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To know the top 5 best alternatives to EasyShip, you need an unbiased comparison of all their important features. 


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An Unbiased Comparison of EasyShip and Its Competitors 





Narvar Shippo Shipstation Parcelperform

Branded Tracking Page



Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate

Cross selling during tracking



Basic Intermediate Intermediate Basic

Tracking updates to customers


SMS, WhatsApp, Email

SMS, WhatsApp, Email Email Email, SMS Email, SMS, Webhooks

Returns Management



Intermediate No Intermediate No

Shipping Delay Management

No Advanced Basic No No No

Integrated tracking dashboard

Yes Yes Yes No Yes No

Failed deliveries Management

No Yes No No No No

Provides shipping rates


No No Yes Yes No


No Yes Yes No No Yes
Delivery Date Prediction No Yes Yes No No No
Multi-carrier integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



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Why Companies Need To Shift From EasyShip to ClickPost

Choose Carriers Intelligently

ClickPost configures a wide range of metrics in carrier performance like RTO% and exceptions handling to select carriers for each order.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Using Dual API integrations, ClickPost provides the fastest tracking speeds, reaching you and your customers as soon as carriers update.

Manage Exceptions Smartly

ClickPost knows the importance of managing both return and shipping exceptions and provides an auto-resolve workflow for the same.

High Tech Support Availability

ClickPost’s 24/7 tech support team lets you go live with carriers in 24 hours, and maintains, updates and upgrades the platform constantly.

Manage Returns Exhaustively

Make returns easy to manage using ClickPost exhaustive returns portal which enables you to track exceptions, exchanges, and pickups

Best-in-the-Market Prices

Choose only the features you want from a wide range of shipping solutions so that you can get exactly what you need for a price that’s just right



1) ClickPost


ClickPost is one of the most popular logistics intelligence platforms in the world. It makes use of advanced technology to provide holistic solutions to ecommerce shipping challenges. 


  • Enable quick and fast integrations with 150+ ecommerce shipping partners.

  • Use one API integration for order creating, AWB generating, shipping label generating, and order pickup.

  • Enable real-time tracking notifications to automatically go to customers via SMS, Email, WhatsApp and a branded tracking page on your ecommerce platform. 

  • Use an intelligent workflow to auto-resolve shipping exceptions and actively reduce RTO%.

  • Single dashboard for complete order management and analytics. 

Pros: ClickPost provides the fastest carrier integrations, intelligent shipping exceptions management, and tech support. 

Cons: ClickPost is most effective for large ecommerce businesses with high order volumes.


2) Shippo 


Shippo is a US-based shipping software that automates various basic processes in ecommerce shipping operations. It helps to streamline delivery to customers. 


  • Enables integration with 85+ carriers, various selling channels like Shopify and other platforms.

  • Allows you to compare various carrier rates at discounted prices after providing address validation.   

  • Automation of shipping label creation with customs clearance for new and old orders. 

  • Provides tracking information to customers via notifications and a branded tracking page. 

Pros: Shippo provides fast integration and highly effective discounts. 

Cons: Shippo experiences multiple technical issues and provides little support.  


3) ShipStation 


ShipStation is a shipping software operating in the US that provides supply chain management and order management solutions along with brand promotion. 


  • Enables integrations with 70+ carriers, selling partners, and virtual marketplaces. 

  • Shipping labels can be generated in bulk and at discounted rates.

  • Offers brand customizations for the returns portal, shipping labels and tracking notifications.

  • Sync inventory across multiple channels so you receive regular stock appraisals.

Pros: ShipStation is an excellent option for low shipping rates and inventory management.  

Cons: Shipstation’s platform encounters numerous bugs and offers minimal technical support to rectify. 


4) WeSupplyLabs 


WeSupplyLabs operates across the US as a shipping management software for ecommerce businesses to help them improve communication with customers and delivery experience.


  • Provides integrations with 100+ carriers and ecommerce channels.

  • Proactively inform customers of estimated delivery dates and provide tracking notifications. 

  • Manage cross-sales via a branded tracking page and returns portal.

  • Enable customers to choose between curbside pickup and store pickup.

Pros: WeSupplyLabs provides services that can help improve customer experience. 

Cons: Carrier integrations with WeSupplyLabs can often be a time-consuming process.   


5) ParcelPerform


ParcelPerform provides a data toolkit for logistics operations carried out by ecommerce businesses and is largely operational only in the US. 


  • Provides integrations with 600+ logistics carriers and partners

  • Shares tracking notifications with customers and provide updates on a branded tracking page.

  • Gives access to a customer service data toolkit that helps reduce WISMO calls. 

  • Uses that same toolkit to provide analytics that can improve shipping operations. 

Pros: With ParcelPerform, you can increase the speed of your customer responses.  

Cons: ParcelPerform offers limited functionality and tech support when it comes to handling multiple tasks.  


6) Convey 


Convey is shipping software for ecommerce companies in America that aids in delivery management, tracking and data management. 


  • Integrate with multiple carrier partners and receive data from them

  • Carries out delivery date prediction and shares estimated delivery dates with customers

  • Automation of tracking updates to customers to ensure visibility

  • Provides analytics reports and data to reduce operational costs.

Pros: Responsiveness and customer experience can be improved with the help of Convey

Cons: When it comes to dealing with shipping exceptions management and brand promotion, Convey offers minimal solutions. 


7) Narvar 


Narvar is very popular shipping software for ecommerce enterprises in the US. It helps by providing a wider range of delivery options to improve the post-purchase customer experience. 


  • Enables integrations with 350+ carrier and ecommerce platforms

  • Automated notifications are sent to customers with package tracking updates and displayed on branded tracking pages.

  • Customizable returns portal is available for managing returns and exchanges.

  • Data Analytics is provided on a regular basis.

  • Narvar Concierge service offers concierge centres for order drop-offs and pickups. 

Pros: Multiple services for shipping offered by Narvar are customisable 

Cons: Narvar has a limited bandwidth when it comes to ordering tracking speeds. 


8) Aftership 


Aftership a platform for order tracking and delivery management that is based out of Hong Kong and operates globally. It has gained much fame for its efficient tracking services.  


  • Enables integrations with 400+ carriers, selling channels and online marketplaces.

  • Fast order tracking speeds and increased visibility.

  • Automate sending tracking notifications to customers and presenting them on a branded tracking page.   

  • Analytics reports are provided regularly to improve carrier performance and post-purchase experience. 

Pros: Increase proactivity of customer communications and responsiveness to queries with Aftership

Cons: Frequent technical issues occur that often go unfixed as tech support is minimal with Aftership.  


FAQs on EASYSHIP AND ITS Competitors & Alternatives


1) What Is EasyShip?

Answer:- EasyShip is an ecommerce shipping software based out of Hong Kong and Singapore that also has a heavy presence in the United States. EasyShip acts as a point of connection between sellers and virtual marketplaces, streamlining the process of integrating with carriers. Ecommerce businesses get access to cheap shipping rates, carrier integration and order tracking, global marketplaces, tax and duty calculations and many other services with EasyShip. 


2) Which is the best EasyShip alternative?

Answer:- The best EasyShip alternative is shipping software that provides a wider range of services for better rates, but this can be hard to find. We’ve narrowed down the list of top EasyShip alternatives and competitors to ClickPost, AfterShip, Narvar, WeSupplyLabs and ParcelPerform. These companies provide services beyond those offered by EasyShip, including added delivery options, exceptions management and greater resource management. Alternatives like Shippo and Shipstation provide a similar range of services to those of EasyShip.


3) What are the criteria for selecting the best EasyShip alternative?

Answer:-To find the best EasyShip Alternatives, you need to consider: 

  1. Serviceability - This refers to the capacity of the shipping software, order volume, reach and use of resources.   
  2. Services - The range of shipping services offered by the shipping software must match your criteria and help fulfill your needs
  3. Tracking Speed - A shipping software that uses better tech will provide greater visibility and faster tracking speeds for updating customers.  
  4. Cost - The cost of the shipping software should cover a wide range of services that will provide your business tangible benefits.   


4) How do you track orders with EasyShip?

Answer:- After integrating with EasyShip, an order tracking ID is assigned to each order placed. Using this order tracking ID, you can enter the ID in the EasyShip tracking page to find the current status of that particular order. 


5) Why do people shift from EasyShip to other alternatives?

Answer:- Most ecommerce businesses shift from EasyShip to other alternatives when their needs begin to shift and a wider range of services is required. This wider range of services usually deals with more specific or complex processes that may need greater tech intervention and more intelligent workflows, like those offered by EasyShip alternatives like ClickPost, Narvar and Aftership.   


6) When should I start looking for EasyShip alternatives?

Answer:- EasyShip provides the perfect range of solutions for optimising the basic process of fulfillment through automation of shipping label creation and discounted shipping rates. However, as order volumes hit their max peak, customer post-purchase experience and delivery experience play a far more important role than basic fulfillment. This is when services like shipping exceptions management, returns management, delivery alternatives and superior technical support all become vital. At this point is when you should start looking for EasyShip alternatives. 


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