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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top alternatives and competitors to Skubana. 


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Top Skubana Alternatives and Competitors


1) Introduction

Skubana is a popular choice for ecommerce companies to manage their supply chain. It is especially helpful in managing inventory and sales channels. While it offers a broad range of features, it lacks in specialization and vertical integration compared to the Skubana competitors and alternatives.

This article will explore the range of features offered by Skubana and the most viable alternatives currently available in the market. We will also look at the factors that generally push ecommerce business owners towards Skubana alternatives and competitors, and the points to keep in mind while looking for the same.


2) What is Skubana?

Skubana is an inventory and order management platform for ecommerce businesses. It helps sellers to integrate pre-purchase and post-purchase processes through a single dashboard. This includes sales channels, fulfillment centers, and logistics operations.

Skubana also features a range of automation tools. These include tools to generate forecasts and choose the best service providers proactively. Skubana can identify the best shipping deals, eliminate human errors, and ultimately result in robust cost optimization. 


3) Top 10 Skubana Competitors and Alternatives

Businesses generally look for Skubana alternatives and competitors when the services offered by Skubana no longer meet their needs. Businesses are often looking for a broader range of services.

Ecommerce businesses also often tend to look for specialized services for managing parts of the supply chain. Another common reason for switching away from Skubana is the need for integration with other services not supported by Skubana.

This article will explore some of the most viable Skubana competitors and alternatives.

1) ClickPost

ClickPost is one of the leading SaaS (Software as a service) platforms that offers end-to-end supply chain management features. They feature integrations with 130+ carriers and leading marketplaces and storefronts. You can manage orders across carriers and platforms through a single dashboard.

ClickPost features a range of services to improve the end customer experience. These include automatic shipping and delivery exception resolution protocols and real-time tracking updates. Due to their unmatched range of features and excellent customer support, ClickPost can be a viable Skubana alternative.



2) Oracle Netsuite

Oracle NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform competing directly with Skubana. You can use NetSuite to manage everything from financial planning to supply chain management. Oracle NetSuite also features easy integration with other supply chain management platforms.

Oracle Netsuite features a mobile application to enable easy monitoring of your warehouse operations. This can also implement cost-cutting by cutting down on the expenses related to proprietary hardware requirements.


3) Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs is an ecommerce inventory and order management platform built explicitly for retail brands. They have a range of features targeted toward retail brands. These include multiple sales and fulfillment channel integration.

Stitch Labs is a cloud-based platform that enables easy onboarding and implementation. This also cuts down on the resources needed for onboarding and can help to minimize your IT-related expenses.


4) Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting and financial management software. This can be a viable alternative for Skubana if you seek a specialized service to take over your accounting needs. Sage Intacct gives you real-time visibility over your operations and finances.

You can use Sage Intacct to handle cash management, accounting, purchasing, financial consolidation, and inventory management. It can also help you in product accounting and financial reporting.



SAP ERP is an enterprise resource management platform from SAP that features a range of tools to manage your eCommerce business activities. SAP ERP is unique in this regard as it provides a range of features and also provides deep specialization in each component. SAP ERP is best used with its entire suite of applications as it enables you to leverage all its strengths.

SAP ERP can be a viable alternative to Skubana as it is an established product that provides deep integration and specialization. This also extends to integrations with third-party services.


6) Kinetic

Kinetic is a business management platform aimed at global businesses. Kinetic also features services specialized for product manufacturers. Therefore it is generally not the top choice for retail brands.

If you are an ecommerce company that manufactures its own products, Kinetic can be a viable Skubana competitor for you. This can also be especially helpful if you are looking to expand and/or spin-off your manufacturing operations.


7) Webgility

Webgility is a flexible and powerful accounting software for ecommerce businesses. You can integrate Webgility with your existing ecosystem and automate accounting. This can help to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors.

Webgility can also help you with your sales tax filing and ensure compliance. This in turn makes it easier to audit your operations and roll back changes if necessary.


8) QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is an ERP platform that features special tools and reports for specific industries. This enables deep customization to suit the needs of your operation and minimizes the time needed for onboarding.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise also supports inventory management from multiple channels and locations, and can use barcodes to simplify operations.


9) Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a workflow management software for businesses. It features manufacturing and inventory management software targeted towards small and medium sized enterprises. You can use Fishbow to manage manufacturing, warehousing, and sales across multiple channels.

For ecommerce brands looking for an end to end workflow management solution with a sharp focus on inventory management, Fishbowl can be a good Skubana alternative.


10) Dear Systems

Dear Systems is a end to end workflow management software for small ad medium enterprises (SMEs). Dear Systems features manufacturing and inventory management tools along with accounting, ecommerce, and point of sales (POS) solutions.

The stand out feature of Dear Systems is the significantly lower cost when compared agaist established enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. While there are certain risks in using a new entrant in this space, the cost advantage makes Dear Systems an enticing option for upcoming ecommerce brands.



4) How to choose the Best Skubana Alternative?

Several factors must be considered while choosing the best Skubana competitor and alternative. We will briefly explore some of them here to give you an idea about the most important ones.


1) Operational Cost

The overall operating cost is one of the primary things a business owner considers. The operational cost depends on the pricing model implemented by the service. The operational cost might be a one-time cost or a periodic subscription. You also need to take equipment costs into account.


2) Range of features

The Skubana alternative you choose must offer the features necessary for your business. Ideally, all the features you use from your current service provider should be covered. You should also look for the availability of features that you are likely to need in the future.


3) Integration with Third Party Services

Ecommerce businesses often use various services to manage the entire supply chain. You should make sure that the software you are choosing supports the services and vendors you are using or are likely to use in the future.


4) Intelligent Features

Intelligent features driven by AI and machine learning have become sort of necessary in today’s world. Proper forecasting features can help you optimize costs and drive up profits. Cutting edge technology often decides the difference between a viable and non-viable operation.


5) Reliability

The Software you choose as the Skubana alternative will most likely end up managing several mission-critical operations. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the service you choose is reliable with high uptime. Glitches in the software will most definitely lead to loss of revenue and customer trust.


5) Conclusion

Depending on your specific needs and demands, the market offers several Skubana Alternatives and Competitors. To choose the best option for your business, you need first to gauge the unique demands of your business. You should also keep in the mind the challenges that are likely to arise as your business expands

You can either opt for a service that specializes in a narrow area or something that is a jack of all trades. This depends entirely on your organization's structure and size of operations. You can also opt for a combination of services to get the best out of several options. In that case, it is necessary to make sure that they offer proper cross platform integration.

No matter what path you choose, this article provides you with an overview of the most critical factors you need to keep in mind while looking for Skubana competitors and alternatives. Our list of potential services also gives you a headstart in looking for the most viable Skubana alternative for you.


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