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Udaan Express Services

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  • Express Deliveries

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Technology services

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About Udaan Express


Udaan Express is a courier company and online distribution service provider that has been operational since 2016. This unicorn startup company was founded by a number of former employees of FlipKart who sought to address the big problems faced by the B2B logistics industry and the ecommerce industry. Udaan is a logistics solution that meets a trade marketplace, allowing a variety of players in the ecommerce industry to connect with ease. Udaan Express platform acts as an overall networking tool in addition to providing logistics support for small to medium online businesses. In fact, when the platform was first launched, it was with a pure focus on logistics for electronic and apparel ecommerce stores.

Since its inception Udaan Express has expanded and developed immensely to provide a wide range of trade solutions to retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, sellers and other players in the ecommerce business. Udaan Express works primarily as a go-to logistics service provider platform, ensuring the delivery process is streamlined. In addition to real-time tracking of orders via a dashboard, this company also promises to make at least 2 delivery reattempts in case of issue-specific failed deliveries. It enables secured payment methods to be offered by ecommerce businesses on their websites and promotes efficient payment management. Udaan Express also works actively to improve every customer's delivery experience through effective and strategic order management.

Delivery charges typically vary in accordance with the volume and metrics of each order. However, this platform offers a standard flat rate of Rs.50 per shipment for COD (cash-on-delivery) orders. Udaan express is also expanding from a marketplace and logistics platform to a money-lending service provider, offering no-interest small loans. As an NBFC (Non-banking financial company), it also offers accounting services. Udaan Express is India’s top logistics management company and trade marketplace. With ClickPost and its Courier API Integration with Udaan Express, you can go live with Udaan Express in a single day.

FAQs about Udaan Express


1) How to calculate the shipping cost with Udaan Express?

To calculate the shipping cost with Udaan Express, you will need to go to the Rate Calculator section of the official website. Enter the Shipment type, Source pin code, Destination pin code, and the shipment payment method. Click on the calculate button, and you will get an estimated shipping cost for the particular shipment.

2) Does Udaan Express API Integration have any advantages?

The API Integration process will allow you to automate the logistics process for your B2B shipments. The express service of the carrier can be an excellent choice to improve your delivery speed. The integration process enables access to the single-point dashboard as well.

List of Udaan Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest a shipping label for your B2B and B2C shipments

Track Shipment API: Trace your shipment within the Udaan’s supply chain
Cancellation API Cancel the order delivery request
EDD API: Estimate the date of delivery for a customer’s pin code
NDR Action update: Trigger an NDR action sequence after a failed delivery attempt
Return Web-hooks: Trigger a pickup request with Udaan to initiate the ecommerce returns process




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