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Table Of Contents

YRC Services

Shipping services  

  • Deliveries within dedicated time-frames

  • Temperature-controlled shipments

Special services

  • Shipping Label Generation

  • Pickup on Request

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking Services

  • Secure, web-based application

About YRC

YRC or Yellow Corporation is a transport and freight company that deals with LTL shipments. The carrier offers comprehensive coverage in North America through its specialized and expedited LTL services. The carrier is known for its special coast-to-coast shipping and tracking services, along with deliveries in a guaranteed time frame. The corporation is also capable of offering freight and sea route services with tracking capabilities to its customers.

Yellow Transport was founded in 1924 as a specialized LTL shipping company. The company's headquarters is located in Overland Park, Kansas, and renders the services of about 19,000 employees to maintain its supply chain. The corporation was merged with Roadways in 1930 to form the YRC. Over the years, YRC acquired and formed various subsidiaries to innovate and enhance its supply chain operations. These subsidiaries include YRC Freight, Holland, New Penn, and HNRY Logistics.

The YRC is one of the few logistics companies that offer LTL shipping services to enable businesses of any size to have a better reach at an affordable rate irrespective of the order volume. The carrier allows merchants to get their deliveries in time through guaranteed deliveries. The carrier enables better order fulfillment with its shipping network in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and other parts of North America. You can have your shipments reach within two days from one coast of the US to the other. Sea freight services are also available for destinations like Alaska, making shipping to these remote locations easier.

The yellow corporation can also handle any type of shipment through cold storage and weather-controlled shipments, including weather-sensitive and perishable items. While shipping is the main focus of the YRC, it aims to make the shipping process as easy as possible for its clients. To achieve this mission, Yellow corporation facilitates pickups on request and enables clients to generate and print shipping labels at home.

Order management can be tricky, but it becomes easy with YRC. The carrier offers a secure, web-based application that allows you to manage all your shipments. It also provides tracking services for all its shipments, making the order management side much more manageable. ClickPost has a shipping and tracking API Integration with YRC, allowing you to add features like NDR Management and NPR Management along with the shipping services from YRC.

FAQs about YRC

1) How do I request a pickup with YRC?

In order to request a pickup with the YRC, you will have to go to the ship section on the YRC website. Under this section, you will find the Pickup request option. Select the service you want to ship your parcel through and accurately enter all the necessary pickup requests. Your pickup request will be generated along with your shipping request and the carrier will pick up your parcel.

2) Can I create YRC shipping labels at home?

YRC does allow you to generate and print shipping labels for all its shipments. You will have to place an order and get a completed Bill of Lading (BOL). Once you receive the completed BOL, you will go to the completed BOLs section on the website, select the relevant shipment from the drop-down menu, uncheck the BOL box, and check the Shipping Label option. Once this is done, click GO to generate your shipping label in a printable format.

List of YRC APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

Track Shipment API: Track your YRC shipment using AWB and Courier Partner
Cancellation API Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns
EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page
NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database
Return Web-hooks: Track your return shipment using AWB and Courier Partner using web-hooks




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