Top 12 Mobile Apps Builder For Shopify Sellers

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1. What is a ‘Mobile Apps Builder’ for Shopify and How does it work?

Mobile Apps Builder for Shopify is a powerful app that allows ecommerce businesses to create mobile apps for their customers. It's the perfect solution for business owners who want to offer an intuitive, secure environment where they can manage their orders and inventory on the go. 

The Mobile App Builder provides you with all of the tools necessary to build your own custom app in just minutes! With the mobile app builder for Shopify, ecommerce businesses can totally bypass all backend development and coding that goes into the making of a mobile app.


The Mobile Apps Builder has many features that will help your company grow faster by making it easy for your customer base to purchase products from anywhere at any time. Like a user-friendly interface, streamlined order management, easy access to product information, accessible inventory data, flexible pricing plans, customizable layouts, colors, logos and much more. 

This blog post will delve into the top 12 mobile apps builders for Shopify based on expert interviews, user reviews and detailed analysis. It will also discuss some of the pointers every online entrepreneur should keep in mind while selecting the best mobile apps builder for their business. Keep reading!

2. Top Mobile Apps Builders

3. Detailed Review of Mobile Apps Builder for Shopify

1. Mobile App Builder - Vajro



Vajro is a mobile app builder for Shopify that can turn any ecommerce store into a mobile app within 60 minutes! It is accessible worldwide and downloadable across all iOS and android devices. It has a dedicated fan following with 900+ 5-star reviews under its belt.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 customer care with 1-on-1 demos

  • iOS and android tech support

  • Auto-sync with inventory and store

  • Customisable homepage with add-in widgets and 4 built-in themes

  • Live video selling through Facebook groups, Instagram, etc. Syncing your store with a Shopify Social Login app can help here.

  • Real-time order notifications to customers

  • Notification reports to gauge how well push notifications are working

  • Push notifications for flash sales, product launch, abandoned cart, etc.


  • Packed with features to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales. 

  • Best customer service and easy onboarding.

Cons: Integrations with other apps don’t always work smoothly.

Pricing: From $99/month. 60-day free trial.

2. Shopney - Mobile App Builder



Shopney is a Shopify mobile app builder that can create beautiful shopping apps for ecommerce companies with no coding requirements. You can choose from a vast selection of layouts and drag and drop each till you find the best fit. Shopney works similar to some Shopify store design apps that make your Shopify store look and feel better.

Key Features:

  • Around the clock customer support

  • Unlimited push notification options

  • Discounts for mobile app users only

  • Automatic syncing with inventory and intuitive dashboard

  • Multiple currencies and language options based on customer location

  • Availability of size charts

  • App performance analytics

  • Fully agile app with flexibility around purchase demands, etc.

Pros: Remarkable customer support.

Cons: Steep pricing and time-taking integration with Shopify.

Pricing: From $99/month. 30-day free trial.

 3. Appmaker- Mobile App Builder 


Appmaker is a mobile app builder for Shopify. It lets users create beautiful native Android and iOS mobile apps without needing much coding knowledge. Appmaker puts forward top-of-the-line functionalities that will mark out your app from the others.

Appmaker, similar to other Shopify mobile app development tools, lets you build and plan push notifications, which is an amazing method to improve user engagement and convert them. Because Appmaker offers zero-latency real-time syncing with your eCommerce software, it's simple to edit your store online.

Key Features:

  • Engaging push notifications

  • Simple drag & drop editor

  • Real-time sync

  • Insightful app analytics


  • Creating an initial app takes only a few minutes and it is easy to customize the app

  • Even if you make notable changes to your app or your website, Appmaker keeps everything in sync.


  • Integrations with other Shopify apps might take time.

Pricing plan: Basic Plan is $99/month, Growth Plan is $249/month, Scale Plan is $999/month.


 4. Plobal Mobile Apps Builder


Plobal mobile app builder can convert your ecommerce store into a brand new shopping app that drives sales, installs and increases AOVs (average order value). All you need to do is drag and drop items to create a unique mobile app or contact Plobal’s customer care to get a custom-made mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with other Shopify apps.

  • Customise push notifications to reach customers at different lifecycles and simultaneously announce new product launches or sales.

  • Receive data-driven actionable insights to improve sales and customer experience.

Pros: The Plobal team can provide custom-made app designs at no extra cost.

Cons: Lack in communication and product demos are two of the most striking cons of Plobal mobile app builder for Shopify.

Pricing: From $99/month. 30-day free trial.

5. Mobile App Builder - MageNative


MageNative is a mobile app builder for Shopify that quickly creates an interactive and intuitive mobile app for your customers. With the MageNative app for Shopify, businesses can push install ads on android and iOS devices.

Key Features:

  • Get access to targeted selling with ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

  • Intelligent and intuitive AI and ML-powered mobile app builder makes navigation easy.

  • Detailed analytics reports on uninstalls, customer engagement, new customers, every order and more.

  • Multi-language support and unlimited customizable push notifications. you may also try out the translation Shopify apps to reach a broader audience.

Pros: Helpful customer support and easy implementation of app builder.

Cons: Most negative reviews revolve around frequent crashes and bugs.

Pricing: They have 3 plans - Basic ($49/month), Growth ($69/month), and Enterprise ($99/month)

6. Mobile App Builder - JCurve 


JCurve is a popular Shopify app for mobile app building that enables ecommerce businesses to provide extensive loyalty and reward programs for repeat customers through their app. This mobile app builder supports lego-style app development and does not require any coding.

Key Features:

  • This Shopify app helps you reach customers in 120+ countries 

  • It is available in 12 languages via integrations with Langshop and Langify.

  • Get certified customer reviews via integrated apps and persuade more customers to buy from your Shopify app.

  • Schedule push notifications for sales, product releases, etc., to never miss out on a big day. therefore, you don't even need a Shopify abandoned cart app if you have JCurve.

Pros: JCurve helps curb abandoned carts with targeted push messages.

Cons: Gaps in communication with the customer care team can sometimes be a problem.

Pricing: From $49.99/month. 30-day free trial.

7. TapCart - Mobile App


TapCart is an easy-to-use Shopify mobile app builder. It can create a mobile app that seamlessly syncs with your Shopify store, increasing retention, loyalty, and customer lifetime value. Plus, Tapcart’s top-rated support team is always there to help you get the most out of your app. 

Key Features:

  • All changes made to the app happen in real-time. No downtime!

  • Promote business and drive sales with app-exclusive sales and discounts.

  • Automatically feed in personal data of customers on delivery form.

  • Integrate your app with numerous Shopify plugins and apps.

  • Provide multiple payment options.

Pros: TapCart is extremely user-friendly and easy to implement.


  • Prices are a little steep.

  • Updating inventory from “Sold Out” to “In Stock” is slow. One of the Shopify inventory management apps might be a better fit for this purpose.

Pricing: From $250/month. 7-day free trial.

8. Appy Pie App Builder App Maker


Appy Pie is another mobile app builder for Shopify that many ecommerce companies use to simplify selling online and reach millions of mobile users effectively. With Appy Pie, online stores can reach targeted audiences within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Entrepreneurs can choose any Shopify theme and use it for their mobile app, complete with splash images, colour schemes, logos, etc.

  • Users can easily check out with the Apple Pay button.

  • Maximise sales with attractive discounts and Gift Card options.

  • End-to-End secure network hosted on AWS cloud and compliant to GDPR norms.


  • Auto-sync with Shopify store is easy and seamless.

  • Customer support is very responsive.

Cons: Only works on iOS platforms.

Pricing: $60/month. 7-day free trial.

9. Mobile App Designer - Drobile 


Drobile is a Shopify mobile app builder that can be used by both iOS and android users. It provides a fully customisable app-building experience for brands. With Drobile mobile app developer, businesses can see 3 times more sales than through a mobile website. It also comes with features similar to many of the Shopify email marketing apps!

Key Features:

  • Send unlimited push notifications to customers on various brand events like flash sales, black friday sales, product launches, and other events.
  • Advanced performance analytics helps ecommerce businesses to improve the shopping experience of customers constantly. 
  • Provide a holistic customer experience with multiple language options.
  • Make payments easy with several payment options.

Pros: Cost-effective and works very well for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cons: Customer service can sometimes be a little less than ideal.

Pricing: From $80/month. 14-day free trial.

10. Appmaker - Mobile App Builder


This mobile app builder is one of the premium apps on Shopify that is capable of providing custom designs and builds for iOS and Android with no coding knowledge required. Appmaker facilitates excellent features to stand out in a competitive market.

Key Features:

  • Appmaker offers analytics for the activities on your app and provides insightful reports to help run your business.

  • You can engage your customer with a personalized touch through push notifications.

  • Appmaker facilitates real-time synchronization with your website, saving you extra time.

  • This mobile app builder engages customers with deep linking whenever they search for a product related to your business.


  • This mobile app builder is easy to install helping you get on with your business operations without any glitches.

  • The free plan subscription on Appmaker offers useful features.

  • The customer service makes this mobile app builder stand out in the market.


  • The price for the paid version of this app is on the higher side.

Pricing: Free installation and Basic plan starts 99$ per month. 

4. Selecting the Best Mobile Apps Builder for Shopify

4.1) Cost

Since any ecommerce business aims to stay profitable, it’s imperative to weigh costs before choosing a mobile app builder for your Shopify store. Instead of looking at the price alone, try to figure out how many features offered by the app builder will actually be of use to your brand. This is the best way to select a cost-effective solution.

4.2) Features

Some of the Shopify mobile app builder features that your online store absolutely needs are customisable push notifications, multi-language support, customer care, wishlist options, multiple payment gateways, etc. 

4.3) Themes and Design

Before buying a Shopify mobile app builder, make sure it can produce themes, colour schemes and other design items that suit your brand image. A custom-made app design is also a welcome feature.

4.4) Customer Support

Customer support is key whenever you work with software. To provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers, your mobile app builder for Shopify should work like a well-oiled machine without any bugs or snags. To ensure that, you need to have full support of the customer care team to help you out immediately whenever an issue arises with the app.

4.5) Analytics

The only way you can improve the business and shopping experience of your app users is through comprehensive analytics reports on app performance. Our list of the best mobile app builders for Shopify includes several that provide insights on performance of push notifications, customer engagement, sales during peak seasons and many other metrics.

4.6) Loading Speed

The primary reason for app uninstalls is slow loading speed or frequent crashes. A slow app can put a major damper on customers’ shopping experience. No matter how beautiful or inventory-laden your app is, most users will quit immediately if it is slow to open. Therefore, goes without saying, choose a Shopify mobile app builder with a robust backend that does not face any internal issues like that.

5.Overall recommendation

A mobile app can multiple online sales. But it can only work like a charm for your ecommerce business if you choose the best Shopify mobile apps builder. Shopify apps like Vajro, Shopney, Plobal provide excellent overall app builder benefits like personalized app notification, 24/7 customer care, easy integrations and more. But newer ecommerce businesses can benefit more from equally good cost effective options like JCurve and MageNative Shopify mobile app builders that cost far less. 

Therefore, the best Shopify mobile app builder for your business doesn’t need to be the one with the most reviews or downloads. Instead, it should be one that caters fully to all your business needs. Keep in mind all our tips on how to select the best mobile apps for Shopify and you should be able to find the one that works for you. All the best!

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