Bluecare Express Ltd API Integration and Tracking


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Bluecare Express Ltd Services

Shipping services  

  • International and national delivery services

  • Express delivery service

Special services

  • Secure shipment service

  • Customer care service

Technology services

  • Tracking management dashboard for deliveries

About Bluecare Express

Bluecare Express Ltd is a privately held courier company that ships to many countries around the globe. The company aims to offer an easy-to-access tracking facility to consumers. It provides accurate tracking updates of the parcels while maintaining the privacy of the consignment parties. 

Bluecare Express Ltd was founded in 2014. Its office is situated in England, UK. The company combine its advanced technology and out-of-the-box ideas to deliver a unique experience to the recipients and senders. Its shipment services provide end-to-end customer satisfaction.

The company offers fast delivery services for both global and international shipments. Bluecare Express's user-friendly tracking interface allows users to track their orders or parcels throughout the delivery process. Customers can get all the information regarding the delivery status on its branded tracking page. 

Bluecare Express Ltd is a reliable company that allows users to track shipments anytime and anywhere. Its secure shipping service ensures the safety of every shipment. ClickPost has a tracking API integration with Bluecare Express that sends real-time tracking notifications to consumers via email, WhatsApp or SMS. Users can also avail of other services like NDR management, courier integration, returns management, etc.

FAQs about Bluecare Express


1) How can I track my Bluecare Express Ltd shipment?

You can easily track your shipment with Bluecare Express Ltd. The company provides a tracking number for each shipment. You can enter this number in the search bar of the company's tracking page. After entering this number, you will get the detailed delivery status of your order. 

2) Does Bluecare Express Ltd provide customer care service? 

Yes, Bluecare Express Ltd provides customer care service. Its 'Contact Us' section allows customers to share their doubts and complaints. They can also send their enquiries to the company's official email id. 

List of Bluecare Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

Track Shipment API: Track your Bluecare Express shipment using AWB and Courier Partner
Cancellation API Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns
EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page
NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database
Return Web-hooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using web-hooks




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