Atlantic Logistics API Integration and Tracking


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Atlantic Logistics Services

Shipping services  

  • Offers multimodal transportation

  • Transports a wide range of items

Special services

  • Insurance coverage for cargo

  • Sealed containers for transport

Technology services

  • Management of Warehouses

  • Online order tracking options

About Atlantic Logistics


Atlantic Logistics is an international third-party logistics and supply chain management company that operates out of Jacksonville, Florida. It was established in 2001 in the US and is a popular 3PL service provider in North America with over 24,000 delivered each year. It works with over 16,500 carriers to move more than $24.5 million of freight value annually.  Atlantic Logistics offers numerous shipping and logistics solutions to businesses providing access to 15,000 loads of different types each year. It ensures that businesses are provided with the equipment they need to ensure efficient delivery and offers dry vans, reefer trucks, flatbeds, heavy-haul trucks and LTL as a means of transporting goods. 

It offers drayage solutions, expedited delivery services, multimodal international delivery, and supply chain management solutions. Apart from these, the company offers specialized services for specific requirements such as cooled transport, less than truckload (LTL), shipping services for dangerous goods and critical documents. It also offers van services that allow businesses to hire smaller vehicles to execute deliveries for shipments that are non-time critical.

Atlantic Logistics offers industry-specific services to entities such as government organizations that require high-security transportation solutions, construction companies that require heavy equipment and materials to be transported over long distances, the food and beverage industry that require specialized transportation to preserve perishable items, and the metals industry that require vehicles and reliable capable of handling heavy-duty transports.

The company is a major 3PL provider and is known for its high-quality customer service. It is a fast-growing provider of logistics solutions and is rapidly adopting technology to improve efficiencies in the logistics process. It offers APIs to allow carriers, shipping software and businesses to easily integrate with its platform seamlessly. The logistics services provider is pre-integrated with ClickPost, the fastest-growing logistics intelligence company in Asia. It allows businesses to manage their logistics operations through a single unified dashboard. Businesses can integrate with Atlantic Logistics via ClickPost in a single business day.

FAQs about Atlantic Shipping


1) What is Atlantic Shipping?

Atlantic Shipping is a logistics and courier services company that has been operational across the US for over 25 years. It began as a way to connect the US and Cape Verde and has since grown into a logistics giant.

2) How do I track my Atlantic Shipping cargo?

Tracking cargo with Atlantic Shipping is an easy process that only requires you to input the order’s tracking number into the designated space to display delivery status. You can also receive simultaneous tracking updates from multiple carriers automatically using Clickpost or any other shipping software.

List of Atlantic Shipping APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Automation in order creation ensures shipping labels and AWBs are quickly generated prior to pickup

Track Shipment API: Get tracking updates in real-time using the individual AWB numbers of each order
Cancellation API Cancelling shipments is made quick and easy with the help of this API with Atlantic Shipping
EDD API: Direct display of Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) on your website product pages or checkout page
NDR Action update: Once reported, all NDR-based actions are directly updated to Atlantic Shipping’s platform
Return Web-hooks: Use Atlantic Shipping for better and faster returns tracked in real-time with return webhooks




How does it work?

Atlantic Shipping API integration connects with your business through ClickPost, along with any other carriers you like and requires no manual effort!


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