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Quiqup Services

Shipping services  

  • Offer the fastest delivery options at checkout

  • On-demand, scheduled and 24 hour delivery

  • Same-day delivery and hyperlocal delivery

Special services

  • Immediate returns processing or exchanges

  • Label generation for single and bulk orders

  • Cash and Card payment available on delivery

Technology services

  • Provides a dashboard for managing shipments

  • Enables single order and bulk order upload

  • Allows integration with multiple storefronts

About Quiqup


Quiqup is a Dubai-based courier delivery service that specializes in same-day deliveries. It was founded in London in 2014. However, in 2017, the company shifted base to Dubai and focused on the enormous market for E-commerce delivery solutions in the Middle East. Pronounced “quick-up”, the start-up has managed to garner significant funding in the last 3 years. Quiqup uses advanced technologies and its own API integration to provide its individual and enterprise customers real-time details of their parcels as they progress. It has a significant presence in the ‘on-demand and same-day delivery sector in Middle Eastern countries. Quiqup also offers scheduled deliveries for a broad range of businesses. In November 2020, the company raised $5.5 million in a fresh round of funding which was led by Delivery Hero.

Other investors of note include Transmed, the Lebanon-based technology investment firm Cedar Mundi, and Jobi Capital, which is based out of New York City. Quiqup provides E-commerce businesses in Dubai and across the UAE specialised delivery solutions. Working behind the scenes at various stages of the supply chain are more than 3000 highly trained professionals. Quiqup is best-known for its on-demand delivery service that guarantees pick-ups in 15 minutes and promises deliveries in 50 minutes. This intra-city service is popular among both online and offline retailers. Its same day delivery service allows its clients to book a window that can range from 1 to 4 hours. The business model that Quiqup follows provides real-time tracking for same-day services from its dashboard which is simple and intuitive to use. 

A robust, technologically advanced and professional customer support team also forms part of the value proposition. Businesses can also use Quiqup for scheduled or recurring deliveries. Around 800 businesses in the area rely on Quiqup for their operations to run smoothly and without hiccups. The company offers tailor-made solutions for 3 primary target groups. They are store-to-door delivery options, E-commerce and restaurants. The last of these options normally choose the on-demand delivery services, according to available data. Its pay-as-you-go business model suits most E-commerce businesses in the area. While the company is currently headquartered in Dubai, it still maintains a technology development division in London.

In order to grow further and more quickly, the company appointed Iyad Kamal as its strategic advisor in 2020. Kamal is a former COO of Aramex and will use his proven track record as a transformative manager to help Quiqup scale up its operations across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The new and unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic are being tackled on a war footing, according to Bassel El Koussa, the CEO and a co-founder of Quiqup. El Koussa has indicated that talks are on with several pharmaceutical companies and major grocery chains since they supply essential items. You can now go live in just 24 hours by using ClickPost’s Quiqup express shipping and tracking API integration.

FAQs about Quiqup

1) How do I track my Quiqup?

There are multiple ways to track an order with Quiqup. In case of a single shipment, you can use the tracking page on the courier platform and the assigned order tracking number. Quipup also integrates with your ecommerce platform so you can track all your Quiqup orders on a single dashboard. Another option is to get set up with ClickPost, a multicarrier integration. 

2) Who owns Quipup?

Danny Hawkins, Rami Idriss, Tim Linssen, Federico Ferraro and Bassel El Koussa are the founders and owners of Quiqup. Despite being headquartered in London, it also offers high end shipping operations in the middle east as well as many other countries. 

List of Quiqup APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Easily create orders with Quiqup by fetching the AWB and shipping label which readies the order for pickup.

Track Shipment API: The requisite AWB number can be used with this API to track shipments in real time.
Cancellation API Quickly communicate cancellations to Quiqup so they can be returned quickly
EDD API: Show customers the estimated delivery date upon entering the delivery pincode.
NDR Action update: Activities done after NDRs have been notified are updated on Quiqups database
Return Web-hooks: Reverse logistics tracking can be done quickly and in real time.




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