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DTDC Services

Shipping services  

  • Domestic Express Services

  • Expedited Air Services

  • Next Business Day delivery

Special services

  • Collect on delivery payment

  • Warehousing solutions

  • Tamper-proof packaging

Technology services

  • Online Track and Trace Service

  • Text & Email Notifications

  • Management Information Systems

About DTDC

DTDC is a leading Indian courier company headquartered in Bangalore. It was established in the year 1990 as ‘DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.’ and changed to DTDC Express Limited in 2015 after entering into a strategic partnership with the French parcel delivery service - DPD Group. DTDC stands for Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo. It started out as a domestic courier company and began expanding its operations overseas by entering the US, UK and the Emirate of Dubai in 2000. After almost 20 years of operation, the company began diversifying into supply chain management, retail stores and more. Today the company is one of the most popular carriers in the country and employs more than 35000 personnel.

DTDC offers wide coverage to businesses in India with 7 zonal offices, 20 regional offices, more than 500 district headquarters, a strong network of 10347+ franchisees, and services in more than 10,500 pin codes. It also provides businesses with an international reach of 240 countries and territories around the world. Through its massive network of physical stores, offices, and delivery partners, it handles more than 12 million domestic and international shipments every month. DTDC clocked over INR 1,000 crore in revenues and INR 28 crore in profits in FY20. In 2012, it acquired a majority stake in the UAE-based Eurostar Express followed by the acquisition of Bangalore-based Nikkos Logistics in 2013. 

In 2013 itself, the company also launched its dedicated eCommerce delivery network called DotZot which operates 180 offices around the country through 8400 employees and more than 10,000 channel partners. DTDC offers a variety of services but is particularly known for its courier solutions. However, since its expansion into the eCommerce logistics space, it has created a niche for itself in the market. Its offerings for eCommerce businesses include cross-border logistics management, multi-vendor management, warehousing and e-Fulfillment as well as last-mile delivery. It also offers Cash-on-Delivery solutions for online sellers along with multi-location pickup and reverses logistics. 

Businesses can also leverage their packaging solutions to ensure that their products reach their customers safely. Apart from the above, DTDC offers supply chain management solutions and international freight services as well. DTDC has been a household name when it comes to courier services in India and has grown to become a reputable international courier service provider. It started out as a small carrier but has now expanded globally, clocking multi-million dollar revenues and shipping millions of packages every month to thousands of domestic and international destinations. DTDC’s venture into eCommerce has brought it to the forefront of the logistics industry. Its use of technology to allow users to manage orders, track shipments and more have made it an ideal carrier for online sellers. ClickPost has courier API integration and tracking with DTDC and thereby allows eCommerce companies to go live with DTDC in a single day.

FAQs about DTDC


1) How many days does DTDC take to deliver?

You can expect delivery with DTDC in between 2 to 7 days through the standard service. If you want delivery within a specified time frame, you can opt for express delivery services, which allow you to deliver your orders in the Next Business Day Delivery. 

2) Does DTDC collect parcels from home?

DTDC does offer pickup services with its courier services. In order to schedule a pickup with DTDC, you can use the MyDTDC app to schedule a pickup. The application allows you to schedule pickups and deliveries so that the delivery process is convenient for you and your customers. 

3) How many times does DTDC attempt a delivery?

Failed or attempted deliveries are a relatively common part of modern ecommerce. To allow its clients to ensure maximum effort is being put into delivering their parcel to the customer/ recipient, DTDC offers three free delivery attempts with every shipment. 

List of DTDC APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Create an order with DTDC to arrange for pickup and transit

Track Shipment API:

Locate your shipment in transit

Cancellation API Cancel a scheduled delivery or pickup as per the cancellation on your platform
EDD API: Provide an accurate estimated date of delivery
NDR Action update: Update about the delivery attempts and NDR actions taken by DTDC
Return Web-hooks: Initiate the ecommerce returns process


How Does DTDC API Integration Work?

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