Blue Dart API Integration and Tracking


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Blue Dart Services

Shipping services  

  • 10.30 AM / 12 PM Next-day delivery

  • Domestic Priority delivery

  • Express Pallet Services

Special services

  • FOV Insurance Arrangement

  • On-demand Proof of Delivery 

  • Cash-on-Delivery Enablement

Technology services

  • Shipping management Software

  • Real-time Tracking Visibility

  • E-business Shipping Tools

About Blue Dart


Blue Dart is one of the most popular shipping services providers in India. It began operations in November of 1983 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded by Tushar Jani and was one of the first movers to provide Cash-on-Delivery in India when it began offering the service in 2010. It is one of the largest logistics companies in India and has been operating as a subsidiary of the German logistics giant DHL since 2004. It is the only Indian logistics company to own an aviation network. Blue Dart has one of the biggest shipping and distribution networks in India with a coverage of more than 14,000 pin codes and 35,000 unique destinations in the country. On the global front, Blue Dart offers its clients access to 220 countries and territories around the world.  Blue Dart owns and operates a fleet of 11,122 motor vehicles to conduct its surface operations within the country and 6 Boeing 757 freighters to facilitate cross-border commerce. 

Blue Dart employs over 12,000 personnel to manage surface and air operations across its logistics, supply chain management and shipping services. Blue Dart owns 2113 facilities offering a total space of more than 2.8 million square feet of storage space. Each year, Blue Dart handles more than 240 million domestic and 0.84 million international shipments. Its revenue for the financial year 2019-20 was more than INR 3,000 crore. Blue Dart’s offerings included a vast array of services ranging from express delivery to freight forwarding. It allows businesses to make time-definite deliveries across its serviced regions, make critical and sensitive shipments, get access to temperature-controlled logistics and more. It also provides transportation and distribution services to companies.

Blue Dart also provides a dedicated suite of solutions to eCommerce companies in the country and offers a variety of digital tools to help improve the order fulfillment process. Blue Dart offers shipping, warehousing, freight, packaging and other solutions to e-tailers along with customs clearance to facilitate cross-border eCommerce. It allows businesses to receive Cash-on-Delivery and DD-on-Delivery orders and collects the same for them at the time of delivery. Blue Dart has been a major logistics service provider in the country for more than 3 decades and remains one of the largest shipping companies in India. Its global reach, domestic solutions and value-added services make it one of the most sought-after shipping partners by eCommerce companies.

The industry experience and expertise that Blue Dart brings is a unique selling point for the company. Coupled with the influence of its parent company DHL, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, Blue Dart is one of the best courier and logistics companies in India, today. Blue Dart has always been quick to adapt to newer technologies and with the boom in the eCommerce industry, it has enabled easy integrations with its platform to facilitate online selling. It allows businesses to leverage their tracking and order management capabilities through API integrations. ClickPost is India’s leading logistics intelligence and it has a courier API integration with the Blue Dart and helps the eCommerce companies to start their services in just 1 day.

FAQs about Blue Dart


1) What is the standard delivery time with Blue Dart?

Blue Dart does offer time-specific delivery services, including 10.30 AM and 12 PM Next Business Day deliveries. Using the Transit-time Finder on the Blue Dart website, you can calculate the transit time. You will have to include the destination and origin of the parcel. 

2) Are Blue Dart shipping services safe?

Blue Dart has one of the most extensive and reliable shipping networks in the region. Blue Dart offers Freight on Value Insurance services to ensure your shipments are safe during transit. In case of lost or damaged shipments, you can make a claim against the insurance provided on your shipment. 

3) How do I check the regulatory requirements for shipping with Blue Dart?

Blue Dart has a list of regulations published on the website to check the regulatory requirements for your parcels. Go to the Blue Dart website, Domestic shipping > Regulatory, to find the regulatory guidelines for shipping with Blue Dart.

List of Blue Dart APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create a shipping request with the carrier and generate the respective shipping label

Track Shipment API: Tracking the shipment with Blue Dart
Cancellation API Recall the shipment to the origin warehouse
EDD API: Estimate the date of delivery to improve the shopping experience
NDR Action update: Initiate and automate the NDR process to optimize delivery reattempts
Return Web-hooks: Optimize the return process for better seamless returns experience




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