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Table Of Contents

Zajil Express Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day Delivery

  • Air/Sea/Land Freight

Special services

  • Warehousing and Fulfilment

  • Cash-on-delivery services

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Reverse Pickups

About Zajil Express


Zajil Express, formally known as Zajil Express LLC, is one of the most profitable and best-known courier and parcel delivery services providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The company was founded in 1999, and initially provided relatively simple services like transporting goods and sundry parcels in and around Riyadh, the capital of the KSA. As it grew in scale and profitability, it began expanding its portfolio of services. Today, Zajil Express is reckoned as being one of the pioneering entities that started the dynamic logistics business not only in the Kingdom but also around the Middle-East. While the company was established in the city of Unaizah when it started operations, it ultimately shifted base to Riyadh.

Riyadh being the capital city of Saudi Arabia has always attracted more attention from prosperous businesses regardless of area/s of operation. Zajil Express realised pretty early that the scope of growth in logistics and supply chain management ecosystems in the KSA was enormous. To tap into the lucrative prospects, Zajil Express’ relocation to Riyadh was necessary. In 2009, Kodi Group Holding, a renowned investment management company with interests in Logistics, Real Estate and FMCG manufacturing acquired Zajil Express. Kodi Group Holding is based out of Dammam. Post this development and with a new Board of Directors and fresh rounds of funding, Zajil Express’ growth accelerated. 

Within a few years, it has achieved world-class standards in logistics & shipping management, besides end-to-end supply chain management. The entity excels in shipments of items across its domestic market. Both individual and enterprise customers can open an account with Zajil Express and avail prepaid deliveries and various COD options. The company also provides heavy-goods hauling services but with the rider that the gross weight of the shipment must not exceed 25 tons. There are over 120 branches of the company dotting the entirety of Saudi Arabia. While most branches are located in major cities that generate the most substantial number of orders for Zajil Express, it also has several branches in relatively under-served locations. 

The idea is to connect remote areas and the smaller towns with the bigger ones, thereby providing customers with more shipping destinations to choose from. Zajil Express excels in handling fragile or delicate shipments over long distances, a service known as ‘Super Express.’ In the last few years, the company has prioritised customer satisfaction over most other business aspects and has introduced multiple value-for-money services to reach out to potential clients while retaining its existing clientele. One of these features that is in great demand is customised packaging and gift-wrapping services. Several hundred SMBs and larger firms rely on Zajil Express to deliver time-sensitive documents and other goods to KSA’s most important cities including Jeddah. 

The company has recently set up another important base in Dubai, which will then provide unfettered access to the UAE. Ultimately, Zajil Express LLC plans to expand across the countries that together form the Gulf Cooperation Council. Bahrain, Qatar and Oman are the most economically lucrative GCC markets. The company’s website is very user-friendly, intuitive and provides clients with tools to track shipment status in real-time. Finally, the company’s Android and iOS apps are loaded with features and benefit individual customers and businesses alike. Did you know that you can now go live with Zajil Express in a mere 24 hours? That’s right! Start using ClickPost’s Zajil Express shipping and tracking API integration today and experience superior service quality.

FAQs about Zajil Express


1) How to connect my ecommerce store with Zajil Express?

Zajil express has special services for managing delivery operations for ecommerce and retail services. To integrate the carrier’s services, you must subscribe to the Zaji Transportation Management System services. This allows for creating a seamless delivery experience for your customers. 

2) Where can I order supplies for shipping with Zajil Express?

You will need to download the Zajil app to find the carrier's nearest location. You can visit your nearest branch to get the required supplies for your shipping operations. You will find it under Location> Nearest Locations and enter your pin code. 

List of Zajil Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order request and manifest a shipping label

Track Shipment API: Trace your order in Zajil’s supply chain
Cancellation API Cancel the order and recall the shipment to the origin warehouse
EDD API: Provide an estimated date of delivery for better order management and conversion rate
NDR Action update: Initiate an NDR action post failed delivery attempt
Return Web-hooks: Initiate the Returns process with Zajil




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