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Fodel Services

Shipping services  

  • PUDO Delivery Mode

  • Click N Collect Mode

Special services

  • Cash-on-delivery Services

  • Parcel Management Services

Technology services

  • Live Tracking and Notifications

  • API Integration with Marketplaces

About Fodel


Fodel is a Dubai-based one-of-a-kind last-mile transport startup specializing in offering parcel pick-up areas for online customers in the Middle East. It was set up to supply an alternative choice to domestic shipping for eCommerce shipments. It is the first tech-enabled platform of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) that helps online customers get their packages faster, at cheaper rates and in a location of their choosing. Fodel is the Middle East’s first last-mile delivery carrier. It thrives on the well-known worldwide pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) model. The venture, launched in 2018, has now extended its offerings in five GCC markets. Now shoppers throughout Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman have the alternative to acquire their e-commerce parcels from a vicinity of their choosing. Fodel's technological know-how is special to the GCC location especially due to the fact it has carried out the Cash on Delivery (COD)  payment mode for all customers.

In general, Fodel achieves a  whole lot greater same-day shipping ratio than typical courier services, supporting e-commerce corporations that add even higher value to their customers. Also, all packages can be tracked in real-time, and customers have full transparency and control over the journey of their shipments. With the Fodel shipping system, shops additionally benefit from elevated footfall and revenues from the pick-ups, whilst for eCommerce groups and logistics players it simplifies the final-mile shipping and presents a better choice for online buyers than domestic delivery. According to enterprise reports, last-mile shipping failure quotes vary between 15% in the UAE to 40% in Saudi Arabia mainly due to terrible purchaser confidence. Most customers ultimately choose the pay-on-delivery option to avoid any hassles. On top of fixing this problem, FODEL's scalable answer additionally helps enhance bandwidth in the peak seasons like Ramadan and different festive seasons when logistics companions get overwhelmed with demand.

Through its community of greater than 2,000 retailers throughout KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman, FODEL affords complete geographic insurance, imparting online consumers with convenience, control, flexibility, and preference over their e-commerce shipments. The GCC's e-commerce market has seen an unexpected boom and is anticipated to attain upwards of $20 billion stature by the end of this year. FODEL is helping this increase by filling in the gaps. In addition to offering numerous advantages to online shoppers, FODEL additionally solves a essential hassle for logistics and e-commerce corporations by hugely increasing their shipping capacity. The logistics supply chain also stands to gain from the large cut downs in return to origin (RTO) shipments. This is a problem specific to the ecommerce shipping companies and retailers of the region. The start-up is funded by means of various distinguished buyers and advisors.

Fodel raised $2.6 million in a roundtable meeting through many outstanding traders and advisors such as Al Rajhi, a household contributor from Saudi Arabia. Among others present were Fodel's Chairman and ex-FedEx VP, Hamdi Osman. He was in charge of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. Its groundbreaking technological know-how and verified enterprise add extraordinary value at each step of the logistics supply chain and provide flexible delivery options to the end customers. Since the parcel pick-up areas are working all round the clock, the probability of failed deliveries arising from customer's unavailability or absence can be next to zero. They provide COD offerings in all their pick-up places for a smoother buying experience. With a community of 100+ pick-up locations, Fodel makes order success less difficult for courier partners and eCommerce companies. Did you know you can now go live with Fodel in a mere 24 hours? That’s right! Start using ClickPost’s Fodel delivery and tracking API integration now for an excellent shipping journey.

FAQs about Fodel


1) How will I know when my order is ready for pickup?

Fodel deliveries are made to one of their 2500 locations. Once the delivery is at your nearest Fodel Depot, you will receive an email and text notification. You should save this notification as it contains the parcel validation code necessary for a successful pickup with Fodel.

2) Can I track my parcel with Fodel?

Fodel does offer live tracking services along with notifications for all their shipments. To track your Fodel parcel, just enter the parcel identification number in the tracking section of the Fodel website. You will find the latest updates about your parcel. The recipient also receives notifications about the tracking updates.

List of Fodel APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Trigger the shipping process and generate a parcel identification and validation code

Track Shipment API: Trace your shipment through Fodel’s tracking service
Cancellation API Cancel the delivery request and initiate RTO
EDD API: Estimate the date of delivery for the nearest Fodel’s location based on the customer’s delivery pin code
NDR Action update: Initiate NDR optimization process to improve the success rate of redelivery attempts
Return Web-hooks: Create a return request with the nearest Fodel location




How does Fodel API Integration work?

If you want to integrate the Fodel APIs with your ecommerce platform. In that case, you can choose a customer experience management platform like ClickPost to enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.


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