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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top alternatives and competitors to Ordoro. 


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Top Ordoro Alternatives & Competitors You Need to Know About 

1) Introduction

Being a growing eCommerce business, order management needs to be your first priority to ensure your business stays on track and your customers stay happy. Order management software is widely used as many people look out for simple and secure systems that can help manage order workflows while providing effective eCommerce and accounting integrations.

In the league of such software, Ordoro stands out as a worthy option. The inventory and order fulfillment software has come a long way since its inception and is today a favorite among eCommerce businesses. But we understand if you’re looking for an Ordoro alternative for reasons like a better pricing structure or more features. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top Ordoro competitors that you can turn to if you need an alternative application. Let's get started with a quick look at Ordoro before we discuss its alternatives.


2) What is Ordoro - Brief Overview

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ordoro was launched in 2010 with the aim of being an all-in-one, centralized web-based eCommerce solutions platform for small to medium-sized businesses. The team behind the software wanted to provide a platform with advanced features at an affordable price to businesses of all sizes.

Today, Ordoro has established itself as one of the trustworthy brands in the eCommerce order fulfillment industry, with thousands of businesses relying on it to provide various shipping-related services. 


3) Top Best Ordoro Competitors and Alternatives [2023 Updated List]

Although Ordoro offers helpful features like domestic and international deliveries, quick returns, insurance, and smart tracking technology, there could be several reasons why you might want to pick a different shipping provider for your needs.

If you are looking for some great Ordoro alternatives, check out our curated list below.

3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a leading shipping and logistics provider for eCommerce businesses around the globe. The company offers end-to-end services to online sellers and helps them generate revenue while facilitating an excellent post-purchase customer experience.

ClickPost automatically allocates suitable carriers for shipments by evaluating metrics like carrier performance, a destination address, and type of shipment. It also manages returns through well-equipped returns management portals where customers can initiate easy return/replacement requests.

All this and more contribute to making ClickPost one of the leading alternatives to Ordoro.


a) Features

  • Manages all orders through a unified dashboard. 

  • Uses one powerful API to do most work, including order creation, shipping label printing, waybill generation and preparation of orders for shipping.

  • Uses pull and push API integrations to update customers in real-time.

  • Automatically resolves shipping exceptions thanks to an AI-backed workflow along with effective NDR management.

  • Integrates with more than 150 storefronts and global carriers and like Shopify and big marketplaces like Amazon. 

b) Key highlights

  • Offers lightning-speed courier integrations and an easy-to-access order management platform.

  • The platform is ideal for medium and large enterprises that have high order volumes.


3.2) ShipStation

ShipStation is a multicarrier integration system operating largely in the United States. It provides effective inventory management while making sure that the shipment process stays hassle-free. 

Because of its integration with leading marketplaces, ShipStation has gained popularity as an effective online platform for eCommerce sellers. It helps fasten the overall process of order fulfillment by automating various processes like data analytics, product reports, order management, and much more.

a) Features

  • Provides multi-channel stock synchronization for easy inventory appraisal.

  • Allows bulk printing of shipping labels at discounted prices.

  • Provides branded tracking pages to display order updates and statuses to customers.

  • Offers facility to easily print labels and get access to branded returns portals. 

  • Integrations involve 70+ carriers and selling platforms. 

b) Pros

Makes inventory and stock management appraisals easy.

c) Cons

Doesn't provide the required support to manage multiple glitches. 


3.3) Shippo

Shippo originated in San Francisco, CA, and provides automated eCommerce shipping solutions using multicarrier integration. Extending services across the United States, France, Canada, and Australia, the company allows eCommerce businesses, marketplaces, and storefronts to integrate with the right selling channels. 

The software helps in everyday logistics tasks like confirming packages, on-time deliveries, reverse logistics, and more. It also facilitates shipping label printing in batches and helps with increasing brand engagement via branded tracking pages. 

a) Features

  • Displays updated ETAs and pricing on product pages for the customers.

  • Creates in-house shipping labels enabled with custom clearances for new and existing orders automatically. 

  • Allows carrying out detailed carrier rate comparisons through a unified platform.

  • Sends tracking notifications and email updates to customers regularly

  • Integrates with more than 85 storefronts and carriers.

b) Pros

Provides affordable shipping rates.

c) Cons

May apply hidden charges from time to time and offer limited support. 


3.4) Narvar

Narvar is an acclaimed shipping platform headquartered in the United States that helps eCommerce businesses to grow and improve their overall customer experience, with special focus on the post-purchase journey. It helps manage all logistics requirements for businesses of different sizes. 

Narvar streamlines delivery tracking by making it super simple and efficient. It offers valuable insights into order trends so that you can make data-backed purchase decisions. Without a doubt, this makes Narvar a worthy Ordoro competitor.

a) Features

  • Offers customizable easy return and exchange offers.

  • Offers a service for customers to pick up their orders from concierge stations. 

  • Automated order tracking updates the customers via emails, SMS, and other digital channels to track the order.

  • Integrations includes 350+ carriers, including various eCommerce support partners and sales channels. 

b) Pros

Offers more features and freedom to customize. 

c) Cons

Order tracking information isn't received in real-time. 


3.5) EasyShip

EasyShip is an eCommerce shipping solution that helps you enjoy the best pricing with great order management as well as customer outreach. It is an extremely simple-to-use platform for managing shipping while reducing the effort and time to make your products reach the customer. 

EasyShip provides a team of logistics experts who are always available to lend you a helping hand when required. The platform is well known for its affordable international shipping rates while delivering via FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

a) Features

  • Allows you to compare various shipping platforms to pick the most effective carrier option.

  • Provides you with a unified platform that allows you to manage and track orders.

  • Integrations include 250+ storefronts, marketplaces, carriers, and other platforms.

b) Pros

Ensures easy integration and navigation options.

c) Cons

It comes with various technical limitations that hinder larger order volumes.


3.6) Convey

Based in the U.S, Convey is a software solution that aims to improve the eCommerce customer experience using productive analysis and integrations. The software helps in reducing eCommerce operational costs through in-depth analytics on delivery performance, customer reviews, and any other areas of business that you may require information on. 

a) Features

  • Predicts ETAs for packages that are later displayed to customers on your platforms.

  • Automated shipment tracking details and notifications are provided to the customers.

  • Predictive analysis ensures that the quality of shipping operations can be improved. 

  • Integrations include a wide variety of eCommerce partners and shipping carriers.

b) Pros

Provides an increase in customer response and inquiries that can further be used for good.

c) Cons

Very limited services are provided regarding shipping management and brand promotions. 


3.7) ShipRocket

In the world of eCommerce, ShipRocket is a delivery and logistics solution that helps online sellers ship their products on time and efficiently. With the help of this software, sellers can ship their products to any corner of the world at competitive charges that allow you to save money and grow your business at a fast pace.

ShipRocket serves to 29K+ pin codes and makes deliveries in 220+ countries on a global level while offering security coverage over both domestic and cross-border shipments. It is an established player in the eCommerce industry and a top Ordoro alternative.

a) Features

  • Allows you to connect with big selling chains like eBay and Amazon

  • Helps you streamline your operations 

  • Integrates with several shopping cart applications like Magento and WooCommerce.

  • Provides different pricing bundles for medium and small businesses. 

  • Boost business operations with a cash on delivery (COD) remittance cycle of only 2 days. 

b) Pros

Doesn't demand any minimum volume of orders and also provides COD.

c) Cons

Doesn't have enough fuel to manage a large number of orders. 


3.8) WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is a Philadelphia-based business chain that helps eCommerce businesses manage their shipping operations via automated intelligence. 

WeSupplyLabs provides its clients with technology solutions, the latest supply chain research, and best practices available in the market. 

Its expert individuals allow you to optimize and fulfill the services at an extremely effective cost. 

a) Features

  • Offers the options of store pickups and curbside pickups for its customers.

  • Provides a branded tracking page and return/exchange portal on the eCommerce platforms. 

  • Provides instant access to 100+ carriers, support platforms, and storefronts. 

b) Pros

Helps in improving customer support via branding.

c) Cons

Carrier integrations are at times extremely slow. 


3.9) ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a U.S based inventory management software that provides active order solutions and data management to eCommerce businesses. By opting for ParcelPerform, online stores can easily reduce their shipping costs, increase overall productivity for a business and bring customer satisfaction. 

a) Key features

  • Allows brands to reach their customer queries faster. 

  • Helps in tracking and receiving analytical reports.

  • Updates its customers via SMSs, and emails and also provides them with a tracking page. 

  • Integrations include 600+ global and supportive carrier platforms.

b) Pros

Helps in reducing WISMO calls via increased responsiveness.

c) Cons

Contains a bunch of glitches that make it tough to use.


3.10) ShipBob

An omnichannel order fulfillment company, ShipBob offers eCommerce owners the best fulfillment services so that they can focus on growing their business and serving customers. 

When shippers integrate their platform with ShipBob’s software and send their products to its fulfillment center, the company picks, packs, and ships the products efficiently to achieve higher customer satisfaction. That’s the reason ShipBob is counted among the top-rated Ordoro competitors.

a) Features

  • Streamlines fulfilments from sellers' online stores to your customer’s door.

  • Efficient order and inventory management.

  • Provides visibility into operations and performance.

b) Pros

Hassle-free onboarding for all types of users.

c) Cons

A little bit costly looking at the average market rates.


4) Key Criteria to Take Care of While Choosing the Best Ordoro Alternatives and Competitors

Ordoro offers great services and features, but it might not be your ideal match due to one or multiple reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find Ordoro competitors for the same purpose.

In this section below, we’ll take you through some important features you must know before choosing the perfect Ordoro competitors and alternatives.

4.1) Quality of service

First, you need to find out if the software works in your required location and is capable of managing huge order volumes. Some companies and software are effectively able to manage bulk orders, while others have to face weight restrictions during deliveries. 

4.2) Tracking of shipments

You must know where your packages are at all times, in real-time. This capability will allow you to be updated about the condition and status of your packages, and therefore make betting business decisions instantly. 

4.3) Customer care availability

As an e-business owner, you must understand that your customers are the life and blood of your company. To make sure that your permanent customers come back and bring more potential customers, you need to provide them with excellent customer support. 

This means you should respond to their queries quickly and effectively, address their complaints, and ensure their complete satisfaction. 

4.4) Modes of payment

With the outburst of eCommerce over the past decade, it has become essential for online sellers to offer various modes of payment to their customers. This not only allows your customers to select the one that is convenient to them, but offers direct benefits in terms of pricing to your business too. 

It is, thus, essential to weigh the positives and negatives of different payment methods before offering the choice to your customers.

4.5) Customer feedback

Needless to say, customer reviews are an extremely critical source of information for online businesses. By analyzing direct user feedback, you can gain insights into customer behaviors. Further, this information will allow you to make various important decisions that'll be helpful for your growing business. 


5) Conclusion

While there are zillions of companies that offer impressive eCommerce order fulfillment services, there are only a few that offer high-quality shipping solutions. 

Each of the above-mentioned companies uses a high-end range of tech services which can allow you to make the right decision with cost-effective shipping options. 

We hope this detailed discussion was of help and will allow you to make the right decision with respect to the Ordoro or its alternatives. Do share your reviews regarding your most preferred software in the comments below. 


FAQs on Ordoro and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) Which are the best Ordoro alternatives?

There are numerous Ordoro competitors and alternatives, namely ClickPost, Narvar, WeSupplyLabs, ParcelPerform, EasyShip, ShipStation, Shippo, ShipBob, ShipMonk, SmartFreight, and more. Some of them are described in the article above.

6.2) Why do people shift to Ordoro competitors?

There can be several reasons for eCommerce owners leaving one shipping software and turning to the other. Perhaps they aren't seeing growth in the customer base, aren't happy with the services, or want better tech updates, customer handling, etc. 


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