging for goods like Dry Ice, Cold Storage warehousing, Biological Shipments, and Sensitive Documents like Passports and Jewellery cargo.

List of KerryIndev APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order and place a shipping request

Track Shipment API: Track your KerryIndev Express parcel and share the updates with the recipient
Cancellation API Recall the KerryIndev Express shipment to the origin warehouse
EDD API: Estimate the date of delivery for a particular pin code
NDR Action update: Flag a failed delivery and initiate NDR actions
Return Web-hooks: Locate the delivery location to initiate a return pickup request




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