SF Express API Integration and Tracking


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Table Of Contents

SF Express Services

Shipping services  

  • Same day domestic deliveries

  • Freight forwarding services 

  • Pharmaceuticals deliveries

Special services

  • Packaging services

  • Product installation services

  • Inspection services

Technology services

  • In-house tracking system 

  • Secret key authentication 

  • Membership services

About SF Express


Already a significant player in China, SF Express is a fast-growing logistics company that offers a range of shipping and freight services. SF Express aims to diversify its technology and services to establish a global logistics market ecosystem. 

Formed in 1993 in the Guangdong province of China, SF Express initially offered shipping services between the Guangdong province and Hong Kong. By 2010, it had already tapped into the airline industry, establishing SF Airlines to provide next-day and same-day deliveries. 

The company owns more than 500 heike,i.e., a Chinese online community store, and plans to expand to four thousand. In 2019, SF Express acquired DHL’s supply chains in the country and established a new joint subsidiary of both DHL and SF Express. 

Currently,  SF Express caters to China, Hong Kong,  Macau, and countries like the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan, Mexico, and Canada among others.

SF Express offers a plethora of services categorized into seven segments. These include express deliveries, time-sensitive express deliveries, freight services, cold chain services, pharmaceuticals, on-demand delivery services within the city, and supply chain management. The company also offers international services like express deliveries and freight forwarding. 

Additionally, SF Express offers value-added services to aid its shipments and deliveries. These services include not only packaging, warehousing, and Cash on Delivery (COD) services but also an installation service for shipments that require installation and a secret key authentication service for high-value deliveries that can be designated and sent by the shipper to the receiver. These shipments will only be delivered when the receiver verifies their identity by providing the secret key.

SF Express also provides its customers with an in-house tracking system to track both individual shipments and batch orders. It also offers them a membership option to avail customised services for their businesses. ClickPost has tracking API integration with SF Express which pulls the tracking information from SF Express’s tracking system to allow you to view and manage all your shipments from a single dashboard. 

FAQs about SF Express


1) Does SF Express deliver to the United States?

SF Express does not deliver directly to the United States.  However,  in 2017 it announced its partnership with United Parcel Service (UPS) to extend its service coverage area to the USA as well.

2) How long does SF Express take to deliver its shipments?

Depending on your requirements,  you can choose the delivery time based on your convenience.  SF Express provides same day and next day delivery services in China, Hong Kong and Macau. For international deliveries, the time estimate may vary from 3 to 10 business days depending on the destination country.

List of SF Express APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

Track Shipment API: Track your SF Express shipment using AWB and Courier Partner
Cancellation API Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns
EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page
NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database
Return Web-hooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using web-hooks




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