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1) Introduction

Are you an e-commerce business looking forward to providing better shipping services? Then, shipping software like DesktopShipper is the solution. 

Shipping software helps e-commerce stores to overcome shipping challenges and simplifies the shipping process. There are plenty of software solutions in the market that provides many features such as inventory check, printing and packaging. These features can be added to enterprise-level expertise for better and faster order fulfilment. 

In this article, we have talked about several DesktopShipper competitors and alternatives that have unique shipping functionalities. Online merchants can choose which shipping software best suits their businesses.


2) What is DesktopShipper?

DesktopShipper is a cloud-based shipping software that helps delivery companies, enterprise businesses and start-ups with shipping management. The platform integrates with third-party logistics such as Amazon, Magento, eBay, and more to automate shipping and enhance customers' pre and post-purchase experience. 

The key features of the software include:

  • E-commerce companies can organise and assign batches according to the order purchase date, customer address, carrier, etc., with DesktopShipper's batch management system.

  • The platform generates customised packing slips and assigns them to marketplaces.

  • DesktopShipper's carrier mapping feature allows online retailers to choose a shipping method and map it to a specific service.

  • Through this platform, e-commerce companies can access the lowest shipping rates.

  • DesktopShipper also helps in order and warehouse management. 


3) Top 10 DesktopShipper competitors and alternatives

Though DesktopShipper offers effective web-based solutions, we have created a list of various ecommerce shipping platforms that overlays Desktopshipper's shipping features. Here are the top-notch DesktopShipper competitors:


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a logistics management platform that assists e-commerce companies in improving customers' post-purchase experience. The platform operates as an overall logistics solution, a courier tracking system and a multi-carrier integration system. It uses advanced technology to simplify complex shipping processes. ClickPost offers fast integrations with 200+ carriers, storefronts and WMS within one day.

ClickPost's tracking management system helps customers to track their orders through its branded tracking page. It sends live tracking updates via WhatsApp, SMS and email. Its NDR management portal auto-resolves delivery exceptions and reduce RTO%. The software's returns management portal enables customers to place returns online. It also manages refunds, exchanges and cancellations. These best-in-class shipping features make ClickPost a solid DesktopShipper competitor.


3.2) CargoWise

CargoWise is a cloud-based shipping software that automates and optimises shipping processes, giving online sellers control and transparency. The platform enables e-commerce stores to execute complex transactions in multiple areas, including warehousing, freight forwarding, tracking, cross-border compliance, etc. CargoWise also manages shipping operations on one database across multiple countries, users and offices.

The software integrates with third-party systems, carrier partners, government, etc., to increase e-commerce businesses' productivity and efficiency. CargoWise's real-time data visibility feature allows online retailers to track your orders throughout the shipment journey. With CargoWise, e-commerce stores can get complete control over international compliance. The platform ensures that shipment takes place smoothly to avoid fines and cargo delays. 


3.3) LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile, a logistics software, focuses on home deliveries, B2B distribution market, transportation and omnichannel fulfilment. It offers automated shipment route optimisation for e-commerce companies using long haul, first and last mile and reverse logistics. The software's dashboard includes SLA comparisons, heat maps and trend lines that allow users to analyse the entire shipping network. 

LogiNext Mile's push API integration provides real-time last mile tracking notifications via a map interface. The platform easily integrates with multiple TMS, WMS, CRMs and ERPs to streamline shipping operations. Its automated optimisation features help online merchants plan delivery routes for various distribution models, such as pick-up and drop algorithms. 


3.4) Webgility 

Webgility is a multichannel e-commerce software which offers inventory and accounting management. This virtual bookkeeping software is designed for online sellers who use QuickBooks. Its Modern Common Workspace works with QuickBooks to help e-commerce companies expand their businesses and save money spent on accounting. Webgility also records taxes for shipping costs, Shopify payouts and tax filing. 

Webgility's single dashboard allows e-commerce stores to search, filter, sort, export and import orders. It connects QuickBooks with multiple shopping carts, POS and marketplaces for increased visibility. With Webgility, you will get orders instantly and receive notifications regarding order status via email. 


3.5) SKULabs

SKULabs is an ideal DesktopShipper alternative. It is an all-in-one order fulfilment and inventory management software for small, midsize and large e-commerce companies. It offers tools for barcoding, order picking, purchasing, receiving, multi-carrier shipping and more. SKULabs integrates with trusted marketplaces and shopping carts to manage inventory, orders and catalogues.

SKULabs' warehouse management system allows online retailers to track inventory across multiple locations. It enables you to compare shipping rates and print shipping labels with discounted rates. The batch picking system of SKULabs allows you to create a new batch of similar orders. Through this platform, users can set up defaults for package types, insurance preferences and shipping methods. 


3.6) 4psite

4psite is a cloud-based order management system (OMS) that simplifies e-commerce shipping operations. It allows seamless integration with 40+ channels and carts within a single interface to manage e-commerce sales. The platform's picking and warehouse management system offers better control of order fulfilment. Its accurate and efficient picking processes help to optimise e-commerce businesses' workflow. 4psite's other features, such as EDI services, built-in CRM, drop-shipping, payment processing, etc., help your business to expand globally.


3.7) Shipfusion

Shipfusion is a third-party logistics that provides e-commerce fulfilment solutions to online retailers throughout North America. The platform provides e-commerce companies with the tools for order fulfilment, inventory management, and real-time tracking and billing. It offers warehouse projects that can be used for B2B fulfilment, labelling, product kitting and retagging products. 

Shipfusion's return software easily integrates with other sales channels to support a full returns process for each client. Its freight management system allows users to track, book and manage freight. Online retailers can integrate their sales from different sales channels into a single platform to track shipments, handle order processing, view inventory updates and track their progress. 


3.8) Shiptify

Shiptify is a transportation management software that helps e-commerce companies to manage their road, sea and air transportation. This shipping solution enables carriers to integrate with customers and manage shipments. Shiptify interfaces with ERP and other systems and allows online retailers to optimise transport plans, communicate with stakeholders and negotiate prices. It also provides all the operational data to control all transportation operations. Shiptify's other features include accounting, expense management and invoicing.


3.9) ShipConsole

ShipConsole is multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce businesses using Oracle and other ERP systems. The software aims to connect internal supply chain systems with external shipping activities. ShipConsole integrates with ERP cloud, parcel carriers, Oracle EBS, LTL carriers, JD Edwards and NetSuite to streamline the shipment process. The platform optimises international and domestic shipping using both freight and parcel carriers. ShipConsole also offers other services such as shipment tracking, printing labels, returns management and generating compliance reports to simplify shipping operations. 


3.10) Zenstores

Zenstores is UK's leading shipping platform for e-commerce businesses. This software helps these businesses to grow by making shipping faster, simpler and cheaper. Online retailers can easily import their e-commerce orders into Zenstores dashboard. The platform also integrates with multiple stores and marketplaces, such as Magento, eBay, Amazon, etc., to improve customers' post-purchase experience.

Zenstores allows e-commerce stores to book shipments and print shipping labels. It provides users with the tracking numbers for their shipments. Users can use these numbers to track their orders. Zenstores also offers customer care service to resolve customers' doubts and complaints.


4) How to select the best DesktopShipper competitors and alternatives?

Choosing a reasonable DesktopShipper alternative is a challenging task. The following section discusses some parameters that will help e-commerce retailers to select end-to-end shipping software for their businesses.


4.1) Order fulfilment

An effective order fulfilment offers fast delivery and low prices. The order fulfilment process should involve printing labels, order syncing, managing inventory and delivering packages to customers. Hence, shipping software with advanced order fulfilment features is an ideal DesktopShipper competitor.


4.2) Customer care service

Customer retention makes the clear path to e-commerce success. E-business owners should understand that happy customers lead to more sustainability, growth and money. Hence, they should provide their customers with best-in-class customer care services. It means the e-commerce companies should solve their queries, respond to their complaints and ensure complete satisfaction.


4.3) Serviceability

Serviceability refers to the number of orders a shipping software can handle daily, weekly or monthly. It also refers to the number of locations or areas it delivers. Thus, a DesktopShipper alternative must be able to deliver orders in all domains selected by the e-commerce companies.


4.4) Price

E-commerce stores must consider their budget before selecting a DesktopShipper competitor. They should pair up with the shipping software that provides effective shipping services at affordable rates. Pairing up with a logistics platform that offers lower prices will ultimately benefit the e-commerce business.


4.5) Returns management

Every e-commerce business faces returns. The product returns can be a hassle process. When returned products are sent back to the warehouse, it becomes difficult for online sellers to manage high volumes of orders. Also, customers want an uncomplicated returns journey. Hence, shipping software with the returns management system resolves returns issues through proactive communication.


5) Conclusion 

As the e-commerce market is expanding rapidly, online retailers demand effective shipping software that helps them to stay on top of the market. Many shipping management platforms are available in the market. However, e-commerce businesses have to choose a shipping solution that provides efficient and fast delivery services. We hope this blog will help them select an appropriate DesktopShipper alternative that fulfils their shipping needs. 


FAQs on DesktopShipper and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Which is the best DesktopShipper competitor?

There are many shipping software that provides effective logistics solutions. Some shipping platforms that offer the same shipping features as DesktopShipper are ClickPost, LogiNext Mile, SKULabs, etc. Hence, online merchants should look for those DesktopShipper competitors that offer advanced shipping services and fulfil shipping needs.

6.2) Why do people shift from DesktopShipper to other alternatives?

There can be several reasons that can make e-commerce businesses shift from DesktopShipper to other alternatives. Perhaps they aren't happy with the services, aren't getting good customer responses, want advanced technical support, aren't seeing growth in business, etc.


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