Narvar Vs Convey

Here's an unbiased comparison of  Narvar v/s Convey across 10 objective parameters

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an unbiased Comparison of Narvar with Convey & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

More than 300 n/a More than 200

COD Services

No No Yes

Order Tracking Page

Intermediate Advanced Advanced

Returns Management

Intermediate Intermediate Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Does not offer Does not offer Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes Yes Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

No No Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes



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Narvar Vs Convey


1) Introduction

Every eCommerce company wants to amp up its post-purchase and delivery experience to retain customer loyalty and brand value. And what better way to do that than use software that relies on automation and technology to optimize these processes? 

Many retailers and enterprises in the U.S. may have heard of Narvar and Convey. The camp is split between the two software. We decided to formally address the issue with this detailed article on Narvar vs. Convey. 


2) About Narvar

Narvar is a shipment management platform that allows eCommerce businesses to manage their logistics operations through a unified platform. It was founded in 2012 in the US. Since then, it has expanded to countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Narvar offers integrations to eCommerce platforms allowing them to connect with 300 shipping companies worldwide. It is also integrated with over 50 order management systems and processes an average of 7 billion interactions annually. 


3) Top Services Offered by Narvar

Here are the top five services offered by Narvar:

3.1) Concierge

Narvar’s concierge services include a network of delivery pick-up and return drop-off locations. 

During checkout, retailers can showcase these concierge locations to customers for convenient delivery pickup options. Similarly, customers can choose a return drop-off location using the Narvar returns portal

Narvar presents detailed tracking notifications and pickup/drop-off instructions to customers via email. 

3.2) Ship

Narvar offers a stream of services to optimize customers' delivery experience. It displays delivery dates on product pages and at checkout. For brand owners, it presents in-transit data to keep track. They can also set flexible rules according to business needs and calculate the most favorable EDD (estimated delivery date). 

3.3) Track

Narvar’s tracking mechanism is devised to lower WISMO (where-is-my-order) calls and build loyalty. To accomplish this, it creates contextual branded pages for tracking, with various customization touchpoints. It also has marketing features to drive post-purchase loyalty and sales, including a product recommendation system. 

3.4) Notify

It also offers customers proactive order notifications and monitors the arrival time of orders. This helps retailers keep track of any possible delivery exceptions.

Communications can be made across multiple channels, such as email, Line, and WhatsApp. Retailers can send custom messages that speak of their brand identity. Apart from order updates, retailers can send account updates and return updates.

3.5) Return and Exchange 

Its returns module includes services like at-home pickup and drop-off at multiple concierge locations in the U.S. and a returns portal. The branded portal facilitates easy exchanges and returns for customers. It also extends proactive refund status notifications in multiple channels. 

Moreover, it enables retailers to create separate return flows, policies, rules, and loyalty programs for high-value customers and products. This empowers them to provide tailored returns experiences to different customer segments. 


4) Features of Narvar 

  • Narvar helps businesses estimate the date of delivery of an order.

  • It allows businesses to know the cost of shipment before accepting any order and helps them choose the ideal shipping partner with the help of AI.

  • It provides comprehensive reports to gauge the performance of the shipping experience for businesses.

  • It provides a system to manage reverse logistics and a network of more than 200,000 drop-off points for returning orders. 

  • It integrates with warehouse or order management systems and assists warehouses in item grading, routing, product recycling, or re-selling. 


Narvar’s platform is easy-to-use and ideal for first-timers without any complicated processes.


The cost of add-ons provided by the platform is high, leading to a dramatic increase in the service price should businesses need additional features. 


5) About Convey 

Convey is a delivery management solution. The platform works with businesses to improve the last-mile delivery experience. The platform was launched in 2013 and is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2021, the company was acquired by Project 44, with its current headquarter in 2021.

The platform processes an average of 2.3 million delivery tracking requests every day. It has processed approximately 8 billion shipment events through its platform. 

Convey (and project44) aims to optimize different post-purchase experience areas like order visibility. It also works towards advanced analytics to help retailers secure their supply chains.  Combined with project44, it now combines first, second and last-mile deliveries for retailers and freight shippers. 


6) Top Services Offered by Convey

Here are the top five services offered by Convey:

6.1) Order Visibility

Convey offers end-to-end shipment visibility, including freight shipments in the intermodal mode. Retailers can track all order data from a single dashboard. It also uses predictive analytics to predict estimated delivery dates and delays. 

6.2) Communication and Engagement 

Convey allows businesses to display EDDs to customers as they place their orders to improve retention and conversion rates. It also facilitates post-purchase customer experience through branded tracking pages, custom notifications, and multiple-channel communication. It also promotes bulk order updates for multiple customers at a go.

6.3) Delivery Issue Resolution

Convey enables businesses to resolve issues with the shipment faster through unified order visibility and helps enterprises manage delivery exceptions. Its real-time shipment tracking procures data on missed EDDs or shipment delays according to the guidelines provided by a brand. 

Convey categorizes risk factors to identify network issues, weather reports, route disruptions, and more. It also facilitates cross-team collaboration based on this data to improve operational efficiency.

6.4) Control Tower Intelligence

It allows businesses to analyze data discrepancies and helps reduce shipping costs through prescriptive analytics and insights. This includes status updates like in-transit delays, missed EDDs, and carrier performance. Customers are duly informed of any mishaps or delays and are well informed about their order status. 

6.5) Supply Chain Analysis 

Convey has a strong suit in analytics and data predictions, such as real-time escalations in shipping exceptions or stuck shipments and on-time carrier performance. 

From predicting delays, risks and disruptions, Convey advances cross-team collaboration in a company with its added tools. It also lets customers and carriers communicate digitally on scheduling, rescheduling, canceling, or confirming any orders. 


7) Features of Convey 

  • Convey helps enhance the efficiency of last-mile deliveries through efficient data analysis. 

  • It allows businesses to improve the visibility of the shipment by providing real-time tracking capabilities. 

  • The platform helps create a unique customer experience for improving retention rates. 

  • It enables branded pages and communication to engage with customers.

  • It helps businesses manage delivery exceptions and uses data to identify the cause of an issue and help resolve it. 


The platform uses data analytics to improve the delivery experience while delivering cost-effective solutions. 


The platform lacks add-on features and is limited in scope. 


8) A Salient Comparison Between Narvar and Convey 

Narvar and Convey operate in the last-mile delivery and post-purchase optimization field. They have different capacities and features. To solidify the understanding of which platform works better, we have compared Narvar vs. Convey on the following points:

8.1) Order Tracking and Shipment Visibility

Both Narvar and Convey offer order tracking and end-to-end shipment visibility. However, Convey provides visibility across all modes and carriers, while Narvar’s strong suit lies in contextualizing the order notifications. 

Narvar provides personalized tracking notifications through its branded tracking portal and multiple communication channels. It also engages in product recommendations and other marketing assets, unlike Convey. 

8.2) Predictive Analysis and Data Insights 

Convey has a stronghold in predictive analytics and data insights. This includes detecting early signs of shipment risks like missing EDDs, route disruptions, identifying stalled shipments, loss, etc. 

Moreover, Convery facilitates direct collaboration between customers and carriers to re-schedule, cancel or confirm order status. 

Narvar, too, offers data insights on broader terms, like calibrating a brand’s performance with others in the industry and data visualization.

8.3) Post-Purchase Engagement 

Narvar offers multiple post-purchase engagement facilities like concierge locations for convenient pick-up and drop-off and branded and personalized tracking. It also effectively manages returns and exchanges without the hassles of formalized packaging, labels, and boxes.  It also provides proactive refund notifications.

On the contrary, Convey’s post-purchase engagement tools are primarily based on tracking, intelligent alerts, and branded returns portals. It leans more towards optimizing the operational capacity of the brand with liquidation services and physical returns processing. 

8.4) Automation and Integrations

Narvar's strong suit is automated communications. It offers automated notifications for each stage of the order undertaken before it reaches the customer’s doorstep. Unlike Narvar, Convey’s automated notifications are limited to messages relaying shipment dispatch. 

Furthermore, Narvar offers companies the convenience of integrating any tracking module in their website, whether EDD or other marketing features. Narvar also extends third-party integrations with Salesforce Cloud and Zendesk for customer service management. 

Convey has an entire support structure of third-party integrations as an added service called Convey Plus. Its compatibility with third-party solutions targets network visibility, scaling customer support, EDD predictions, and inventory management. It also boasts integrations with specialized communication systems and AI chatbots. 

8.5) Pricing 

Narvar and Convey are paid software and do not have a free trial version. Convey’s pricing structure is based on the brand's use of particular features. Similarly, Narvar’s pricing model is also usage-based. For accurate information, retailers have to connect with the respective company representatives.

9) Alternatives and Competitors of Both Narvar and Convey 

When we talk about delivery management software, we certainly do not restrict ourselves to only tracking, returns, notifications, and post-purchase customer experience. Any last-mile delivery requires a robust infrastructure, automated workflows, real-time monitoring, and support for delivery exceptions. 

If you agree to the above proposition, you may also want to look at alternatives to Narvar and Convey. While there are many competitors in the market, ClickPost comes very close to what both Narvar and Convey do, with added advantages.

For one, ClickPost is a complete logistics and shipping management solution, focusing on both last-mile and hyperlocal delivery. It has integrations with 300 carriers, WMS, eCommerce storefronts, marketplaces, order fulfillment software, etc. Its data-driven carrier recommendation engine automatically allocates couriers. 

Like Convey and Narvar, ClickPost does an excellent job of order tracking with API polling and webhooks. It offers white-labeled and domain-masked branded tracking, and a returns portal configured with a brand’s returns policy. The tracking page and returns portal is embedded with intelligent product recommendation and multi-lingual support. 

It manages shipping delays and failed deliveries with its NDR and NPR management portals. It resolves failed deliveries/pickups resulting from customer unavailability or incorrect information without manual intervention. It also handles COD reconciliation and product exchanges. 


10) Conclusion 

Narvar vs. Convey is a common concern that plagues many enterprises and brand owners. Both of them possess excellent features that drive up customer satisfaction and sales.

While we looked at each software's various services and features, we also discovered their differences. We hope our little exercise will help you decide which software best fits your business needs. 




1) Is Narvar better at returns management than Convey? 

Both have different specialties in returns management. Narvar has a concierge service that allows brands to present multiple locations and kiosks for collecting and dropping packages. However, if you are focused on liquidation and quality checks of returned merchandise, then Convery is a better option.

2) Which is the best option between Narvar, Convey, and ClickPost?

ClickPost helps businesses manage orders, including creating orders with couriers, generating order manifests, and shipping and return labels. All three software have their pros and cons. However, for a complete delivery management solution, ClickPost fares better than Convey or Narvar.