Emirates Post API Integration and Tracking


ClickPost Multi-carrier integration platform lets you integrate with 150+ carriers including Emirates Post using a single API

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Table Of Contents

Emirates Post Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day delivery services

  • Next-day delivery services

  • Domestic/ International Express

Special services

  • Registered Communications 

  • Marketing Solutions

  • PO Box Rental Services

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking 

  • Smart Places App

  • E-postcard App

About Emirates Post


The Emirates Post was started in 1909 and is the official postal service for the UAE government. Until 1947, it was managed and operated by the Indian Postal Services. In 1972 when the UAE was formed, it became the General Directorate of Postal Services. It continues to be managed by the Ministry of Communications of the UAE government. Since 1973, the UAE and Emirates Post have been a part of the Universal Postal Union. It operates via a widespread network of postal hubs. Emirates Post network expands to 115+ post offices all across the region. In addition to providing numerous non-postal services like marketing solutions and financial services, Emirates posts gives ecommerce businesses access to both international and domestic parcel and courier services.

To give your business an added sense of security and safety for your deliveries, Emirates Post employs a strict quality policy. It uses a quality management system to ensure the best professional practices and administrative services are afforded to ecommerce customers. This system is also subject to periodic reviews to ensure services are improved strategically to make the Emirates Post Group a top courier services provider company. Emirates Post offers courier services like multi-shipping services and scheduled deliveries. It also provides a service to enable better business listing for your company on online search engines. 

This not only ensures the searches related to your business are more trustworthy. It also can help increase customer visits to your eCommerce website by 40%. Emirates Post courier company also makes use of efficient integrations to generate AWBs, manifest orders, calculate rates and track orders in real-time. These integrations also enable your e-commerce business to request proof of delivery after the completion of an order. With the tracking history of each order collected, you can also receive analytic reports on all your orders. Using ClickPost, you can go live with Emirates Post in 1 short day thanks to the Courier API Integration with Emirates Post.

FAQs about Emirates Post


1) How can I send my shipment with Emirates Post?

The Emirates Post services can be availed from their website or post office locations across the country. If you face any difficulties, you can always contact support on 600599999. You can request pickups and choose your preferred shipping method through these POCs. 

2) Can I track my Emirates Post parcel?

The Emirates Post enables tracking capabilities for all its couriers. To track the shipment sent with the carrier, you must locate the tracking section of the carrier's website. In the dialogue box, you will have to enter the tracking number and hit enter. You will find the detailed history and the current status of the parcel. 

List of Emirates Post APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Manifest an order with the Emirates Post Network

Track Shipment API: Locate and display the current status of your shipment
Cancellation API Cancel the order and resend it to the origin of the shipment
EDD API: Boost conversion rates through an accurate display of estimated date of delivery with Emirates Post
NDR Action update: Trigger the NDR protocol to allow optimized redelivery attempts
Return Web-hooks: Initiate a returns process with optimized restocking




How Does API Integration Work?

Once a ClickPost integration is live with your platform, you can seamlessly handle your shipments with Emirates Post and other carriers through a single dashboard.




Step 1 - Select The Courier


Step 2 - Enter API Key


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