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Table Of Contents

CABT Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • 90-minute Hyperlocal Delivery

  • Same-day/Next-day delivery

  • Air/Surface Delivery Model

Special services

  • Micro-fulfilment Centers

  • Warehousing Services

  • COD/UPI Payment Collection

Technology services

  • End-to-end tracking

  • Single-Point API Integration

  • Returns Management Platform


About CABT Logistics

CABT, or Creative at Best Technologies Logistics, is an India-based logistics company that provides holistic solutions for e-commerce businesses. The company aims to be a prominent force in the logistics sector through lightning-fast services and integrated technology. The specialty of the carrier lies in hyperlocal deliveries and seamless fulfillment setups. 

Established in 2016, the carrier operates out of its headquarters in Gurugram. With services in over 20 states, CABT(Creative at Best Technologies) company started in the hyperlocal delivery sector. With the vision to be a one-stop solution, the service suite was expanded to domestic deliveries and fulfillment centers. 

The company promises to be your one-stop solution for lightning-fast deliveries. The hyperlocal deliveries within a 10km radius are said to have a time frame of 90 minutes. The same-day delivery service enables you to deliver orders on the same day across all metro cities. You can even activate the 10 to 10 delivery service for your customers, where if they order by 10 am, the order will be delivered by 10 pm. 

For tier-2 and tier-3 cities, the courier company offers next-day delivery to enable you to reach your customer at the earliest. However, this delivery speed is best paired with the decentralized Micro-fulfilment centers. This allows you to operate out of convenient locations to avoid shipping and delivery delays. The warehousing services also allow you to sort your picking and packing process and have a minimal investment in the delivery infrastructure. 

Alongside the seamless delivery service, the carrier focuses on empowering a better customer experience. Creative at Best Technologies can collect cash/UPI payments at the doorstep of the customer. The customer can even track their orders in real time, and the hyperlocal deliveries feature GPS-enabled tracking. This is an excellent way to reduce the WISMO calls on your platform and reduce the stress on your customer support. 

The return management platform allows you to automate pickups with a doorstep quality check process. All these services can be availed through single-point API integration. You can carry out this integration directly with your e-commerce platform to facilitate better order management and streamline workflows. ClickPost has a courier API integration with this CABT API that allows you access to its service along with other key services like NDR automation. 

FAQs about CABT Logistics


1) What is the time frame for hyperlocal deliveries?

For deliveries within a 10 km radius, CABT can promise delivery within 90 minutes of dispatch. For further delivery locations, the carrier enables same-day delivery under the 10-to-10 service. 

2) Is the CABT return service useful?

CABT logistics enables a streamlined returns process through automated pickups and real-time conciliation. Along with this, the refund process can be automated through the carrier’s API. 

List of CABT Logistics APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Print shipping label for a corresponding order with the carrier to create a pickup request

Track Shipment API:

Fetch the current location of the order in transit

Cancellation API

Cancel the shipping request and initiate an RTO request


Calculate the estimated delivery date for a particular pin code based on the performance data

NDR Action update:

Create an automated workflow to resolve failed delivery issues

Return Web-hooks:

Use webhooks to process return requests by the customer




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