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Table Of Contents

Shiprocket Services

Shipping services  

  • 1day/2day delivery

  • B2B/Bulk Shipping

  • Hyperlocal deliveries

Special services

  • ShipRocket Fulfillment

  • Shipping Label Generation

  • Cash-on-delivery services

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking Software

  • Fastrr Checkout Software

  • Engage software for RTO Reduction

About Shiprocket


ShipRocket is one of India’s leading E-commerce logistics and shipping solutions providers. The ShipRocket platform is a highly sophisticated courier aggregator that offers individual and enterprise customers an option to choose from more than 17 courier companies. It specialises in providing bespoke and cost-effective courier solutions to a broad array of businesses that rely on direct-to-customer (D2C) shipments in a time-bound window. It was founded on India’s Republic Day, January 26, in 2017. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and provides shipping solutions to more than 220 countries globally. However, it has placed special emphasis on the APAC region. Its global aspirations have received a fillip thanks to a series of fundings in early-2021 and in late-2020 from leading investment firms including March Capital and Bertelsmann India.

Leveraging its grip over advanced logistics technology and using the corpus it has managed to garner, ShipRocket is planning to expand its operations and provide deliveries to more countries. The start-up aims to divert a significant portion of the funds generated via investments to increase warehouse capacity and scale up its engineering operations. Currently, Shiprocket  handles over 2 Lakh shipments each day and covers more than 27,000 Pin Codes across India. More than a Lakh sellers are satisfied with their service. This gives it unfettered access to some of the most under-served regions as well. Shiprocket offers extremely competitive pricing for its courier deliveries both across the vast Indian market and for its overseas destinations.

The company provides both carrier and channel integrations. Once a client has integrated Shiprocket’s API, they can access the company’s tracking system which provides real-time data on a unified dashboard. Shiprocket has made it remarkably easy for new businesses and individual customers to use its platform. Step 1 of the process begins with choosing the shipment that needs to be delivered. To this end, the automated channel sync the Shiprocket platform offers is of great benefit as it helps import orders easily. Once a shipment has been chosen, a client can then select a courier partner which offers the best value for money among other requirements. 

This is step 2. In Step 3, the shipment has to be packed and readied for dispatch once the service provider has been chosen. To simplify and streamline the process at this stage, the courier aggregator has recently launched ‘Shiprocket Packaging’. It is a nifty new idea which promises to make E-commerce packaging easier and more budget-friendly. These packaging solutions may disrupt several sections of the courier delivery supply chain as more companies will look to join the bandwagon. Shipping a parcel completes this step. Finally, step 4 allows customers to keep a keen watch on the journey of their couriers. 

This information is updated in real-time and uses route optimisation techniques to ensure faster-than-expected drop-offs. Shiprocket has helped thousands of brands simplify and streamline their shipments over the years. Some of them include Mamaearth, Gillette, Proline, Bira, Bodycare and Cureveda. The company also has dedicated apps for Android and Apple devices that help a client create or ship an order on the go. Did you know that you can now go live with Shiprocket in just 24 hours? You heard that right! Start using ClickPost’s ShipRocket Express shipping and tracking API integration and experience the difference for yourself.

FAQs about ShipRocket


1) How to check if ShipRocket services a particular pin code?

If you want to check if ShipRocket delivers to a customer’s pin code, you can check the pin code serviceability. You can find the pin code serviceability sheet in the Pincode serviceability section under the features tab on the official website.

2) Can I track my parcel with ShipRocket?

In order to track the ShipRocket parcel, you can go to the tracking section of the official website. Alternatively, you can use the tracking software provided by ShipRocket. You can also track the NDR actions and delivery status of all your parcels in a single window.

3) Does ShipRocket send notifications to the recipients?

ShipRocket has special customer engagement software that enhances the post-purchase experience of your customers. The aggregator provides notifications over SMS, Email, and WhatsApp to provide regular tracking and delivery updates to the recipients.

List of ShipRocket APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest an order creation request to initiate the shipping process

Track Shipment API: Track and share live tracking updates provided by ShipRocket with the recipient/Customer.
Cancellation API Cancel the shipping process to enable companies to recall the shipments
EDD API: Estimate the delivery date with ShipRocket’s shipping services
NDR Action update: Trigger an automated NDR action sequence to manage failed delivery attempts
Return Web-hooks: Initiate the returns process as per the customer’s request




How does ShipRocket API Integration work?

If you use the ClickPost integration service to incorporate ShipRocket’s services, you will not have to worry about accessing the carrier’s services outside the aggregator’s carrier library.


Step 1 - Select The Courier


Step 2 - Enter API Key


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