Easyship Vs Shippo

Here's an unbiased comparison of Easyship v/s Shippo across 12 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of Easyship with Shippo & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

More than 250 Almost 50 More than 200

COD Services

Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page

Advanced Intermediate Advanced

Returns Management

Intermediate Intermediate Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Does not offer Does not offer Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes Yes Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

No Yes Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes



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Easyship Vs. Shippo


1) Introduction 

You know the importance of quickly and efficiently shipping products to your customers if you're an online retailer. And the best and most efficient way is by using shipping software to speed up and streamline your delivery processes.

Some of you may already be using shipping software, while others may look for better shipping options. This blog post discusses two of the most well-known shipping software in the e-commerce market - EasyShip and Shippo. Both are great options, but which one is right for you? In this post, we'll compare the two options so that you can make the best decision for your business.


2) About Easyship

Easyship is a shipping management solution that allows businesses to manage their orders, partners, and services. It was founded in 2015 in New York and is presently headquartered there. It is known for offering cost-effective shipment management solutions to businesses in over 27 countries worldwide. Easyship is integrated with more than 250 shipping and logistics services worldwide and helps its clients reach more than 220 nations and territories.

It serves over 100,000 clients and generates an average of 3.2 shipping labels every second. It manages more than 50 warehouse facilities throughout the world to facilitate 3PL services. Some flagship services offered by Easyship include e-commerce fulfillment for cost-effective growth, white-labeled tracking pages for higher turnover, and live carrier rates at the time of checkout.

Easyship offers a wide variety of services to manage shipping operations for a company, and here is a list of some of its most popular offerings:

  • Shipping Management Tool: The tool allows users to manage their orders, shipments, and allied services through a unified platform. It also enables automation.

  • Platform Integrations: It allows businesses to integrate with over 250 shipping services, various applications, and ERP solutions.

  • Rates at Checkout: It helps customers of a business know the cost of shipping a product in real-time at the checkout page.

  • Manage Your Brand Experience: The solution enables the creation of customized experiences for customers through branded tracking pages, tailored messages, and regular notifications. 

  • Global Ecommerce Fulfillment: EasyShip offers global fulfillment for e-commerce retailers through partnerships with warehousing solutions and distribution centers. By tying up with EasyShip, every online brand is assigned a logistics expert to help plan the best fulfillment strategy for their business. 

  • Shipping Insurance: EasyShip provides shipping insurance on all domestic and international packages up to USD 10,000. Sellers can insure their products by paying 1% of the total estimated shipment value for domestic and 1.5% for international orders.

  • EasyShip Collect: This Easyship feature allows companies to offer customers the option of prepaying for upgraded shipping, duties and taxes, and even insurance. The funds for different upgrades/fees are collected when placing the order through Easyship.

Features of Easyship

  • Easyship offers a courier selection solution that allows businesses to choose the most suitable shipping partner for every order. 
  • It provides real-time data on the cost and estimated delivery date for an order.
  • It allows businesses to create improved customer post-purchase experiences through branded tracking pages integrated with the website to increase visibility and custom notifications.
  • It offers tools to help businesses manage their fulfillment services, such as warehousing, packaging, and more. 


Easyship is known for providing a cost-effective solution. It offers various discounts on shipments.


The platform faces issues with editing information entered into the system. The order must be generated again if the user needs to change a shipment's data. 


3) About Shippo

Shippo is a multi-carrier management system for eCommerce companies. It was founded in 2013 and is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States. The company allows businesses to integrate with shipping companies worldwide and manage their shipments through a unified platform. Shippo’s platform is used by over 100,000 brands that generate over $5.2 billion in gross merchandise sales annually.

The logistics platform processes more than 100 million shipments every year. It is integrated with approximately 50 shipping and 3PL companies worldwide and leading applications and storefronts such as Shopify and Magento. 

Shippo is the perfect shipping solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides fast shipping and tracking capabilities, allowing you to send packages quickly and confidently across the globe. With Shippo, retailers can save on shipping costs, which helps them stay competitive. Plus, a full suite of tracking features lets you stay up-to-date on every shipment and make necessary adjustments. 


Shippo offers the following services to its clients:

  • Connect Store: The platform allows businesses to sync multiple sales channels to the software and manage orders through unified platforms. 

  • Generate Shipping Labels: Shippo allows businesses to create orders and generate shipping labels. It also offers discounted rates for shipping products. 

  • Track Shipments: It helps online businesses improve the visibility of their shipments through tracking pages and notifications. Shippo also sends live order tracking updates to customers via SMS and emails.

  • Streamline Returns: The platform helps users manage product returns and allows businesses to create and generate return labels free of cost.  

  • Shipping Insurance: Ecommerce businesses can insure their shipments by paying 1.25% of the total order value. Shippo provides a very easy-to-claim, paperless insurance policy.

  • Special Delivery Options: Shippo provides unique delivery options like same-day delivery, free shipping, and next-day delivery, depending on the urgency of the package and customer request. 

Features of Shippo

  • Shippo the management of orders through a single dashboard and allows businesses to automate the process of generating shipping labels.
  • It allows businesses to compare the cost of shipping between multiple partners in real-time.
  • It allows businesses to enhance their customer post-purchase experience through branded tracking pages, custom notifications, messages, and multi-channel communication.
  • It allows businesses to manage international shipping and offer pre-filled customs forms for faster label generation.
  • It offers solutions to manage returns, partial fulfillment of orders, and create daily manifests.
  • It offers analytics and reports that help businesses assess the performance of their shipping operations. 


Shippo is an affordable solution and an ideal platform for growing businesses.


Customer support for the platform is limited to live chat and email.


4) What are the Benefits of Using Shipping Software like Easyship or Shippo?

Shipping software is becoming increasingly popular with ecommerce companies due to its numerous benefits. By integrating shipping software like Easyship and Shippo, businesses can access real-time shipping estimates for domestic and international shipping, track orders, connect with existing inventory management systems, automate end-to-end shipping, get optimized rates and provide improved customer service through automated order updates, and more.

Shipping software also increases efficiency and accuracy when shipping out products. Automating several parts of the shipping and delivery process removes chances of manual error. This logistics technology has become a crucial part of modern-day shipping, allowing businesses to create more seamless shipping procedures while saving time and money.


5) The Perfect Shipping Solution for Online Companies

Our detailed discussion above about the features of Easyship and Shippo should help you choose the right one for your business. However, if you are dissatisfied with either of these software or want a more robust system to help streamline your shipping operations, ClickPost can help.

ClickPost is a logistics SaaS platform that enables e-commerce companies to ship with multiple shipping carriers, automatically print shipping and return labels, send real-time order tracking updates to customers, and much more. It can integrate with any shipping carrier on customer request within a day. It offers a unique dashboard that lets businesses import order data from all their shops and marketplaces. 

ClickPost also offers a Shopify Returns app for Shopify users to simplify their returns cycle and improve their bottom line. It helps businesses reduce their RTO% (Return to Origin) and failed or delayed deliveries worldwide.


6) Conclusion

As you can see, both Easyship and Shippo offer powerful shipping software solutions that can streamline your eCommerce operation. While Shippo may be the better choice for larger businesses with more advanced needs, Easyship offers an impressive suite of features at a lower price point, making it a good option for small to mid-sized businesses. Whichever solution you choose, compare pricing and features to find the best fit for your business. In the end, the only crucial thing is to use some shipping management software to manage your supply chain operations for optimum shipping performance.




1) How many pricing plans does Shippo have?

Shippo has 3 subscription plans - Starter Plan, Professional (Pro) Plan, and Premier Plan. It does not offer any free plans. The Starter Plan is perfect for small businesses and retailers trying different options. All these plans come packed with powerful features like customer service, API support, shopping cart integrations, email and SMS order tracking notifications, etc.

2) Which is cheaper - Easyship or Shippo?

Easyship offers very heavy discounts compared to Shippo. On the other hand, Shippo's subscription plans are much more cost-effective than EasyShip's, with the Starter Plan only charging businesses for postage rates. Therefore, there's no way of telling which of these two shipping platforms is cheaper. Your investment would depend on how much you ship every month and the added services you require.