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Pidge Services

Shipping services  

  • Automatic Rider Allocation

  • Omni-category fulfillment

Special services

  • Cold-chain fulfillment

  • Customized Communications

Technology services

  • Live Order Tracking Services

  • Mobile Application for Management

About Pidge


Founded in 2018, Pidge operates out of Gurugram and is classified as an early-stage start-up in the fiercely competitive end-to-end supply chain and logistics management industry. The USP of Pidge is its assured same-day pickup and delivery of various items. These include perishable goods like food items too. Pidge has opened up space in the E-commerce delivery and logistics management industry too. Currently, the company operates only in 5 cities based in and around the National Capital Region, but it is looking to expand further.

Pidge is an on-demand service provider which excels in that elusive last-mile connectivity that many other similar companies find difficult to workaround. Pidge provides a guaranteed pick-up of any goods within 60 minutes of placing an order and promises instant deliveries. They do not have any surge pricing. Another aspect which sets Pidge apart from several other players of varying sizes is its emphasis on security. All items are packed in tamper-proof bags to ensure safety. Unlike some companies, Pidge only hires full-time employees who have been thoroughly trained and vetted. 

They also have a double-OTP verification system in place which notifies both the sender and the receiver an OTP each in real-time. The OTPs also have an added barcode which can then be verified on both ends to ensure that the delivery is successful and not misplaced. Apart from these, Pidge provides thoroughly professional real-time customer care services. They also tap into the untold powers of modern technology and scan all available routes using a proprietary algorithm. 

Based on the results, their delivery agents optimise their routes in real-time, thereby minimising or eliminating any bottlenecks that may eat up valuable time. Both enterprise-level and individual clients can also reach out to their dedicated account manager who will take care of any queries or complaints. Thanks to these advantages, Pidge has several well-known clients including The Man Company, Poochmate, SuperPlum and Foxy. You can easily go live with Pidge in a mere 24 hours when you use ClickPost’s Pidge Express shipping and tracking API integration solution.

FAQs about Pidge


1) Can I place an order with the carrier through the website?

To avoid confusion and ease of operation, Pidge allows you to place your order only through its mobile app. If you want to ship in bulk, you will have to contact the carrier's support to book the shipping services. The rest  of the delivery and pickup requests can be placed through the application of the carrier.

2) Does Pidge offer COD services?

Pidge does not offer any COD enablement services to their clients. This is to keep the shipments of its client safe and save them the hassle of waiting for the reconciliation process to receive their payments.

List of Pidge APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create a shipping request to generate the necessary shipping label in the appropriate format

Track Shipment API: Track your shipment through the live tracking service provided by Pidge
Cancellation API Request the cancellation of the order delivery request
EDD API: Estimate the time and date of arrival and display it at the time of booking a shipment
NDR Action update: Flag a failed delivery and initiate actions to reduce the RTO percentage
Return Web-hooks: Trigger a pickup request with Pidge’s rider network to kickstart the returns process




How does API Integration work?

If you want to integrate with Pidge, ClickPost offers seamless carrier integration services that allow you to adopt the services of Pidge and other carriers without much hassle


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